Triple H:Heat, Humidity and Hills on the Morning Run

Posted by Andy Durham on June 10, 2011 at 1:08 pm under Uncategorized | Comments are off for this article

I didn’t see Triple H(Hunter Hearst Helmsley) out there on the road this morning, during the Morning Run, but I did encounter Heat, Humidity and Hills and the combination of those three, can make you feel like you just got back from a tour of duty in Vietnam…….Or at least like you had your training session over there……

The heat you can not change it……Got to learn to live with it, before you die from it…..(You could choose to stay inside, but how much work will you really get done?)

The humidity…..It is here to stay, better invest in a real thin “T Shirt”……

The hills……When you run/jog, you need to try and change your route or routine, as much as possible and hills are going to be part of the landscape, no matter what road you choose to run up or down…….

The conclusion…….1978-2011 and we’ve only just begun this Morning Run….Rest in Peace:Karen Carpenter…….

*****”We’ve Only Just Begun”, was a famous Carpenters tune form back in the early 70’s.*****

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