High School football is just around the corner:Pawlowski and Proehl on All-Madden Team

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The football talk like the temperature, is starting to heat up and with interest starting to build, I like to always begin with who the team leaders will be, as we get set to face the summer workouts and the upcoming July 30th start date….

If I’m heading to practice, the first thing I need to know is who my quarterback is going to be and we should have no shortage of top-notch QB’s, here in Guilford County for 2011……

Who your quarterback is going to be is almost like talking ACC Basketball, you could speak on this subject for 365 days out of the year…….

A few of the names that I’m certain will be there when they raise the curtain, to start the 2011 season and many of them, well, we know them well……

One of the biggest names coming back for his senior season is James Summers at Page High School already committed to attend N.C. State University upon graduation in 2012……Page will be very deep at the QB position, with Jordan Putnam coming in as the backup, off of a Pirate JV team that did not lose a game in two years……Add Drew Rogers(RB) and Orlando “Junior” Hatfield into that offensive mix and you have a team that will be the heavy Metro 4-A favorite and they will be expected to advance the furtherest in the playoffs, of any Page Pirate team in the past 20 years….

Look at Daniel Downing at Northern Guilford……Daniel has been the QB, WR, DB, KR, PR, Punter and concessions coordinator for the Nighthawks for the past 3 three years and yes that is saying, that he has been doing it all…..Daniel was the starting quarterback for Northern at times, during their 3-AA Championship run and the rest of time he was seen backing up Rocco Scarfone, but during that period, he was still the starting WR, but now the job is Double D’s and he’s nothing to sneeze at, as your starter…….Who is to say that Northern won’t repeat as State Champs??? They ought to be able to give it a great run with Downing, TJ Logan(RB) and other key players returning…..Logan can move(real fast) and he’s got moves……I believe they have the Mark Mitchell kid back at linebacker too and I know we are talking primarily offense here, but that man can lead your defense……Northern vs. Page, Northern vs. Northwest, Northern vs. Dudley, Northern vs. Eastern Guilford this year……Everyone of those games ought to be a near sell-out…….

James Summers(Page HS), Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford) and then who do we talk about next??

Why not Matt Pawlowski from Northwest Guilford??? Matty P will be a senior this season and he will want to go out as a winner and take NWG as far as he can, in is leadership role and have his Vikikngs roll far into the playoffs……Matt is an excellent signal-caller and he does what his coaches ask him to do…..Matt can throw and Matt can run, but one of the best things he can do, is to read defenses…..And if I have kids like Reid Baxter(RB) and Dalton Dillon(RB) to hand the ball off to, the odds are very good that we can move the football up the field…….Matt has studied the position and he has learned it well and he and his Vikings should do extremely well this season and they will be the favorites to win the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference, and if not, who is the favorite? Just asking…….

James Summers, Daniel Downing, Matt Pawlowski and now we should look at Jamie Cunningham from Southern Guilford….

Cunningham is very intriguing to me. He is on the radar and then again, he isn’t….He hit the charts hard last season and he has arrived on the scene, but he hasn’t received the acclaim of our three previous mentioned QB’s just yet, but I think he will…..Cunningham is similar to former Smith quarterback Jeff Sims in some ways….Cunningham will excel, but he will see major benefits to his game, if Southern still has a bevy of top-tier receivers around….Every QB is better, especially the pass-heavy QB’s, when they have two to three solid receivers to throw to…..Sims, at Smith, had “Easy E”, Eric Ebron, Quinton Ables and least two more top-tier type receivers to throw to and that is what helped mold Sims’ game….Cunningham needs Colvin, he will miss Thompson and he’ll need at least two-three primary targets to make his game work out and to put him at the “Grade A” level for the Storm this season….Cunningham could easily become your top man, since the SG Storm have a bonna-fide stud runningback to go with him and that kid’s name, will pop up here over the next couple of days…..With the right receivers, Cunningham could have Southern favored, when they face the Northeast Guilford Rams this year…..And did I mention the fact that Cunningham can run too????? And one of the good things about his game is, his people will read this and they will try and prove me right, in what I’m saying….Southern is not really on many followers radar right now, but if Cunningham is right, they will show up…..Southern, a fun team to watch, and nobody is talking them up too big yet, but come November?

