It is Summer 2011 and Here’s What’s Happening with DJ Jeff

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DJ Jeff has been so busy by doing the Classic Game Show group on Facebook and taking a nice vacation.

DJ Jeff

Here are some travel tips for people who have never been to NJ. Don’t speed on highway and you cannot pump your own gas – someone will pump it for you. NJ has a lot of good diners. If you like dinner, like I do; I would recommend the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

The best diners in NJ: the Tick Tock diner on Route 3 in Clifton, NJ. I it is my favorite because of the decorations inside and very good food.

The 2 worst dinners that you should not go to: the Summit Diner in Summit, NJ. I did not like this diner because of a lot of people was smoking went I went in, the bathroom was not clean and it is a bad area of town. The Brick Diner on Route 70 in Brick, NJ. This diner was also too loud; I did not like the food and it is always crowded.

Be out for the look out for the heavy waves in New Jersey Shore. It is a time of year that it will get hot. A lot of families and girls go to the beaches to sit in the sand or ride some of the best waves.

I love theater, a lot of people from NJ are famous, such as Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, and many others.

People love to go shopping in NJ and the prices are expensive at some places.

Actor James Arnes passed away on June 3, 2011. Mr. Arnes was known to the adults as Mat Dillon on TV’s Gunsmoke. I am 21 years old and I love these old time show. He will be missed. He was 88 when he died.

On June 20th 2011, Clarence Clemmons, who was Bruce Springsteen’s Sax player passed away. He will be missed. He was 69.

I was reading a review about some interesting summer movies here are my top 3 of them that I would recommend:
1. The brand new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strangers Tides. I love these movies because of life being on a ship this one stars Johnny Depp, and Keith Richards.
2. Cars 2 which comes out into theaters on 6/24/11 has in it the voices of Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Gordon, Owen Wilson and many others. This is the sequel to Disney Cars. I like the way that Disney and Pixar are making more movies that any age would want to see.
3. Winnie the Pooh comes out into theaters on 7/15/1. YThis is an interesting one because I am big Winnie the Pooh fan and I love the way that Disney is bringing back classic characters that we all grew up with.

Here is some baseball trivial questions (please comment with your answers on the website).
1. What year was Cracker Jacks introduce in the Chicago World’s Fair?
2. What team had the curse of the billy goat?
3. Who are Yankees rivals?
4. What team has the number retired and how many?

This Fourth of July, Greensboro is doing something cool: we are trying to break the world record for the largest group for drum rolling you can go to, and

DJ Jeff will be performinh on July 4th with the Greensboro Philharmonic at the News & Record Pops Concert and Gate City Fireworks Spectacular at the White Oak Amphitheatre on July 4th at 7:30pm.

Finally on July 17th, DJ Jeff and the Greensboro Philharmonic will be at Linley Park at 6 PM, for a Free Sunday in the Park Concert.

That’s a wrap please comment on this article if you want me to put anything in my next one.

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