North Carolina football coach Butch Davis appears to be safe, but for how long? We talking five years or less?????

Posted by Andy Durham on June 23, 2011 at 12:33 pm under College | 6 Comments to Read

Butch Davis, the head football coach at the University of North Carolina appears to be safe, but for how long? Do you see Coach Davis at UNC for one more year and then does he resign and just walk away, or does he remain on the job three years, or possibly stay in Chapel Hill as many as five more years, as the man in charge of the Blue and White…….

This has become a sight and some of the suggestions that I am seeing are saying he should step down today and many are saying that the UNC program should receive a one year death penalty and there should be no football played on that campus for one full year……I don’t see North Carolina moving quickly on this…..They can’t even find and name a replacement for Woody Durham yet, and somebody needs to be on the radio in Chapel Hill talking football, or why there is no football in Chapel Hill for 2011……Should there be a moratorium placed on Tar Heel football for one year and if so, that would give Butch Davis, Dick Baddour, Holden Thorpe and others enough time to get out of town……..And it would also allow Woody’s replacement the time he needs to get settled in and prepare for the basketball season……No Butch Davis, Dick Baddour, Holden Thorpe and NO FOOTBALL in Chapel Hill this season????

This is not out of the realm of possibility and it may in turn, turn out to be the best move to make……..We shall see and if Butch Davis does not leave before the opening kickoff of the 2011 season, then will when he be gone?

We have not yet seen the end of the barrel, from the Smoking Gun that Butch Davis is holding in his hand and with the way Coach Davis responds under pressure, he may be bullet-proof………

Coach Davis speaks to the people and when you can work the crowd like this, you may have a place to stay and play, for at least five more years…..Could we see the Death Penalty at UNC? Coach Davis may have to make a decision on the use of the Death Penalty, when he is elected our next governor, this man can campaign and many fans of the Heels are still saying, four more years…..Check out The Coach, in his speech to the faithful following in Chapel Hill:

“I feel terrible that these allegations occurred under my watch,” the coach said in a statement released by the school. “I especially regret that the university has had to endure this scrutiny because of the football program. The responsibility for correcting any problems that put us in this position is mine, and I take that responsibility very seriously.

“I want to thank our fans for the tremendous support we have received. Their loyalty and support (have) been especially appreciated by our student-athletes. The opportunity I have to serve the University of North Carolina is one that I cherish, and I will continue to focus on improving every aspect of our football program.”

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The Coach knows what to say and he is here to stay, but for How Long???

  • Andy said,

    Tom O’Brien and his staff in Raleigh may be playing that tune on their I-pods that goes, “Why don’t you stayyyyy, just a little bit longer, Please, please stay just a few years more……..There has been something about TOB vs. UNC that is hard to explain…….

  • Bev P. said,


    Lack of Informational Control

  • Holes said,

    Watching these Tarheel holier than thou fans…..or Walmart fans who could care less… about these issues reminds me of the stripper talking about their future…….”oh no, I’m just working my way though college”.

    Da Nile isn’t just a river in Egypt.

    You are cheaters people, acceptance is the first step in recovery!!!

  • Andy said,

    Mr. Mitchell, let’s get our credits straight here……Andy Durham wrote this fine piece on UNC and not Ed Hardin……As they say in the classroom, let’s stick to the subject matter, please………We know you had a Senior moment Bruce and forgot where you were surfing, but you need to make sure you set your browser for and let Spicolli keep his board on the N&R boards…..Hear they have some real tight waves over there in the pool at the other school and Mr. Hand, I mean Mr. Hardin has been known to the spoil the Senior Citizens Prom by making his summer interns(age 50-plus) stay after and erase the chalkboard down at the newsroom…..

    Now put that in your pipe and smoke it Rowdy Rody Mitchell……..Maybe not the response all were looking for or expecting, but very creative and you might see this showing up soon, in one of Mr. Mitchell’s Sumer Soltice Reviews in the AARP Magazine…….

  • Why they want Butch said,

    2 theories as to why Butch is still the Head Football Coach at UNC.
    1.The $70 million stadium improvement project still needs monetary donors to complete.Some of the wealthy potential donors are personal friends and/or business associates of Coach Davis. If he is canned the $$$ dries up and the project is not completed.
    2.Butch knows some major dirt on other UNC programs(basketball is a possibility) and will spill the beans to the NCAA about that/those programs.

    UNC athletics is in a big mess right now.
    I am glad I am not a UNC fan or especially not an alum.
    I would not be able to stand it if my alma mater was in such deep dark $h!+ with the NCAA.

  • smh said,

    Why they want Butch,
    Everything is just one big conspiracy, isn’t it?
    Why on earth are you guys so utterly obsessed with hating Carolina?
    You really should have more respect for yourselves than to wake up everyday focused on what emanates from Chapel Hill.