Western Guilford’s Brock Stadnik ranked the #59 College recruit in the Nation among all high school football players

Posted by Andy Durham on June 10, 2011 at 11:40 am under College, High School | 14 Comments to Read

No. 59 Brock Stadnik, an offensive lineman from Western Guilford, has committed to South Carolina.

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  • Lokid said,

    Hes so overratted they dont even have brandon banks on this list maybe because hes to short?
    But banks embarresed Stadik he made Standik look like hes not even a 4 star Player

  • rob34 said,

    Behind Every Successful Person, Lies A Pack Of Haters!

  • Andy said,

    Brock’s commitment and numbers speak for themself and let’s hope there is a game with WG and SWG this fall so we can see how this rivalry turns out……Banks is starting to get some pub and the more pub the better for all the players and the football field will be the proving ground for all the talk……

    Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks are set to provide a very good ride for Brock Stadnik and we hope to see others that will follow…..I think Brock could help a lot of the local players one day with the connections that he is developing, so we all may want to keep an eye and ear on this kid…….I saw Brock at lunch one day and this kid can run the table…….Brock and Banks, both of you, don’t forget us……..

  • Aa said,

    Yeah banks was causing problems..banks probably most under ratted recruit he’s a monster he can play anything on the defensive side,but yeah it’d be a great matchup

  • Just Saying said,

    Look Haters the article was written about Brock being ranked in the top 60 in the US not Brandon Banks.

  • Look said,

    The point I’m trying to make is saying that this Standik kid is a top 100 recruit right?
    And Brandon banks embarrassed this kid..he can do it any time…
    So it shows how good banks is..

  • Grimaldi v sw said,

    We well see how good this banks kid is when he’s put against dj reader in early august at the scrimmage..I will be sure to let everyone know what will happen..never heard of this banks kid but if he embarrassed Standik even a bit he must he a phenom
    Can I have more info on banks?

  • Page Fan said,

    No matter how good Banks is, there is still no reason for you to call out another kid and blast him on a website. Brock has obviously put in the hard work required to be nominated that high, so let it be that the kid deserves it. If anything and if Banks is indeed that good, then maybe Banks should be ranked higher than #59 in the nation.

    I’ve heard some good things about this kid Banks. But IMO, your banter will make people have some ill will towards the Banks kid now for no reason when we all should be pulling for them ALL to succeed.

  • WG fan said,

    Don’t hate – Congratulate!

  • BJT said,

    I see that the SW players figured out how to use the message board.

  • Ignorance said,

    The point is brandon banks should be a top 100 recruit under 6’4 thats why hes not on the list…if he was 6’5 hed probably be the bet de in the nation hands down.
    But lets email a western coach or a SW coach and they can speak the truth.
    And all due respect i’d take banks on a team anyday before standik

  • Bob said,

    How many offers does Banks have???…oh yeah that’s right

  • Parent said,

    You know nc sate and wake were the only people to offer demarrio Williams hustan texans DE and he was a #1 pick,so what’s your point ?

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Kinda wish you had to be an adult to post on here.