Feeling good hitting 80 on the 4th of July(Bill Slayton/SEG-EG) and Jack McKeon looking out for Twitter(What kind of dog is that?)

Posted by Andy Durham on June 22, 2011 at 3:31 pm under High School, Professional | 2 Comments to Read

Got the call today that Bill Slayton, former football and baseball coach at Southeast Guilford High School and the golf coach at Eastern Guilford HS, will be celebrating his 80th birthday on the 4th of July….

Coach Slayton is just about 2 weeks away/shy, from/of the Big Eight-0 and he is doing/feeling fine……Good to hear a good report on Bill Slayton, one of the best coaches to ever line ’em up, in Guilford County…..Got the State Championship with SEG in baseball and nearly got a football title with the Falcons….He was one heck of coach and a great leader of young men…..Keep up the good work and we hope the readers will keep on sending us the good reports, on Coach Slayton and an early “Happy Birthday” to the Coach, with the 4th of July, just around the corner…..

Jack McKeon is coaching the Florida Marlins again and this time Jack is in charge, at the bright young age of 80 years old….Yesterday after the Marlins beat the LA Angels 5-2, Jack asked outfielder Logan Morrison(former Greensboro Grasshopper) what he was going to do after the game……”I going to play with Twitter”, said LoMo(Logan Morrison), to which Jack McKeon replied, “What kind of dog is that?”………..

You’ve got to love it, Jack McKeon not fleeing, he’s seeing this baseball way of life, in whole new way this day……….

McKeon and Slayton, who’s waitin’, get these guys a lineup card and let the games begin, again and again……………………..

  • Bruce Mitchell said,

    Andy is too modest to brag about it, but he coached Jack McKeon’s Pony League team.

  • Jamey Wall VanNess said,

    Coach Slayton taught me US History at Southeast Guilford in 1968. I’ve always wondered how he is. Glad to hear he’s doing well. He was a great teacher, too.