Northwest Guilford boys basketball coach Lee Reavis is crossing over with Krossover

Posted by Andy Durham on June 17, 2011 at 3:12 pm under High School | 7 Comments to Read

Special to by Alison Maney:

Lee Reavis, a basketball coach at Northwest Guilford High School, is thrilled about the new technological options in coaching. In particular, he’s excited about using a program called Krossover, a service that allows a coach to view videos of a game, create highlight reels, send videos out to individual kids, and view dynamic statistics on one website.

Before he began using Krossover a year ago, Reavis would burn individual DVDs for each player, spending a lot of time breaking down film and getting it to the kids. “It makes the whole process much simpler,” says Reavis. “No DVDs, making those copies, putting them in the mail… it cuts out a lot of unnecessary work.”

The kids have benefitted as well. “As a coach, I can make a highlight tape, I can make a negative one or a positive one, I can email it out to the players,” he says. “It’s a reinforcer of what you’re saying. As a coach, you can say it, you can say it, you can say it, but now you can let the kids see what the (other) players see. It’s more accessible, more up-to-date.” It’s made reaching the team easier, and has made it simpler to prepare for upcoming games against specific opponents. High Schools play each team twice, so the team uses the footage and statistics from the previous games against opposing players to strategize. “We can go back, look at the other team’s stats when we’re playing a team a second time, “ says Reavis. “As the saying goes, ‘the film doesn’t lie.’”

Even the parents are beginning to feel the benefits of high tech coaching, since the highlight reels are simple to send to colleges that recruit students for basketball scholarships. “Parents definitely appreciate that,” says Reavis. “As a coach, you’re trying to get their son out there. And now, the recruiters don’t have a pile of DVDs on their desk. They’re just online, and can watch minute and a half clips of different players.” He chuckles. “Of course, every parent thinks their son’s going to play in the NBA, and with this at least it’s an easy way to get info out about a player.”

Although he is fairly new to the product, Reavis says he can already see an improvement in his coaching. “This is our first year using it, and it’s made changes in the amount of time that we as a coaching staff spend burning DVDs for players. That’s a big time saver.”

Krossover has only been around since 2010, but it’s already accumulated over a hundred customers. Articles have been written about the company for both Fast Company and Bloomberg Businessweek, and the NBA has shown interest in using the product. Although Reavis is a high school coach, he’s ahead of the curve when it comes to new coaching technology.

  • Statistically Challenged said,

    Thanks for the infomercial. I can see it really being a big help at NW by speeding up the decision making process on which 2-3 zone to run defensively while narrowing down the over-under on 3-pointers to around 30 per game.

  • yougottobekidding said,

    This will have to work as he will be coaching without most of last years team if he is still there.

  • Hoops Fan said,


    Reavis was a good coach at Glenn and he is a good coach at NW.

  • yougottobekidding said,

    Hoops fan, you been to any NW games? I have coached and been around the kids for 50 yrs. and I can tell you he has no clue how to handle the talent he has on that team.. He does not want his team to score over 50 pts. You want to play that way? His players don’t like it and neither do the fans. He will most likely have only JV players next year.

  • Come On Son said,

    i wonder if he can edit out how dirty his team plays

  • Andy said,

    I thought NWG looked pretty good last year….Upset Greensboro Day School in Round One of the Pizza Hut tournament…..I think that was the #8 over the #1 seed…..Team kept a low profile and there was a steady calm over that squad last year, after turmoil in previous seasons…..Stick to the program…..

  • Hoops Fan said,


    I have never heard of a team winning games because they score over 50pts. I have heard of a team winning a game because they have a higher score than the opponent whether it be 46-42 or 88-84. It doesn’t matter how many points you score.

    Reavis will do a good job with whoever is on his team next year.

    Manny Bloom was a good coach and the fan base at NW thought he was terrible. I don’t know if it is possible to please you.

    You should feel lucky that Reavis is coaching because he does it the RIGHT way.

    Andy —- glad to see you sticking up for a coach in the area oppose to letting people who don’t know basketball make ignorant posts on your site so you can get more “hits” and have more ad revenue which equals dollars in your pocket.

    – Hoops Fan