Keene and Barker(SEG) headed to N.C. A&T for baseball

Posted by Andy Durham on June 16, 2011 at 10:55 pm under High School | 15 Comments to Read

Got the word tonight that both Colby Keene, a catcher this past season for Southeast Guilford and his Falcon teammate from SEG, Dillon Barker, a first baseman, will be headed to N.C. A&T to play baseball for the Aggies this fall…..

I heard earlier that Colby Keene was on his way and then we learned tonight, that Dillon Barker is on his way too….

Congratulations to both of these young men and that makes all five SEG seniors, on their way to play college baseball, after finishing up with the Falcons…..

The SEG High School graduates and where they are headed:

Dillon Barker-N.C. A&T
DJ Flinchum-Greensboro College
Colby Keene-N.C. A&T
Dylan Shutt-GTCC
Josh Tobias-Florida

  • Alumni said,

    Anyone know who the A&T coach will be?

  • aggie said,

    They are really dragging their feet in hiring a coach…I am assuming that it will be Love since they don’t seem to be in a big hurry to hire anyone (whether that is intentional or not remains to be seen). A&T has a chance to really make a statement in baseball by hiring the right coach. I know that there have been some very good candidates apply that have head coach experience. A&T needs to look for someone to come in and set that program on fire, not continue mediocrity.

  • A&T said,

    A&T’s issues are within A&T so don’t expect much to change. Their athletic department is a joke, therefore all their teams are a joke. It’s the whole sow and reep thing.

    Please don’t act like a new coach will change all that. They had a great coach!!

  • Danny Shutt said,

    Congratulations to Colby and Dillon! I know you guys will do well.
    Personally I’m glad they are getting a new coach and I hope Love gets the job.

  • aggie said,

    A&T had a good guy that coached them, but I would hardly call him a great coach. A new coach with a new attitude and a new energy will change that program tremendously. They are not that far away from being VERY good EVERY year.

    I will also not argue the fact that A&T’s athletic department leaves A LOT to be desired. The sow and reep thing is an excellent way to describe it!

  • baseball playa said,

    Love would be a continuation of Shumate’s complacency…need new blood in the program

  • Aggie baseball alum said,

    I agree with baseball playa we need new blood in the program now that Shumate has resigned lets get rid of all the staff that surrounded him and start
    fresh. We need someone that can really bring aggie pride back to our baseball program somebody that the community respects and will get behind
    monetarily. I am sure we need money to make the program really take off and thats what it would take for alot of us to give .

  • aggie said,

    We don’t have to look far to see who our next coach should be! He is right in front of us and would do a stand-out job. He is just down the road.

  • Aggie baseball alum said,

    Well lets get him in there I have been saving to give to the right person. TIME TO GIVE BACK AGGIE PRIDE

  • Charlie Pannell said,

    Coach Love knows talent when he sees it. Congragulations to Colby and Dillon. Southeast would not have gone as far as they did without you guys. Now get Grady Lawson a Legion Title and do the same for A&T. Charlie

  • aggie said,

    I am not talking about Love either!

  • justafan said,

    Shumate was the best thing to happen to Aggie basebal in the last 25 years. You guys will be lucky to win 15 games if u don’t hire his assistant. How many games did you win before he got there. I would like to congratulate this two young men. But Aggie fans don’t be to quick to put down the only winner we had other than womens basketball

  • aggie said,

    MEAC baseball with the exception of Bethune Cookman is not exactly top notch baseball…anyone with any baseball knowledge knows that. That being said, a coach with a pedigree could come in and really take this program to the next level, especially in this conference. No offense to Love, but he has never been a head coach or ever experienced anything other than A&T baseball- it makes a difference. Shumate was the ONLY thing in Aggie baseball the last 25 years. Before he got there, the program barely had a heartbeat- Shumate made this program somewhat respectable in the college ranks and very respectable in the MEAC. What he did over his tenure is certainly commendable. However, he took the program as far as he could.

    The program is in dire need of new blood. They need a recruiter- someone to go out and get players- not wait for players who don’t have any more options and want to play D1. They need someone to bring new life and energy to a complacent program. Sorry, but Love can’t do that. All he knows is A&T. He doesn’t know what it takes to REALLY win at the college level.

    The right coach could easily win 15 games and maybe even 30 with the talent they have now and in the conference they play.

  • justafan said,


    What does A and T have to attract a coach with a pedigree. Is the Salary top notch, are your baseball facilities tops, do u get top level talent year after year. Trust me u had a great coach who did great things. For some reason you guys let him get away. Watch your program head south.

  • AggieFan said,

    I believe these two kids are great signees for Aggie baseball. If you look at the roster they have almost everyone coming back except X and the shortstop just made freshman All American. They have some very good players in place. I live in Charlotte and they also just signed a very good player from Mallard Creek, Brandon Wilkerson who plays outfield. Kid has great speed, bats for average(486 senior year, over 30 hits, RBI’s and Runs scored) and has power to drive ball out of park. He is also a very good defensive fielder because he covers a lot of ground. I have saw him play several times. MVP on a team with Mikal Hill who is outstanding player headed for Gamecocks. Who else has A&T signed ? I can not find any info anywhere or are signings mostly on hold till Coaching decision is finalized.