I do kind of wonder what “Easy E” Eric Ebron(Smith HS) would be saying about all this…..He always had something to say and it was in a good way, because he like us, kept the pot stirred up….Ebron now has his own blog/journal and he is like a correspondent for the Tar Heel Times….

As former Georgia Bulldog Bill Goldberg used to say, “Who’s next, who’s next?”

James Summers, Daniel Downing, Matt Pawlowski, Jamie Cunningham……If I am going by the numbers, then I think I hit on the tops so far, with wins and offensive stats from the past couple of years……

Is Jake Simpson ready to lead Grimsley back to the land of .500….The Whirlies need to reach that point first in their “Return to Glory”…..I got this strange feeling, that Simpson might just be the man to lead them there…..As a freshman, he nearly got his head beat in on occasion, but he continued to come back for more and this kid has the composition to play the position….As a sure-handed quarterback, Simpson catches your eye quickly and it sort of seems like you can see the game unfolding better watching these young QB’s, when they roll out, or drop back from under center(They see the entire field well)….Simpson almost qualified for the NFL’s retirement fund, after he took a couple of concussion inducing shots over at Smith last season, but for the majority of that game, he had his Whirlies poised to upset the heavily favored Golden Eagles…..I like his staying power and last season he didn’t have the time to stay in the pocket and use his time to look down the field, but he should have more time this year and maybe all the time he spent running around for his life last season, will make him a better roll-out type quarterback this season…..He should be able to take his team to the .500 mark and he needs to make that a go-to goal, for this season….Addison Edwards, formerly at Page, comes to Grimsley this season, as the QB coach….

Smith lost their big man at 6’5 Jeff Sims, but they will have last year’s backup quarterback, Kalen Pratt ready to take over for the departing senior Sims…..Pratt is also a lefty, at least his pitches left handed for the baseball team and Pratt is your passing-style QB…..Smith lost a ton of players to graduation, but they should still be a threat, as long as coach Rodney Brewington is in charge……Sims is gone, Ebron is in Chapel Hill, Elijah Jordan(RB) has moved on, Quinton Ables(WR) has passed the baton and Smith might have to be a sleeper this coming year, if they are to repeat as Metro 4-A Champs…….

At Dudley the man that plays, will be Hayes….Richard Hayes, I believe it is….A junior quarterback, that got a lot of playing time last season, filling in for injured Demetrious Dick……Demetrious, a fine young man by the way, on the field and in the classroom….(Dick, like J. Simpson, felt the wrath of the Smith Golden Eagles, at Smith last year….)Hayes is another lefty and we might see more left handed quarterbacks in this county next season, than we have ever seen before…..Hayes hurt his hand playing basketball a while back in the early off-season, but he should be fine and dandy for the start of 2011…..Hayes knows the plays and he is a pure passer and he comes in from strong football stock, as the nephew of legendary coach Bill Hayes(WSSU)…..Demetrious McCorkle returns at RB for Dudley and he should give them an explosive back, that can hit the holes and then fly up the field…….

Let’s see we have been on this tracker now for about an hour-plus and he have James Summers, Daniel Downing, Matt Pawlowski, Jamie Cunningham, Jake Simpson, Kalen Pratt, Richard Hayes and on the clock next we turn to Southeast Guilford….

SEG will have Will Greene at QB and we all know that the Falcons will not throw the ball, all that much……The power running game is the game of choice at SEG…..Not sure if Austin Bain will be in the mix this coming year, but if he were, you would have a nice rotation with Greene and Bain at quarterback…..Greene to lead your running attack and Bain to get you moving through the air…….We shall see, but I feel certain that WG will be the QB, for SEG…..The junior Will Greene that is and he can do the job, very strong and he can do some power running of his own….

