Reports coming in on last night’s 7 on 7’s at Elon University

Posted by Andy Durham on June 17, 2011 at 1:03 pm under High School | 3 Comments to Read

Spoke with’s Dennis White this morning and he told us from all indications that he is receiving, there was a lot of one-on-one passing and coverage going on, at Elon University’s 7 on 7’s last night and Dennis said that the Page Pirates more than held their own in this high school football passing game workout, at Elon….

Dennis also said that Ed Britt will be one of the top cover men in our area this season and that Page has been ranked as high as #4 in the state, in many of the pre-season polls, that he has been seeing….

Coach White said pass and go and go and pass are the keys to the 7 on 7 drills…..It is sort of like the hit and run, or the run and hit in baseball……”Not a lot of zone coverage”, said Dennis, but mainly man coverage, with some cover two and that is what we will be seeing in pre-season….

Page will be at the Mel Kiper ESPN 7 on 7, at Guilford College, on Saturday morning and if anyone has more info on last night’s 7 on 7’s at Elon U, or others that are going on, please let us know here at the site…….

  • Big John said,

    One thing that I can say about Coach G is that he and his staff sub A TON during these 7 on 7’s…I didn’t see many other teams doing much subbing, but Coach G and staff seem to like using a lot of subs to get them work as well…James Summers and Jordan Putnam rotated a ton too…On that note, I hope these other teams have a suitable replacement, because I didn’t see any of the other teams rotating QB’s…

    From what I understand, Coach G doesn’t hold a lot of stock in these 7 on 7’s because to him its to just get work and to get the QB’s and WR’s on the same page offensively, and defensively they get to work on their coverage schemes…I even saw Jordan Putnam playing some defense and he really looked good over there…One team in particular didn’t have a lot of good looking skill players, but they dinked and dunked their way down the field along with using all 4 seconds that the Elon coaches were giving them…This is just not realistic when blitzes are coming at the QB…

    Just my observation though…

  • Big John 2 said,

    BigJohn….assuming this other team with few skilled players was NG….the NG Varsity was at Elon Weds and also looked very good and the Jv’s went to Elon on Thursday.

  • Big john said,

    Big John 2,

    Well I guess you know what they say when you assume things….Page never went against NG; therefore I was not talking about them…