Girls District 5 All-Region Softball teams…..

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District 5
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Counties: Alamance, Caswell, Chatham, Davidson, Forsyth, Guilford, Randolph,Rockingham,Stokes
(59 schools: 4A-19, 3A-13, 2A-22, 1A-5)


Taylor Bowers South Davidson 2012 P/1B/DP

Amanda Rodriguez Chatham Central 2011 P

Elizabeth Little Chatham Central 2011 OF

Erin Sugg Chatham Central 2013 C

Chelsea Brewer Chatham Central 2012 3B

Cayley Oldham Chatham Central 2013 SS

Jessica Cockman Chatham Central 2013 OF

1A Player of the Year

Elizabeth Little, Chatham Central

1A Pitcher of the Year

Amanda Rodriguez, Chatham Central

Honorable Mention

Taylor Hedrick South Davidson 2013 CF/P

Kelsey Martin South Davidson 2013 C


Kara Lohr Central Davidson 2011 SS

Emma Comer Central Davidson 2011 P

Jack Byrd Central Davidson 2013 1B/DP

Morgan Roach Central Davidson 2013 C

Carley Tysinger Central Davidson 2012 P

Lauren Bryant Central Davidson 2012 2B

Jazmine Charles Central Davidson 2011 OF

Jessie Osborn Graham 2012 1B

Dallas Heaton Eastern Randolph 2011 P

Kaitlyn Scheuering Eastern Randolph 2011 OF

Kayla Saliga Eastern Randolph 2011 C/OF

Gina Ritter Eastern Randolph 2011 SS

Jana Cheek Eastern Randolph 2011 2B

Codie Rhodes Eastern Randolph 2011 3B

Aquilla Mateen Jordan Matthews 2012 3B

Cassidy Brown Providence Grove 2013 2B

Taylor Hussey Randleman 2011 P

Cicely Broach Randleman 2013 C

Brittany Rich Randleman 2011 SS

Brianna Bratcher West Stokes 2012 OF

Carley Madigan West Stokes 2011 1B

Ashley Baughman West Stokes 2011 OF/IF

Emily Worley West Stokes 2012 IF/P

Lauryn Smith West Stokes 2013 P

Taylar Pridgen Wheatmore 2011 SS/C/OF

Cat Tupper Wheatmore 2012 P/1B

Betty Denny Wheatmore 2011 2B

Jordan Myers Wheatmore 2014 SS

Taylor Walker Wheatmore 2013 C

2A Player of the Year

Kaitlyn Scheuering, Eastern Randolph

2A Pitcher of the Year

Carley Tysinger, Central Davidson

Honorable Mention

Maddie Poe Jordan Matthews 2014 SS

Amanda Clark Jordan Matthews 2011 2B

Cori Hicks Randleman 2014 CF

Tori Moran Randleman 2011 2B

Jennifer Daniels Randleman 2011 1B

Willie Duvall Randleman 2011 3B

Samantha Seaman West Stokes 2013 P

Stephanie Fortner Wheatmore 2014 CF

Martika Carlson Wheatmore 2013 1B


Khristin Isley Asheboro 2011 CF

Kristen Murphy Ledford 2011 P

Ashley Best Ledford 2013 C

Meg Everhart Ledford 2013 SS

Jennifer Stilley Ledford 2011 2B

Deanna Crayton Ledford 2012 DP/C

Natalie Clemmons Northern Guilford 2011 SS

Sydney Hyder Southwestern Randolph 2011 OF/2B

Hagan Kiser Southwestern Randolph 2013 SS/UT

Felecia Brady Southwestern Randolph 2013 C

Kaylee King Southwestern Randolph 2012 OF/UT

Kelsey Hoover Southwestern Randolph 2011 3B/UT

Julia Callicutt Southwestern Randolph 2011 P

Kelsey Akers Western Alamance 2012 SS/2B

Sydney Brooks Western Alamance 2012 2B/3B/P

Tyler Miles Western Alamance 2013 OF/1B/P

Christina Walker Western Alamance 2014 3B

Kendall McKinney Western Alamance 2012 OF/P

Merritt Wilkinson Western Alamance SS/CF

3A Player of the Year

Kelsey Akers, Western Alamance

3A Pitcher of the Year

Kristen Murphy, Ledford

Honorable Mention

Kelsey Rice Western Alamance 2012 C


Selena Ashley East Forsyth 2011 P

Alex Todd East Forsyth 2011 C

Kaytee Wilson East Forsyth 2011 2B

Karlee Wilson East Forsyth 2011 SS

Kelly Mizzi East Forsyth 2012 OF

Kristin Terry Glenn 2012 LF

Meredith Tilley Glenn 2011 C

Heather Burton Glenn 2013 SS

Tracy Haynes Glenn 2014 2B

Meagan Tilley Glenn 2011 P

Jena Reisenauer Glenn 2012 P/UT

Karen Branscome Glenn 2011 CF

Rachel Wilson Glenn 2011 RF

Catherine Head Glenn 2012 1B

Morgan Meyer Glenn 2012 3B

Brittany Vaughan Southeast Guilford 2012 SS

Celeste Sheppard Southeast Guilford 2013 P

Brianna Webb Southeast Guilford 2013 RF/3B

Kara Shutt Southeast Guilford 2014 CF

Ashley Smith Southeast Guilford 2012 LF

Sarah Warnock Southwest Guilford 2011 C/P

Courtney Carroll West Forsyth 2012 SS

Emma Gentry West Forsyth 2012 C

Robyn Stanek North Davidson 2011 1B/3B

Jessica Plemmons North Davidson 2012 OF

Mackenzie Hauser North Davidson 2013 P

Lauren Grooms North Davidson 2012 C

Haley Pace North Davidson 2014 SS

Ally Nicholson North Davidson 2012 OF

Kayla Harrell North Davidson 2013 3B

Paige Wall North Davidson 2013 2B

4A Player of the Year

Robyn Stanek, North Davidson

4A Pitcher of the Year

Selena Ashley, East Forsyth

Honorable Mention

Sarah Branoff East Forsyth 2011 3B

Jamie Livengood East Forsyth 2011 1B

Ashley Hawks Southeast Guilford 2012 1B

Aryn Laws Southeast Guilford 2011 P/DP

Blair Bauer Southeast Guilford 2012 3B

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