Dylan Shutt(SEG) signed with GTCC baseball today

Posted by Andy Durham on June 13, 2011 at 4:00 pm under College, High School | 24 Comments to Read

Dylan Shutt, from Southeast Guilford High School, the Metro 4-A Conference Pitcher of the Year and a member of the News and Record’s All-Area team, signed to play baseball with Guilford Technical Community College today….

Dylan will begin attending GTCC in the Fall of 2011 and he will be on the field, as a pitcher for the Titans, in the Spring of 2012….

Shutt plans to study fire science and safety at GTCC and his plans are to become a full-time firefighter, upon graduation from GTCC, where he will be playing baseball for Coach John Barrow…Shutt played for coach Dave Beasley and assistant coaches Charlie Gamble III and IV at SEG….

  • NEWTON said,

    Great job and Congrats Dylan! Best wishes for your future! We will miss ya!

  • Butlers said,

    Congratulations Dylan! You will be an asset to that team just like you were to the Falcons.

  • Alumni said,

    Why GTCC?? because of grades I assume?

  • Andy said,

    He is going to be a fireman with the Greensboro or Pleasant Garden Fire Departments…..He has been volunteering since he was 13 years old….This kid has a lot going for him and he has been devoted to being a fireman, so he could help people since back when he was in Middle School…..Grades are not an issue, but common sense is and he has it…..He has it and GTCC is lucky to have him and we are too……The kid is only 18 years old, but he is very far along with his vocational development……The kid puts the people he serves first and anything you can try to say bad or negative about him will not hold water…..Same is true for his brother, he is already serving in the Fire Department full-time…..

    And that’s the way it is…..Glad he decided to keep playing ball.

  • John Barrow said,

    We are very excited to have Dylan and he will truly be an asset to our program. GTCC is a good baseball program in case folks haven’t noticed, and more and more kids are coming here because of that. It is unfair to assume grades are the only reason kids come here. We are looking forward to Dylan being a Titan!

  • Alumni said,

    I understand what you are saying but kids don’t grow up wanting to go to GTCC………so there is always a reason a kid would choose GTCC over let’s say UNCG for example and most of the time it’s bc they were not good enough to get a better offer or a grade situation…am I right on that? I mean if a kid can get into UNCG to play he not choosing GTCC if he can play at UNCG is he??

  • Tom said,

    Your logic is flawed. If a youngster has not been offered a scholarship at a bigger school, a community college is a good choice. This is especially true if you are getting into one of the many vocational programs they offer. If you want to be a fire fighter, police officer, etc.., community college is a great option. A fraction of the cost and you still get a good education. GTCC has a very good athletic program and this can lead to a scholarship at a 4 year school. The bad grade assumption does not make that much sense. A lot of good students go to GTCC as a way to save money. They transfer after 2 years and save about 25000 dollars. Try to act like an adult and wish this youngster well with his future.

  • JD said,

    Athletes chose community college/JUCO for many reason. They may not have been highly recruited by four year schools. They may not be ready to compete at the four-year level. They want to save money as many four-year schools don’t give full scholarships. Baseball players can go JUCO and be eligible for draft immediately. If they go four-year, they must wait three years. So yes, grades are not always the issue. And like this individual, he has a life plan and is following it.

  • John Barrow said,

    I understand what you are saying, however GTCC or any community college for that matter is becoming more and more of a first option for a myriad of reasons. Grades can be one reason, but we are seeing more and more come here because of money and convenience. From an athletic standpoint, baseball at the community college level should almost always be a 1st or 2nd option. If you aren’t going to Chapel Hill or a major program, then why not go the 2-yr route? Sitting on the bench for 2 years (or more) at a 4-year school is not much of an option if you ask me. Check some of the rosters of the better 4-year programs and see how many 2-year transfers they have. It can also create or increase your draft positioning. Most of our players on our roster were NCAA qualifiers and had other options (and very good options) to play at other schools. They chose GTCC to get more looks. Why not give yourself options? GTCC should be a top option for most of the local talent around here.

    I would also put GTCC up against any college team around here…some folks may be surprised at the results.

  • the answer said,

    alumni, the reason he is choosing gtcc is bc gtcc is 1 of two schools in nc with a very good fire science program.

  • Need a field said,

    The Juco route for baseball is a great choice and John has done a great job of building the program even without a field to play games or practice on. If GTCC had their own field then I would recommend it to every athlete that was not a big time D1 prospect. It seems most mid level D1 schools prefer to sign JUCO guys that have proven themselves and matured physically and mentally. The reason GTCC baseball has done so well is they are starting to get the good local talent around here to attend, if they had a field where players could go workout on their own and they could get on the field everyday not just when Donnie Maness lets them, they may dominate that conference.

