Top Nine at 9:Who were the top nine high school baseball players from Guilford County this past season?

Posted by Andy Durham on June 9, 2011 at 2:27 pm under High School | 17 Comments to Read

Send your Top Nine beginning here on June 9 to……Send your 1-9 with #1 being your Top Player and we may have to come up with Two Teams….Our first team and our second team…..Send your nine to our E-mail address today at…..That is how we will follow the numbers by way of the E-mail box…..

Top Nine at 9:Who were the top nine high school baseball players from Guilford County this past season?

From the 2011 season, who were the Top Nine players? The Top Nine at 9 on June 9, as we break it all down, who were the nine best in Guilford County this past season???

Not going by position, just the Best, the Top Nine players…..You are building your team and who are your Top 9?

Plenty of names to choose from and who are the locks? You just can’t leave these guys off your team……

Do you say:
Nick Taylor

You make the call to

  • DB said,

    Do not leave Brandon Burkes off that list he will be back next year and he has a lot to prove to all of his supporters and haters

  • makes no sense said,

    How can u do this without identifing position .Maybe u shuold select the nine best offensive players

  • jcn said,

    how many of your top 9 have signed D1 offers

  • dvs said,

    I think one of the best all around baseball players is Jalen Davis with NE High School. He is only a junior and he led the team or was close to the top with homeruns, batting average, he can play anywhere with the exception of behind the plate. He pitches, plays short stop when Paula is pitching, and is a great outfielder as well. This young man has a great attitude and work ethic. I believe his batting average is over .500 and he comes through in the clutch moments.

  • ram fan said,

    Acutally Jaylin statred out as a catcher,and can still catch if needed. Great young man.

  • Andy said,

    You have some guys that play the same position and they may be among the Top Nine……Look at the shortstops with Tobias, Paula, Kuxhausen, even Jaylin Davis and more…..You do need to identify what position they play, but I think you need to have the Top Nine players overall on the first unit…..Catchers would be tough with Highfill, Nick Taylor, Jacob McCann, Chris Ferrante, Colby Keene, Adam Swim and more and two or maybe three or four of those might be in your Top Nine…..Reader might be in someone’s Top Nine, but where do you put DJ? At first or third or at pitcher……..Davis at SS, OF or P????

    Makes for a very good discussion…….Here is a good thought for you if someone were going strictly by position at second do you have Blake Bulter(SEG), Corey Williamson(Dudley) or Caleb McCann(NEG)????? And on we go…..In CF do you have Corey Kimber(Dudley), Josiel Colon(NEG) or Dallas Newton(SEG) or others???? Or I guess you could just straight outfield with those three and then you have to add in Jaylin Davis and does get more and more interesting…..I think your Top Nine still fills the need the best overall, but this is a good topic……At first base you are looking at Reader, Johnny Brown Jr.(NEG), possibly Barker from SEG, and what about Duncan Everett from NWG, is he as an INF or P?

    We need a first Nine, a second Nine and a third if you don’t mind…..What position does Orth hold down? Who was the top pitcher in the entire this past season?

    Good discussion, that’s for sure……

  • Andy said,

    I need to go back and correct myself on Corey Williamson…..Kind of always will remember him at second, but he took over at shortstop this year for Dudley and did a very good job…..Corey at short and that makes that spot even more crowded with Tobias, Paula, Kuxhausen, Davis, Corey and more…….I don’t know if you can even call him Williamson, it seems like he will always be Corey, after hearing his name for many years at the Dudley games….

  • I forgot said,

    Olczak at Wesleyan. Top pitcher with good bat and fielding.

  • Ball Fan said,

    Along with Olczak…. The PACIS 3A Conference included 3 teams (Forsyth Country Day, Wesleyan, High Point Christian) that made the Final 4 of state playoffs…… Forsyth Country Day had 2 players drafted MLB this week… Ferrante, Corn… All State All Conference @ Wesleyan Bethea, Morrison…. All State All Conference at High Point Christian…. Wesleyan and HP Christian played tough schedules… HP Christian had wins vs Forsyth CD…. 2011 3A State Champs…. St James HS Pauley Island SC…. 2011 3A SC State Champs…. Wesleyan also had quality wins vs public and private HS in NC and other states…

  • Grimsley Fan said,

    Reader couldnt play anywhere other than first base on a really talented team but both him and Highfill should be on first team

  • outfielders said,

    Josiel Colon(NEG), Jaylin Davis(NEG) and Corey Kimber(Dudley) are the
    *TOP OUTFIELDERS* hands down

  • hello said,

    We cant forget about nin marrero(WG) this kid can flat out play the game of baseball and is one of the top 5 players in the county hands down. He plays any position you want him too, he has great speed and has tremendous range on the field he also has power and hits for average. He puts up great numbers every year. He got pitched around every game and still managed to put up good numbers so i definitely think he should be in the first team hands down.

  • Baseball said,

    All of these list should have one rule: If you should be in college you are not eligible for the list.

  • WonderingFan said,

    Andy… Question? Dallas is a great player in the outfield but Southeast definately had better. I was at many southeast games that one outfielder in particular made many spectacular catches. There were many balls noone thought he would get to and all SE fans dropped there heads but when they looked up the ball was caught. I dont think there was one ball that dropped in right field that was catchable! I have known this kid for awhile and hate to see him go under the radar, yes he got a DH the second half of the year but postion wise Flinchum was definately the best if not one of the best outfielders in the state! Agreed?

  • just baseball said,

    Andy I think you’re making this a little impossible for us. There are so many talented (not just average) players within the area. If you go strictly on position there are so players bound to be overlooked. What about the players who can be placed at any position? Your top nine at nine should consist of the following type of players: strong field skills (no matter what their position is), good attitude, team player, consistencey (spelling may be incorrect, where is spell checker when u need it). That Jaylin Davis kid, utility player and not just average at each position. Luis Paula, pitcher and ss where do you place a kid like him. We have several pitchers in our area that are top notch, including him. Even SE pitcher that Dillion kid. So you see what im talking about.

    However the outcome I would just like to take the time to congratulate all of the 2011 High School Baseball Players on a great job of representing (showing them how we do it in the South) our area this year. GREAT JOB GUYS. BRING IT BACK NEXT YEAR!!!

  • Andy said,

    Defensively DJ Flinchum was as good as anybody around in the outfield…I saw quite a few of those catches……

    On our teams let’s stick with the Top Nine around for our end result and we may end up with a Top 9, Second 9 and Third 9 with first, second and third teams…..The by position talk was just to show how hard it is to nail it all down just by position and let’s keep on coming with your Top Nines sent to I’ll think we will end it all on June 29……Send to and your #1 would be your Top Player and in the end we can tab a Player of the Year……

  • baseballfan said,

    Orth is hands down the best player in the area. Guilford, Forsyth, Randolph, Rockingham, Davidson counties DO NOT have a better player than this kid.