Two North Carolina Tar Heel legends speak out on the UNC Football Investigation and when you hear what they are saying, you may be ready to let it all go and move on(Or maybe not?)

Posted by Andy Durham on June 24, 2011 at 12:38 pm under College | 14 Comments to Read

When William “Bill” Friday and Woody Durham speak, people tend to listen and today from we have the comments from two of the most respected names in the history of our state’s oldest educational institution…..The David Caldwell Log College over off of Holden Road may be a bit older, but I’m not sure, but I am sure that you need to read what UNC’s Bill Friday and Woody Durham are bringing to the Round Table……

“It’s been a difficult time but like good North Carolinians we’ve admitted we’ve made the mistake,” said long-time UNC System President Bill Friday on Friday. “Now let’s move on.”

Friday says he supports the way Chancellor Holden Thorp has handled the situation, and trusts Thorp’s judgment when it comes to head Coach Butch Davis, a man Friday says he’s never met.

“My position is one of supporting Chancellor Thorp because I believe his heart is in the right place,” said Friday. “I think he’s trying to do what’s right. And I think he will.”

The longtime voice of the Tar Heels who recently retired, Woody Durham, agrees.

“The university is already working hard to get it corrected and I don’t think any school in the history of the NCAA which has been investigated has cooperated as fully as Carolina has cooperated,” said Durham.

CLICK HERE to read all by two greats in our state, from sports and education…..

  • whatever said,

    They said they were sorry, so we should just be happy with that and move on. Give me a freaking break. If it was Duke basketball or when it WAS NC State they would be leading the charge.

  • Jeff Saturday said,

    North Carolina’s name has been cleared.

    Please read again what Woody and Mr. Friday were saying. The name has been cleared.

  • smh said,

    You are demonstrating your ignorance of who Bill Friday is ( and isn’t ). Bill Friday graduated from N.C. State and was President of the UNC 16 campus system, not UNC-Chapel Hill. He is not a Carolina guy. Mr. Friday is probably one of the most influential and respected North Carolinians of the past century. And since you are obviously a State fan based upon your comment, you might be interested in knowing that the William Friday Institute for Educational Innovation is located on the campus of N.C. State University.
    Try opening your mind a bit.

  • Andy said,

    I remember William Friday from UNC TV, but never saw him on N.C. State TV…..He was an excellent educator and a very good TV host.

  • Bruce Mitchell said,

    Make no mistake. Mr. Friday has been consistent in his statements all along that he believes that the big money football excesses represented here are not in line with the overall mission of the state university system. This is bigger than who you root for. Coach Davis is ultimately responsible for what happened in his football program. Either he knew about his close friend and assistant coach, his team and family tutor, and who some of his players were associating with, or he should have. He should have been fired months ago.

    It’s interesting to see some of the national media take note of the double standard that those of whose who are not draped in light blue have endured for decades.

  • smh said,

    Why is it so important to non UNC fans that UNC fire Butch Davis? That’s all any of you care about.
    Don’t look up, those black helicoptors are circling as part of the big Carolina conspiracy.

  • don't care said,

    I don’t care if they fire Butch or not, in fact I hope they keep him around- he is a terrible game coach and I love watching O’Brien whip him. I am just sick of the holier than thou attitude at Carolina. They should get what USC got or worse. If it were State, then I would expect the same as well. Does anyone REALLY believe that Butch didn’t know anything? C’mon, man.

  • smh said,

    A grown man with a pathetic obsession. What’s amazing is how many of you there are.

  • Equal Justice Expected said,

    I am not a UNC fan or grad or a graduate of any ACC school(ASU’79).
    I am sick of how UNC -Chapel Hill gets favorable coverage in the media outlets of this state.I am also not alone in this belief.
    This lack of fairness has been proven with the Valvano situation at NC State in 1990, the Duke Lacrosse case just a few years ago and now this.
    NATIONAL MEDIA OUTLETS such as Yahoo Sports,ESPN,The Sporting News, etc have been much more investigative and critical of UNC football than any local outlet from this state.During the Valvano probe in 1990 The News and Observer wrote daily on the front page as well as the sports section about how negative his program was. As it turned out his players were wrong(for selling used basketball shoes and basketball tickets) but gained benefits less than the UNC improper benefits given just by the tutor Jennifer Wiley alone.The NCAA hit NC State with the lack of institutional control label for 8 players doing what I stated earlier.UNC had more than that miss football games and some were permanently banned from college sports participation by the NCAA.Coach John Blake’s activities alone should get the LOIC put on UNC.There is more and more new information being exposed which will make things worse for UNC in the coming months.The academic cheating by UNC players was discovered by the NCAA while they were in Chapel Hill investigating agent activity thanks to Marvin Austin announcing it on twitter.
    There needs to be an indepent investigation of this matter called for by the UNC Board of Governors. Why have they not done this?They did it at NC State in 1990.Why do in state media outlets get outscooped by national ones on this story?How much money did Coach Butch Davis pay Jennifer Wiley to tutor his son after she was no longer employed by UNC?Why did Coach Davis rarely use his UNC issued cell phone(919 area code) as opposed to using a phone with a 216 area code?Why have the records from the 216 phone not been released? I could go on and on with even more questions.Any UNC fans have any answers to these? How about you smh?

  • smh said,

    Apparently, you are not aware of the lawsuit brought by numerous media outlets against UNC. I would say that constitutes the media doing everything they can to investigate this story. Also, if you lived in Raleigh, you would see daily stories in the N&O and on WRAL about UNC football, just like during the Valvano investigation.
    I’m not really sure why people are so up in arms since the NOA came out this week. The key issues contained in it have been known for nearly a year. All of the information requested by the media was given to the NCAA last year. An independent investigation by the BOG? First of all, there have been numerous findings reported to the BOG. Second, do you not think the NCAA has done a thorough investigation? It sure looks like they have based upon their findings/allegations in the NOA.

  • Wondering said,

    I was wondering why there is only a web site.
    Why is Chapel Hill the only state school that has a site dedicated to exposing their character flaws?
    I have never seen a, an A&,an or a just to name a few.
    I heard the has also been around for 10 years. That tells me something. That being that many people are totally irritated by Carolina fans.

  • smh said,

    I was wondering if you are actually an adult or a 13 year old.

  • wondering said,

    Sorry I did not answer you sooner smh. I was on for most of the morning. I am 16 if you really want to know my age. I have a 4.2 gpa and 1950 on my SAT and I WILL NOT APPLY TO Carolina next year.

  • ball fan said,

    GO DEACS!!!! Just sayin