  • reader said,

    The young man and his parents made this chose and do not owe you or anyone a explation,so just wish him good luck in whatever he decides to do.

  • WG fan said,

    Congrats to Dylan on knowing what he wants to do with his life – serve in his community as a fireman – and continue to have some fun playing baseball along the way! Great example of knowing and living your priorities Dylan.

  • Kevan Moore said,

    Congrats to Dylan! So proud of you and happy for your accomplishments. I have had the pleasure of watching Dylan grow over the years and what a fine young man. Our family has been blessed to have our kids grow up with Dusty, Dylan and Kara. Danny and Cindy are two of the finest friends you could have. You have ment sooo much to Sharon, Megan, Clint and I. Good luck Dylan. Congrats to Kara also! And Dusty-You will always be one of my guys!

    Alumni, You owe the Shutt’s and GTCC an apology! What a terrible thing to say.

  • Danny Shutt said,

    I just want to thank everyone for their comments. We are very proud of Dylan’s accomplishments on and off the field. We are glad that Dylan has made the decision to continue playing baseball. His decision to attend GTCC for an education was made a long time ago. He knows what he wants to do and has a plan to get there. Deciding to continue to play baseball was a decision he just recently made. Folks are curious to why he did not go to a bigger school. He is not going to school to play baseball, he is going to school and playing baseball while getting a degree. He is going to pursue a four year degree after GTCC, if baseball is still a desire for him after GTCC then great. We really feel like GTCC is a great fit for him. He can get a degree in what he loves to do and he gets to play baseball in a great JUCO conference. We also get see him play without having to travel a lot. He is happy with his decision and is looking forward to this opportunity. Again thanks for all the comments.

  • Andy said,

    I think we need to remember that GTCC offers specialization education(Auto repair, Culinary, Fire Firefighting, Hairdressing, Photography etc.) and that is what many students are looking for….A number of excellent offerings at GTCC and their athletic programs are growing…..

  • Dusty Shutt said,

    To Alumni: So you are saying that all the players at GTCC are either not good enough or dont have the grades to go anywhere else? WOW!! Maybe you havn’t seen GTCC’s Roster. Their STACKED! For you to say what you said about Dylan and about GTCC is very “Classy”. To TRY to put a player down on his accomplishments is a great thing to do especially when hiding behind a screen name. How aboout leaving your dumb questions and comments to yourself unless you man up and put your real name.


  • sefan said,

    Alumni must be a UNC alumni. Opps couldn’t help that one.

    I think everyone who know the Shutt’s knew Dillion had decided to go to the Fire Fighter Program at GTCC and later decided to play baseball. No need to explain to ignorant people.

    Congrats Dillon! There are not many people (including myseft) that knew exactly what they wanted to do before they went to higher education. Study hard and enjoy playing the game! Some of us know that GTCC is top notch in vocational education and the baseball program.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. “Wish you had to be an adult to post here” Nice one Alumni.

  • Mickey said,


    Albert Pujos of the St.Louis Cardinals was drafted way late in the draft: Do I need to say more? He did not go to a power house baseball program. Going to Big name programs doe not define the human heart of a person.

  • player said,

    Pujols went to a junior college 😉

  • bobby cox said,

    the young man wants to be a fireman and he is also a pretty good baseball player and wants to continue playing at the next level. looks like he got what he wanted in both cases and i am sure his family is very proud of him. why anyone would come on this site and have anything negative to say about this situation is beyond comprehension. congratulations on your high school career and good luck at GTCC!

  • Mike said,

    Every day firefighters put their lives on the line to save people and property. Many of these firefighters are volunteers, so let’s “pay” them by showing our appreciation, thanking them for the valuable service they provide, and letting them know that we are very aware of the significant positive impact they have on our communities. Firefighters, whether paid or not, make an incredible difference in our lives—so let’s make a difference in theirsre you
    I commend anyone who is brave enough to risk their lives day in and day out to save the lives of the common people. Most firefighters can’t paid very little and some do it for free as voulenteers. I would like to thank all firefighters around the world, especially you Dylan.
    Alumni, you are ****!

  • Charlie Pannell said,

    Dylan if I ever need a fireman or EMT I hope you are the guy coming to the rescue. Sometimes we put to much emphasis on baseball. Dylan is a mature young man who knows what carrer path he wants to take. Most High School grads do not know what they want to do. Coach Barrow has a great program and Colleges scout and recruit JUCO players all the time.
    Dylan you deserve all the awards you won on the field— you were a great pitcher this year and last year for the falcons. More than one or two college coaches expressed interest in you. I would not be surprised if another school picked you after a year or two at GTCC. Remember this Dylan– if you love what you do you never have to “work” a day in your life. Charlie Pannell