With Welborne going into the Hall should we now focus our attention on making Modlin a member(Jim to GCSHOF?)

Posted by Andy Durham on June 23, 2011 at 11:44 am under College, High School, Professional | 3 Comments to Read

Tripp Welborne is on his way into the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame(GCSHOF) and with that mission accomplished, should we now center our attentions/focus, on getting Big Jim Modlin into the GCSHOF???

Modlin is one of the all-time top scorers in Ragsdale High School basketball history and he may still be the top scorer and rebounder to come out of that school….He averaged a double-double while at Ragsdale and he was Co-Player of the Year in the County, during his senior season…..(Jim is also the tallest player in Ragsdale High School history and he can even look John Isner in the eye, to this day……)

Modlin went on to average a double-double while at East Carolina University and he helped form what many consider, to be the most dominant front line/inside presence in ECU Pirate basketball history, with his teammates Jim Gregory and Jim Fairly….The Three Jims led East Carolina to the best run of success in school history, on the basketball floor….The team had a winning record, while Jim Modlin was there with Gregory and Fairly and that has never happened again in school history…..All three Jims(Modlin, Gregory and Fairly), averaged a double-double together in scoring and rebounding, during their senior seasons and many feel that is the only time something like that has occured, in NCAA basketball history……(Three players/men, with a double-double of scoring and rebounding in the same year/season???)

After Modlin finished up at ECU he went on to play for the Pittsburgh Condors and the Pittsburgh Pipers in the ABA and then around 2000 he got into broadcasting high school football and basketball games on local radio……

He did a lot coming out of Guilford County, but was it enough, to get him into the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame?

We need at least 10 comments in favor of Jim to make this a valid campaign, so let’s leave it in the hands of the people……….

Jim nearly died three times this year with his problems/complications brought on by staph infection, so let’s go ahead and see if we can get him in the GCSHOF, or maybe at least in the East Carolina University Sports Hall of Fame, before Big Jim ends up at the Big Gym in the sky…….

Good topic for a Summer day and what do you say, is there a way to get Modlin in?????

  • ad4deacs said,

    Although Keith is responsible for a lot of Todd Ellis passing yards (YAC) wasn’t it Tripp that got inducted?

  • Andy said,

    Tripp Welborne, you are right and it was Keith Brown with the push to help get him in…..Tripp Welborne, Keith Welborne, Keith Brown, Jim Modlin; I better start referring to some of these guys as Mr. X or Dr. J, or Mr. T or something like that….Too many names on the brain, in the name game….

  • Roger Moore said,

    I attended ECU during the Modlin years. I still remember him cheating on the asphalt courts in front of Belk Dorm. I also played against him in the city leagues after he graduated. He should have made the Nasmith Hall of Fame for what he did to John Roach alone. If you don’t know what he did you need to call me.