How many times have you parked illegally on the UNC campus?

Posted by Andy Durham on June 20, 2011 at 12:04 pm under College | 11 Comments to Read

Much has been made of the recent events surrounding the investigation into the University of North Carolina football program…..

Much has come to light over the past week, regarding the parking tickets that were issued to Marvin Austin and Greg Little and other North Carolina football players, or to vehicles that were owned, or at the time of violation, by North Carolina football players and/or their relatives……

Many tickets and many license plates have been uncovered and many of those tickets, remain as unpaid parking tickets/violations…..

The real question to ask you today is, “How many times have you parked illegally on the UNC campus?”…………

Maybe you didn’t receive a ticket, but you did park illegally, when you drove your vehicle on to the Tar Heel campus and you know for certain, that it was your vehicle…….

How many times my friends, and this is not to take away from the wrong that was done by the UNC football players……I’m just curious and I bet for real, you are too……

I am guilty myself of at least five parking violations, but was never ticketed…..It was always the old dumpster, down by Kenan Stadium…..I would be at UNC for the NCHSAA football or basketball meetings and I always seemed to be running late, for those 9am hookups and that spot over by the dumpster, on the East end of the Kenan Stadium, was my one and only hope/refuge……

I hit that spot a number of times over the years,(at least 5-6 times) and that became by parking place…..Over by the dumpster and the sign would say, “If your vehicle is parked here, you are in violation of blocking the UNC campus dumpster and your vehicle will be ticketed and towed at your expense, upon decree of the campus police”………

I never got ticketed and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I for one, I am coming clean here today…….

It does make for a good topic and this would make for a good Sports Talk Show discussion………

How many times have you parked Illegally on the UNC campus?

What was your spot?????

It is time for Ed Hardin to come clean…….And Mike Hogewood, Rich Brenner, Paul Cameron, Rick “Doc” Walker, Gary Hahn, Tony Haynes, Bob Harris, Tim Brando, Jim Nantz, John Robinson,(N&R and Southern Cal), Rob Daniels, Dave Glenn, Jim Young, Brad Krantz, Britt Whitmire, Chris Kelly, Rod Davis, Brian Formica……….

I know, you forgot your parking pass, but you did find a safe haven over beside that dumpster, or right in the fire lane……

Let us know, and come clean today……..

For ALL of you out there in land today:

“How many times have you parked Illegally on the UNC campus?”

Don Moore, Paul Lambeth, Paul Stutts, Keith Brown, Charlie Brown IV,Benny Phillips, Bill Hass, Larry Keech………….Hollar if you hear me!!!!!

  • Dickie B said,

    Andy, I’ve seen your car and the public safety folks probably figured it had been left there for garbage pick up.

  • Bill said,

    Put me down for six times.

    Bill Friday on a Monday

  • Jim said,

    While I attended Carolina I got 5-6 parking tickets as did many of the students who drove to school. It’s almost impossible to find a parking place on campus while students are there. Parking is so limited that parking tickets are a way of life to students who drive to campus. Paying those tickets while expensive, was a only a little more expensive then buying a parking pass (or as we called them, hunting licenses). Since my student days the university has taken over most of the free neighborhood parking spaces and made it illegal to park around campus or metered the spaces. When I’ve visited the campus recently for games or to walk the campus I pay to park in parking decks or lots, but sometimes they are filled, so I’m forced to keep hunting or park llegally. That’s life in Chapel Hill.

  • Tom said,

    It is impossible to find parking over there. I don’t think the parking tickets are a big problem. The other stuff is not good, but most college campuses give out a ton of parking tickets. UNCG is really bad!

  • Andy said,

    Does UNCG ticket if you park in the Church lot across the street from the Baseball stadium????? I have used that venue several times and have found it to be very resourceful……I thought I saw Coach Parker’s Bentley over there once, but not sure……..

  • Tom said,

    If they have a church affair planned, you could even get towed. I don’t know if they ticket you there. If it is after 4pm, I will park on the side streets behind the church. It is 2 hour parking until 6PM on weekdays and if you attempt to park longer than 2 hours prior to 4pm, they will ticket you. I believe you can park for free in the parking garage if you show your ticket stub, but check on that before you try it. I know that works for the basketball games.

  • Emily said,

    The church across from the baseball stadium is offering parking passes for students during the school year. They charge I believe somewhere in the 200-300 dollar range per car per spot.

  • Bill Kopald said,

    I was looking into the parking problem at Chapel Hill back in the 1980’s and was never able to finish my work on that project due to the fact that I was terminated at WFMY. I have first hand knowledge that Lawrence Taylor and Amos Lawrence rode bicycles to school while they were at the University of North Carolina. It is never as bad as it seems on the surface and the Heels are still the team to beat in basketball next season. Love that school and hope to do a Crop Walk across campus there in October right before the first basketball game for ’11-’12. Coach Williams is a very good friend of mine and they should be the favorite to win it all this year and they ought to be one of the top teams in football too if they can just get more kids riding those bicycles to class like LT and Famous Amos did back in their day. Go Heels and Sybil Robson was the best news person I worked with at CBS WFMY 2.

  • Don said,

    I parked enough times illegally that I was awarded a Special Parking Permit by Campus Police. Each time, it was in the service of WXYC-FM and all I had to do was walk up to the Chief, explain myself and he’d remove the ticket. I got a Full-Access Campus Parking Permit that I was able to use for Radio Station business. (You’d better believe I didn’t abuse it because they said I’d never find where my car was towed if I ever abused the priviledge.)

  • Andy said,

    At UNCG, I wonder if I join the church across from the baseball stadium and tithe 10%, could I then get a year-round parking pass to park in the church lot across the street from UNCG’s lot…….Any thoughts on this plan…..10% for 12 months FREE Parking!

  • UNCG Supporter said,

    Andy you are telling our secrets be cool. LOL