Tar Heel football players can drive it down the field, but once they drive it, they have a tendency to Park It:UNC football players rack up $13K in parking tickets…

Posted by Andy Durham on June 16, 2011 at 11:40 am under College | Read the First Comment

Some humorists might say this is what can happen, when you can’t find the end zone, but that’s an old one and here’s the new one from WRALSportsFan.com, when you CLICK HERE and this piece provides some valuable insight, into what has been going on, with the investigation into the North Carolina football program….

I, for one, would like to be hearing more about the team, for the upcoming year and I still want to know who will replace Woody Durham in the booth this fall, for the North Carolina Tar Heel football broadcasts on radio, and I feel that is a bigger issue, than who will be replacing T.J. Yates at quarterback this Fall…..

Speaking of Fall, where is Paul, that’s Paul Lambeth? Where is he these days??? Paul usually knows anything and everything that is, The University of North Carolina Tar Heel football(sports)……

  • Dr B said,

    This could really open up more avenues for the investigation.
    It seems like every time the UNC football situation quiets down something like this takes place.
    When is UNC going to realize that they made a huge mistake in both hiring Butch and an even bigger one in trying to coverup his players misdeeds.
    I did not think they would get it last month but now I think LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL is in the future of Tar Heel football.
    Baseball and one other sport may also be involved with the academic cheating prong of the scandal.
    UNC could be the SOUTHERN CAL of the east.