Day Three of the MLB Draft with local and area players

Posted by Andy Durham on June 8, 2011 at 12:36 pm under College, High School, Professional | 15 Comments to Read

Round 31 overall Pick #953
Clint Moore Grimsley HS/United States Military Academy(SS) San Diego Padres

Round 31 overall Pick #937
Josh Tobias Southeast Guilford HS(SS) Washington Nationals

Round 36 overall Pick #1091
Mitchell Conner Elon(RHP) Milwaukee Brewers

Round 40 overall Pick #1204
Seth Simmons Calvary Baptist HS Winston-Salem/ECU(RHP) Arizona Diamondbacks

Round 40 overall Pick #1229
Tyler Hanover North Davidson HS/LSU(SS) New York Yankees

  • Guest said,

    Moore draft stock was affected because of his required two years of Military Service. Should have been a fifth round pick but instead forfeits potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars to serve his country and its citizens. We wish had more like that! Nothing but the best Mr. Moore!

  • Palomino Guy said,

    What happen to Tobias stock? They were projecting him to be 1st to 2nd rounder……signability or did he already say he was going to Florida?

  • Andy said,

    If the signing bonus money does not equal or beat the value of the University of Florida scholarship, best bet would be go on to Florida for college…..

  • tell me more said,

    ok, how much of a scholly did josh get- 33% ? 50%? 100%?

  • in the know said,

    Moore’s obligation is probably 5 years, but that aside, they would have drafted him in the 3rd through the 5th if anyone had him as a sure fire pro. The academies love to have their graduates visible in pro sports, so they work around the obligation with recruiting billets and cutbacks with no military service. We are now filling rosters.

  • Andy said,

    Maybe Josh Tobias will be able to work out a deal with the Nationals and if he can’t, then he is probably on his way to the University of Florida……Most players and their families set a number and if they don’t get it, they make their move to college coming out of high school…..

    If Clint Moore was not at the service academy, I think you would see a different scenario with him and the service commitment is still the reason he did not go higher in the draft. Once he gets his deal worked out, I think he will be around a lot longer than many of the RHP’s that you saw going earlier in the draft. Moore’s commitment is to Duty, Honor and Country and that will have to come first…….The young men that graduate from West Point and then become commissioned officers do very well financially and if Moore decides to go strictly military and does not pursue baseball, he will be doing better than many of the kids that have gone out in this year’s draft……It is a business, but with those young men in the military, they have a commitment and since they are trusted with our overall national safety, most would not have it any other way………

    Moore and Tobias have both worked extremely hard to get where they are…..Moore’s improvement his senior year is still a pleasant surprise to most observers, especially in the power department and Tobias will be out working on his next plan of attack for his baseball future at 6am tomorrow morning…..There is a lot going on behind the scenes that many of us are not aware of, but in the end, the perfect plan will be in place……..Clint Moore might be coaching at Army next year as an assistant and he might go up against Josh’s team from Florida……Or they might see each other at Spring Training in 2012, with their respective minor league clubs…..

    Seems like we were just talking about DeSean Anderson last Spring and his move to the Red Sox or South Carolina and he made the move to the SEC and the South Carolina Gamecocks, and who knows, they might be back in the finals this year……

  • patriot said,

    Clint Moore is a true American hero, I salute you Clint Moore!!

  • Charlie Pannell said,

    Josh Tobias and Clint Moore are great young men. They are leaders on and off the field. Josh and Clint will be succesful in life. Congratulations to them both. I am sure all of Southeast Guilford is proud of these “YOUNG MEN”. I know I was fortunate to have been associated with them. Go Guys!!! May all your dreams come true– you both have earned and deserve the best ! Charlie

  • Danny said,

    Congratulations to Clint and Josh. Word is Clint leaves for Oregon next Friday.

  • Mike said,

    Well deserved for both of these young men, congrats!

  • Mike said,

    Well deserved for both of these young men, congrats! Congrats toTyler Hanover as well.

  • Newton said,

    Congrats to Moore, Tobias, and all the NC draft picks!

  • Ram said,

    Did Luis Paula get drafted?

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Congratulations to my nephew, Andrew Susac, on being drafted again. He was drafted out of HS but wanted to go to Oregon State. A draft eligible sophomore, he will have his degree at the end of the summer if he does not sign. Great job, buddy (even if he isn’t local)!!!!!!!

  • Andy said,

    Luis Paula did not go this time in the Draft, but maybe after his junior or senior year at the University of North Carolina……