Greensboro Grasshoppers First Half Champion Scenario

Posted by Andy Durham on June 17, 2011 at 11:34 am under Professional | 2 Comments to Read

The information below clarifies how the South Atlantic League first half winner is determined.


1) The winner of the first-half and second-half in each division
will be the team which has won the greatest percentage of games.

2) If two clubs have the same winning percentage at the close of
either half of the championship season (when calculated to three decimal
places), the tie will be broken in the following manner:

a) If said tie occurs at the end of the first half, the tie will be
settled by the following tie breakers in the following order:

1. Best record in head-to-head meetings

2. Best run differential in head-to-head meetings

3. Winner of the final meeting in the first half between the clubs

  • Jonathan said,

    The Grasshoppers have put themselves in a favorable position. Grasshoppers own the tiebreaker over Hickory by leading the season series 5-2. There’s not really a magic number to clinch but the Hoppers will get that elusive berth finally if they keep winning.

  • Jonathan said,

    Check that. Greensboro will have to win one more game than Hickory does this weekend to clinch that spot. Not a fan of the fact that Greensboro has had to play two more games though (more opportunities to slip up). For records that could practically be identical, I feel that they should honor the head-to-head record ahead of a few winning percentage points. Regardless, I’m hoping the Grasshoppers can one-up the Crawdads this weekend to get that playoff berth!