For Western Guilford do you really need a quarterback? Just put someone back there and have them hand the ball off to a runningback and have that back duck in behind the Stadnik Brothers and tell that little back to not stop running, until he crosses the goal line……I say that kind of in a joking way and in a fun way, but I think we could do that if necessary….Senior signal-caller Josh Thompson will return for the Hornets and Josh has plenty of experience and Josh Thompson can get the job done as your Hornet QB…..Austin Proehl will be ready to roll, as your backup and he can take you places too and if Proehl is not in the game as your QB, he needs to be out there as a WR for Thompson, cause Proehl has the hands and he is one of the best athletes in the school…..

For Ragsdale as we now have had James Summers, Daniel Downing, Matt Pawlowski, Jamie Cunningham, Jake Simpson, Kalen Pratt, Richard Hayes, Will Greene, Josh Thompson on our list, for the Ragsdale Tigers it will be a Herndon…..

There used to be the Brad and Brian Herndons at Grimsley and Smith and now Ragsdale will be ready to look to Garrsion Herndon is it????? Yes, Garrison Herndon is your man and Ragsdale should maybe go out like American Airlines and hit the air on nearly play, with this list of receivers coming back in Justin Briley, Anthony Stewart, Erik Romer, Brandon Walker and Karson Redfern…..Luke Heavner is now a receiver too, but he will try and make the squad at UNC as a WR……(Heavner last year’s Tiger QB and a very good one at that and one of the best kids to ever come out of that program….Always positive and always in a good mood…..Always keeping it light and moving forward……) Again, for Ragsdale, that is a great receiving corp….Romer, Stewart, Briley, Walker, Redfern……Herndon has his targets to choose from…….

James Summers, Daniel Downing, Matt Pawlowski, Jamie Cunningham, Jake Simpson, Kalen Pratt, Richard Hayes, Will Greene, Josh Thompson, Garrison Herndon and then some…..

High Point Central will really miss Drew Adams, he was a one-of-a-kind QB and those once in a lifetime kids that can quarterback you through almost any game conditions….Now for the Bison, we will see two men needed to replace Adams….The Bison are looking at Justin Johnson and Woody Cornwell……Justin is a true athlete and he can run and Coach Wayne Jones loves to run…….Woody could well be the better passer of the two and they will need both of these young men to be at the top of their game, if they hope to meet or surpass last year’s results….Deshaurn Monk is the go-to guy…..He can get up and go and almost leave town on you, as the HPC RB/WR……….Monk will be one of the most highly-recruited/sought-after athletes, in the state this coming football season…..

For the Northeast Guilford Rams in 2011 they should be returning QB Kyle Martin from last year’s successful run and the Rams find Martin to be more of runner than he is a passer, but Martin is a real good runner and he will have FB Jacob McCann returning with him in his backfield…..Martin knows how to move and run the Ram offense……

Eastern Guilford will look toward their JV QB from last season or they may lean on senior Hayden Holleman……One of the strengths of the Wildcat approach, will be the leg of the kicker/punter Tyler Hunt and the Wildcats have Tyler Wolfe and Joey Loosemore up on the line….

Not real sure yet about the QB’s at SWG and High Point Andrews for 2011……

2011 All-Madden Team

IMG Academies would like to extend our congratulations to the following athletes
from the Charlotte, NC combine for their hard work and dedication. The following
have been nominated for the 2011 All-Madden

Athletes will receive an official invitation to the IMG All-Madden Camp presented by
Under Armour in Bradenton, FL .

