Are the North Carolina Tar Heels College Football’s 2011 Dark Horse National Title Contender?

Posted by Andy Durham on June 8, 2011 at 1:16 pm under College | 3 Comments to Read

from Danny Flynn at the Bleacher Report and Danny says, “The North Carolina Tar Heels Are College Football’s 2011 Dark Horse National Title Contender”………

Danny says:

In 2010, we watched both Auburn and Oregon, two teams that were ranked outside the top ten to begin the year, work their way up the ladder, all the way to the national game.

It has to make you wonder if there is an off-the-radar kind of team that is capable of making a similar unforeseen move this season.

One team that looks like it could fit the mold is North Carolina.

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Step in with Mr. Flynn for an interesting read…..

  • wow said,

    that’s so ridiculous that it isn’t even funny…

  • Mick said,

    I’m a fan and that seems odd to me as well. I’d be happy with a solid, above average performance and a finish to all the NCAA mess. Beat the teams you are supposed to, win one you are not supposed, go to a good bowl and compete against a good team. Happy.

  • Rah said,

    I’m a huge Tar Heels fan and I refuse to miss a game. I guess that is why I’m so happy not to be a DIRECTV customer. If you are a Tar Heel and have DIRECTV you might lose your FSN channels in less than a week. Working for DISH I will tell you we just signed a long term contract with FOX and you won’t have to worry about losing you FSN channels. You should definitely switch to DISH so you can’t disappoint later that you didn’t and lost your channels. I wouldn’t take that risk!