Page Pirates on the ball at today’s Mel Kiper Jr. 7 on 7’s at Guilford College

Posted by Andy Durham on June 18, 2011 at 11:47 am under High School | 30 Comments to Read

Page, Southern Guilford, Reidsville, Randleman, Morehead and Wheatmore in action this morning at Guilford College in the Mel Kiper Jr. ESPN 7 on 7’s….

Page Pirates over Reidsville in game one, the Pirates topped Wheatmore in game two and then knocked off Southern Guilford in game three at Guilford College….

They are using the game field(turf field), with split games on that field and they are also utilizing the old Guilford College practice field, down in the bottom at Guilford, just down below the Quaker baseball field….

Page does look very strong with #18 James Summers(QB/WR/DB), #9 Orlando Hatfield(WR), #4 Brian Spain(WR), #16 Carter Greene(WR), # 12 Jordan Putnam(QB), #28 Drew Rogers(RB) and others…….Coach Gillespie and his top assistant, Coach Weeks, have had the Pirates working very hard in prepartion for these 7 on 7 sessions and it showed today……James Summers can burn you as the QB with Hatfield, Spain and Greene on the receiving end and then James can also line as a receiver and take in passes for TD’s from backup QG Jordan Putnam, who looked very smooth in the pocket…..Coach Jesse Britt has done a fine job helping his receivers fine tune their games and that was evident today….

Page will have one more game in the early rounds and then comes the lightning round when the top teams of the day, will play each other for the Championship this afternoon, at Guilford….

Southern Guilford QB Jamie Cunningham looked steady as usual, but in the game against Page he had several dropped passes, but he did hit for one touchdown, versus the Pirates’ secondary….Cunningham should be poised to have an excellent season, as the SG Storm leader……

More details coming later today, on the Mel Kiper Jr. 7 on 7’s, at Guilford College……

  • Pager said,

    Page won.

  • Andy said,

    Any details on the Title Game, who did they play, scores etc…..Who did Page play in game #4 and how did that go……Pager or anybody else got those details????? I had to leave to get Games 1-3 typed up and then hit another weekend project….

    More details on the Page and Southern Guilford in later games today at Guilford???

    How did Ben L. Smith look in the Mel Kiper Jr. event at Pinecrest today….

    I heard that Smith looked pretty good in the 7 on 7 over at WS Reagan back on Thursday…..Smith has a new QB in Kalen Pratt and they also have new RB that is supposed to be as fast as Elijah Jordan was….The Kiandre Thompson kid for Smith at TE/DE is said to be one of the tops around our area for this year upcoming and I hear Dudley now has 2 QB’s, one to go along with Hayes and that the Panthers have 2 new RB’s that are as fast as Demetrious McCorkle……

    Metro 4-A
    4)Western Guilford
    6)Southeast Guilford
    7)Southern Alamance

  • Andy said,

    Piedmont Triad 4-A should become:

    1)Northwest Guilford
    3)East Forsyth
    5)Southwest Guilford
    6)High Point Central
    7)WS Parkland

    In that Metro, Smith will not be falling as far as some people think and even though, Grimsley may pass WG, before it is all said and done….

    Ragsdale had some losses in the Piedmont Triad 4-A, but they still have a whole load of receivers and HP Central lost Adams and Grant and it will take a long time to recover without those two…..Adams was the best quarterback to come out of High Point since Johnny Evans and he’s not going to play football at all anywhere this fall…..I wish N.C. A&T would have gone after Adams and Grant, they could have taken the Aggies places….Well, we move on to 2011…..

  • PiratePride said,

    Page played Reidsville in the championship game. not sure of the exact score but Page won as easily as they had been all day. they were the only undefeated team. Page played Southern Guilford in game 4.

  • Pager said,

    Page 21, Reidsville 12
    Page 21, Wheatmore 0
    Page 25, Southern Guilford 6
    Page 28, Randleman 0
    Page 27, Morehead 0

    Championship round:
    Page beat Reidsville by 2 touchdowns. Not sure of the score, as I headed out for something to eat.

    The Pirates were without 2 of their best players on defense as well. OLB Blake Hickman and DB Ed Britt.