Athletes have the opportunity to be nominated to the 2011 IMG All-Madden Team by
attending any of the Under Armour High School Training Camps, held each Saturday
prior to the Under Armour Combine, or by attending any weekly, multi-week, or
weekend IMG Madden Football Academy


Evan Guest – Class of 2012 – Independence HS (Mint Hill, NC)

Jordan Jensen – Class of 2012 – Panther Creek HS (Cary, NC)

Jalen Lacy – Class of 2012 – Northside High Columbus (Midland, GA)

Matthew Pawlowski – Class of 2012 – Northwest Guilford HS (Greensboro, NC)

Michael Radford – Class of 2013 – Charlotte Country Day HS (Charlotte, NC)


Trayvon Davis – Class of 2013 – Stephenson HS (Stone Mountain, GA)

Cameron Green – Class of 2012 – R.S. Central HS (Spindale, NC)

Marquise Grizzle – Class of 2012 – Carrituck County HS (Barco, NC)


Michael Reives – Class of 2012 – Southern Lee HS (Sanford, NC)

Austin Proehl – Class of 2014 – Western Guilford HS (Greensboro, NC)


Hunter Lee – Class of 2012 – Mooresville HS (Mooresville, NC)


Zach Brown – Class of 2012 – Mooresville HS (Mooresville, NC)

AJ Thompson – Class of 2012 – William Byrd HS (Roanoke, VA)

Sam Taylor – Class of 2013 – Sun Valley HS (Indian Trail, NC)


James Harrison – Class of 2012 – Southern Pines HS (Pinecrest, NC)


Terry Burrell – Class of 2012 -Goose Creek HS (Goose Creek, SC)

Stephon Mosley – Class of 2012 – Rome HS (Rome, GA)


Jeremy Bogan – Class of 2012 – Perry HS (Perry, GA)

Marcuz Harris – Class of 2012 – Carver HS (Winston Salem, NC)

Aubrey Pressley – Class of 2012 – Blythewood HS (Columbia, SC)

Bayvon Young – Class of 2012 – Friendly HS (Fort Washington, MD)

  • smh said,

    Thanks for the information. One correction: Jake Simpson is not left-handed. However, his dad did go to State, so maybe they are trying to make him amphibious.

  • Andy said,

    Glad I didn’t make that the headline, maybe he becomes like Kyle Smith is it, bats left and throw right……Thanks on the release.

  • HS Football said,

    I can’t wait for football season!!! There will be some pretty good football teams in Guilford County this season!!!!!

  • Loah said,

    Southwest guilford? People are asleep on ten don’t forgot they have one of the best defensive players in rnadon banks he’s a monster,and short powerful running back Larry edwards..
    Also the bridges twins not hear of but they both might be all concerned..
    The biggest sleeper on the team might be Braxton days? Ever heard of en exactly linebacker build not afraid of anytuing
    No one noes who the qb will be bet bet would be o put daye back there saw this kid throw during oak ridge teams boy does he have a arm

  • fball4me said,

    Jamie Cunningham of Southern Guilford is the best quarterback in the area…BAR NONE. Many may not know of him, however, he has all the tools to play on the next level. The Storm will be very good with him at the helm.

  • Andy said,

    I have seen those Southwest Guilford guys play basketball and they do have talent….Who is going to be their QB at SWG and can they beat the likes of NWG, Ragsdale and HP Central?

  • Hd said,

    Southwest QB will most likely be the 5’6 demarrio smith never seen this kid play except one game against high point central he ran a reverse around the whole field didn’t get hit..he threw the ball to airyn Willis during mount tabor game also and they were good passes..but I would say best bet would be Braxton Daye if he is willing to work

  • Ah@ said,

    Yeah Brandon Banks,he’s a bull never stops not sure what he plays on offensive best guess would be full back or tight end.
    But last year when western scrimshaw southwest Standik could not hold Banks..he was embarrassing Standik and the western coach has film of this probably.
    But yeah who knows who’ll be under center at sw

  • HS Football said,

    Top 5 QB’s in the area are……..

    1.Summers- Page
    2.Pawlowski- NW Guilford
    3.Cunningham- Southern
    4.Downing- Northern
    5.Thompson- Western

  • Damon said,

    Somebody hit somebody already!