Summer watch and workout/training list for Athletes that need to be active in June, July and August

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Summer watch and workout/training list for Athletes that need to be active in June, July and August…..

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Now that the school year has ended for many students, it has not for those involved
in athletics. Since this particular board is geared towards the field of athletics,
lets talk about how important events are in July. For example: If you are a rising
senior and are about to go on the circuit in Basketball in front of many college
coaches through out the country, it is imperative that you are focus and mentally
prepared if you are looking to further your career via a Basketball Scholarship by
catching the eye of a recruiter. Most Basketball players are more than likely
playing Summer league Basketball by now; hopefully this time is used to stay in
shape in preparation for the Summer Events. If you are considered a genuine
prospect, more than likely most of the schools should know where you will be
performing. Coaches do not just jump in a car and show up at a gym or event. Some
players will be forunate and would either have already commited or they have
an offer or two already on the table. They have pressure but not the same as a
rising senior that does not. If you are a particular schools top recruit(s),
normally all one has to do is continue to work hard and stay the course. Normally a
schools top recruits will sign during early signing period in November provided
that all their “I’s” are dotted and all their “T’s” are crossed. Meaning, Grades,
SAT or ACT Scores, Required Courses and Clearing House cleared. Never confuse
verballing early with actual signing. Sometimes schools want a kid to verball so
that other schools do not look at them or they could not get the kid that they
really wanted so they use pressure type techniques. Example: If you do not verbal
now we will offer it to player B. Keep in mind, if you are really one of their top
choices they will wait until the Summer is over. Secondly, if you are really
confident in your abilities you will have no problem taking your time as well.
Unless other than the name of the school, it is where you want to go. Never let
other people pressure you in to your decision because it sounds good.

Coaches watch for all kinds of reasons as to why they want to offer or why they
may decide to renig on an offer. It could range from how a player reacts to a coach.
It could be how a player encourages or discourages their teammates. It could be a
player trying to do something that they do not have. It could be lack of hustle.
Many times it could be just plain ole attitude. Keep in mind that this is a business
and thousands of dollars on the table. Coaches get fired or hired based on their
ability to recruit the right type of players for their programs. Players rolling
eyes, wanting to fight every time they get foul, berating an opposing player,
listening only to their parents from the stands just does not cut it. Coaches will
stratch most players of that caliber off their list and move on. Coaches look at
players from all across the country. Why would they want you? should be the
underlining question. Do not make the mistake of waiting until Fall Ball
to think that will be the difference maker. Fall Ball is fine if one does not have
anything, but rarely do coaches make their decision at the Division I level at that
time. Unless they could not get the person whom they really wanted. Normally that
is the time when players should be taking official visits. Normally by the time the
Summer session is over a prospective player will know where they stand or do not
stand. Coaches abroad do not have time during the season to all of a sudden decide
to come out to watch a player. They will many times come out to watch a player
during Christmas events or other State tournaments if that player is one of their
top priorities. Division II and three along with JUCO’s will normally wait until
every thing filters out and make their bid during the late signing period. Some
schools will also wait to see who transfer as well.

This is just some pointers to be aware of and to be sure to be on top of things
so that when the time comes to make a decision, it will be one that is well thought
out and that there are no misconceptions as far as how this process goes. Do not
forget that colleges are starting very early in the process these days!

  • JUSTIN said,

    I really like this article because it really put things in the proper prospective for student athletes and their parents.

  • Rebecca said,

    I am so glad that I got the chance to read this article because I have a daughter that plays basketball. I was glad to see things mentioned such as grades, attitude, SAT Scores etc… because many kids may have talent but if they do not have the grades to get in school, then what? Recruiting is very competitive and coaches look at thousands of kids and if they have not offered then that student might as well think that they are just one of many. That is what I always try and share with my daughter. Not that she always listens! lol.

    I will have her read this.

  • Ted said,

    I like useful information such as this because it really gets down to the heart of things!