  • Pager said,

    Just heard from someone on the Page squad.. Page beat Reidsville in the championship game 42-14

  • Andy said,

    THANKS for the updates guys and Good Job today for the Page Pirates and we look forward to seeing them next week at Eastern Guilford for the Holt Brothers 7 on 7’s……

  • Pager said,

    I guess you could say we paid Reidsville today with a reality check.

  • Metro4a said,


    Rumors flyin about Grimsley being a lot better this year. Any insight. There are some even saying they can compet withh the top half of the Metro…

  • bystander said,

    I overheard coach corio talking to chris hughes yesterday at the 7on7, and if you read between the lines of what coach was saying, Grimsley will probably be OK at best this year. 5 wins or so would be a very successful season.

  • Andy said,

    I had Grimsley picked 5th in one of my early polls and they could surpass Western Guilford, that is a possibility…..It will be tough for Grimsley to get past Dudley this year and Smith could still be a roadblock…..The kid Kiandre Thompson nearly put Grimsley out of business last year……He is a very tough DE and he can bull rush you in a heartbeat and if they try and block him with DJ then all Thompson will do is switch sides on you…..The defense has an edge on you…..The offense knows the snap count, but the defense can move around on you……

    What Grimsley needs to do and I think this is a suggestion that makes sense, is find a backup QB…..You need a reliable backup quarterback in case your top man(Jake Simpson and he is a good one for Grimsley), just in case the #1 man goes down…..

    Page has it with Jordan Putnam backing up James Summers, Dudley has two QB’s with the Panthers now having a backup to the starter Richard Hayes….Western has it in Austin Proehl backing up starter Josh Thompson……Smith had it last year with Kalen Pratt backing up Jeff Sims…..And this year Smith will need a #2 man behind Pratt…..

    That is my input for this day…..Get yourself a #2 man and with all of these 7 on 7’s, you couldn’t ask for a better chance/opportunity to bring your #2 man along…..I have read works from many major college coaches and top high school coaches and that is one of the keys to having a steadfast program…..You have ready help at your QB spot……And it doesn’t hurt to have flexibility in your offensive/defensive lines and at the receiver spots……In other words as we speak on this, Depth is a key, no matter where you may be……..

    (This can also apply with your coaches…..I know who your head man is, show me your top assistants and have one or two on staff that are young and are coming out you like they just got shot out of a cannon and one or two key veterans that can keep it steady and smooth at all times, in other words, they have been there and done that……) I have been in this stuff since the early 70’s, so most of the time, I know where I am coming from and if I don’t, I can always call Doug Henderson Sr. or Don Osborne…….They’ll know……

  • SMITH FAN said,

    The four teams with the most victories Saturday – Jack Britt, Scotland, Pinecrest and Ben L. Smith – qualified to compete in the Mel Kiper Jr. 7on7U National Championship in July at Washington, D.C.

  • Pager said,

    Actually it was only the top 2 teams that got invited. Jack Britt and Scotland from the Pinecrest 7on7. Page and Reidsville from the Guilford College 7on7.

  • gbotruth30 said,

    5 wins for Grimsley they will be lucky to win 3. The JV’s have won 0 games in three years. Other than Eden Morehead who are they going to beat??????

  • bystander said,

    I didn’t say they would win 5, I said that if they did win 5, it would be a very successful season.

  • Joe Barile said,

    Here are some photos I uploaded from the 7-on-7 on Saturday. Enjoy!

  • Joe Barile said,

    photo credit: Mrs. Stanley

  • Joe Barile said,

    New link for the Photos:

  • Just Sayin said,

    Don’t put to much into these 7on7’s. When it’s all said and done you still have to run the ball and stop the run. It’s real easy for QB’s to stand back and thrown the ball without any pressure on them.

  • Andy said,

    If Smith gets that ticket to Washington, that says a whole lot for the Eagles after all the marque players that they lost off of last year’s team…..

    Did they take the Top Four teams from Pinecrest since they had a large number of teams there? Somebody said that was a real big one down there at Pinecrest and that this Saturday at Eastern Guilford, the Holt Brothers 7 on 7 will be one of the biggest and best run 7 on 7’s that we will see this year…..The Holt Brothers do it up right and it’s just about time to get on up in there with the Wildcats at Eastern……

  • Eaglez said,

    That’s what I’ve been trying to tell yall………Them Eagles from Ben L. Smith are for real! Keep doubting us we gonna make yall all believers!

    And we gonna take that Trophy again this year!

  • Just Talking Smack said,

    To Eaglez,

    Y’all go ahead on up to D.C. and play in your 7on7 tournaments. The other teams in the area will be concentrating on real football while your gone. So, good luck with that…

  • Eaglez said,

    Just Talkin,

    Don’t think yall are the only ones getting ready for this season! We have been putting in work just as hard if not harder everyone else. I’m just saying don’t doubt us just cause we lost a bunch of starters from last years team. This team is going to be just as good if not better this year!

  • Football Fan said,

    Andy – with all this talk about 7 on 7s and whether they are beneficial or not – what is your opinion?

  • Andy said,

    It means more work and more practice and extra practice/reps can only help you…..Big bonus for the QB and receivers when it comes to getting your timing down and the defense gets a chance to get in work too with the cover game……Back in the day, all you did was lift weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you did some of your running on Tuesday and Thursday and on the other at times and that was about it….

    The coaches have to love it because it gives them a chance to fine tune their offense and to get in that defensive work too……

    If you are not a passing oriented team, I’m not sure how much this would help you, but it might just help you become more of a passing team with teams like Southeast Guilford and Northwest has become much more of a passing team in recent years…..

    You could probably do the 7 on 7 with you(your school) and another school at your place, but with the opportunity to face 4-5 different schools at one location in a short session, that is a good thing…….Go hard for quick sessions and change up schools and you don’t have any boredom setting in and you can keep the attention spans up……

    All in all a good thing and on a key note, it can really help the backs out of the backfield improve on their short receiving games, going for the short passes out of the backfield and catching a short quick pass and then making a run for it, upfield……..

    There should be a lot of interest in the Holt Brothers coming up Saturday at Eastern Guilford and who is going to take High Point Central’s title away? HP Central the champs coming back from last year at EG…..Who dethrones HPC to take the 2011 Holt Brothers Crown???

  • Football said,

    I think Page is going to take the Holt Brothers Crown this Saturday.

  • Just Talkin Smack said,


    I know what Smith lost, and I know what they have coming back. I know what was on their JV teams too. Unless there was some major transfers who came in then I’ll continue to believe its a lot of hot air.

    Smith has never lacked skill players and fortunately for them they had a very good and big line last year. ALL those guys are gone. IMO you can replace skill guys, but you can’t just replace those big nasties in the trenches. Last year was Smith’s best team in years and look how far that got them. ONE AND DONE – There is no way this year’s team is better than last years. NO WAY

    So, keep on winning those 7 on 7 games and when NWG shows up that 1st game I hope you’ll be ready. If you beat NWG that first game, then I’ll believe you.

  • Eaglez said,

    Just Talkin,

    What are you talking about? We return two of our Offensive lineman from last year and yes we have reloaded in our skill spots. I don’t know where everyone is getting off sayin we lost 22 starters from last year also let me remind you everyone said we couldn’t beat NW Guilford last year too.

    #71 Ramces Royas-OL(Starter)
    #74 Dejon Spencer-OL(Starter)
    #2 Miles Morris-CB,WR,KR(starter)
    #84 Kiandre Thompson-TE/DE(starter)
    #25 Marlon Hughes-FB/LB(starter)
    #12 Kaylon Pratt-QB(could have started for most teams last year as a jr)
    #41 Telvin Tatum-FB/LB

  • Just Talkin Smack said,


    Returning two???..That’s it??? Btw, I never said that Smith lost 22 starters; however, let me explain further then…When you lose Eric and your small but very quick nose guard who caused havoc for a lot of teams, then you lost a lot of production on that d-line…When you are breaking in three new starters on the offensive line then you lost a lot…Again, beat NWG week #1 then I’ll believe a little of your hype…I know what you had and what you have coming back and its nothing comparable to last year…

    Now, just so you don’t misunderstand me, I never said that y’all can’t be good, but y’all have A TON of work to do if you are going to be as good as last year’s team…

  • Pirate Fan said,

    Joe – Did you attend the 7 on 7 at Guilford? What were your impressions? Wasn’t able to attend.