Holt Brothers 7 on 7’s at Eastern Guilford this morning

Posted by Andy Durham on June 25, 2011 at 11:45 am under High School | 24 Comments to Read

Games at 9am, 10, 11 and then lunch at 12 Noon and then they’ll will head into the Championship Pool play after lunch…..

Torry Holt was there and he was running a few pass routes and catching a few balls and also there were:
1)Eastern Guilford
4)High Point Central
5)Burlington Cummings
6)Burlington Williams
7)WS Parkland
8)North Forsyth
9)GW Danville
10)Durham Jordan
11)SE Raleigh
12)Southern Alamance……

From this morning….Eastern Guilford over Southern Alamance 20-8….Durham Jordan over Eastern Guilford 14-12…..Page topped Burlington Cummings….SE Raleigh over Page….Dudley defeated WS Parkland and Burlington Williams….High Point Central over Burlington Williams…..SE Raleigh stopped North Forsyth……

As we leaving out for the computer it was Dudley vs. HP Central, Page vs. North Forsyth, Eastern Guilford vs. GW Danville, WS Parkland vs. Burlington Williams and others….

With the layout at Eastern Guilford you have 12 teams with 6 games going on at all times and everyone is in action constantly…..

Talked to Coach Loosemore(Eastern Guilford), Coach Gillespie(Page), Coaches Kirkpatrick and Anderson(Dudley) and all seemed pleased by the way things were going this morning and the overall organization of this event will be hard to top….Very well run event…..It is almost like you are at college football camp at a major university…..This is a very important part of what goes on in our off-season football workouts in the high school football community……

Brian Formica from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports was there and was the FOX 8 Sports photographer and we should be treated to some super highlights on this evening’s sports……

We will be trying to get you updates on how the final rounds go from today’s Holt Brothers 7 on 7’s and the High Point Central Bison are your defending Champions…..

  • Andy said,

    I was right there in the middle of it all earlier, but had to step aside at around Noon….

    Anyone know how things finished up and who won the Title/Top Team?

    Grimsley was at Richmond County today for the 7 on 7 there…….

    Page vs. NWG on Tuesday of next week……

  • Pager said,

    Just got home. It was GW-Danville and Jordan in the final. Page lost 13-12 to Jordan. Dudley lost by a lot to GW-Danville in the semi’s.

  • Joe Barile said,

    This is how the bracket looked. Jordan, SE Raleigh, Dudley, and HP Central had first round byes.

    First round
    Southern Alamance 7
    Cummings 21

    Page 41
    Williams 13

    Eastern Guilford 6
    Parkland 8

    GW-Danville 20
    N. Forsyth 6

    2nd Round
    Cummings 6
    Jordan 25

    Page 28
    SE Raleigh 12

    Parkland (Not sure on score)

    HP Central (Not sure on score)

    Page 12
    Jordan 13

    GW-Danville (Not sure on score, but GW-D won)


  • witness said,

    dudley didnt lose by a lot to gw-danville… they lost 14-7…. not sure how thats alot to you…. but it was a one possesion game the ENTIRE game….

  • Pager said,

    I heard the final between Dudley and GW-Danville was 14-7. It just seemed like more because Dudley got picked off 2 or 3 times on deep balls down the stretch. Sorry

  • Joe Barile said,

    Did anyone stay for the final? Who won?

  • witness said,

    not a problem…… just was curious how you got the assumption…. nevertheless… today got me hype for some metro football between the pirates and the panthers… they wanted to play each other so badly today.. i noticed them staring each other down as they walked passed each other a couple times… and a stare down during lunch… these rivals both looked good today and will be an epic battle for the metro championship this season..

  • Ol' Bawl Coach said,

    Lets just HOPE Page can live up to the lofty expectations placed on them this season…………….wait they have these every year and still get smacked around by RAGSDALE and Davie County………………win some BIG games……………….what else is new!

  • Turbo said,

    Page has beat DC the last two years, unfortunately they cannot beat Ragsdale, Maybe this is the year that Coach Gillespie can beat Coach Norwood and Ragsdale.

  • Jonathan said,

    I don’t believe that Page has these expectations every year, but when they do, they usually excel. Back in ’08 when Page went (9-5), they lost their starting QB and consequently, the game to Fayetteville 71st, the eventual 4-A Champs that year. Last year, they lost the Champs in Butler and actually had a chance to make noise down the stretch. As far as last year is concerned, they beat Davie County and choked a big lead to Ragsdale. The choke was a result of horrendous coaching by Coach G and reminded me a lot of ’08 when we lost to Davie 50-49 in OT (Once leading 34-8). A BIG game last year was the Page-Dudley game. Dudley wasn’t really the Dudley of years past but they have owned the Pirates prior to last year. The Smith game was a letdown, but Smith owned everyone before losing their last 2 games (Really, Smith? Page and Dudley but not S. Alamance?). Maybe Page does get these expectations every year but this year, I’m under the impressions that such expectations are warranted.

  • Andy said,

    Kudos to the Holt Brothers for super job with their 7 on 7 tournament and they still have the Middle School Camp coming up at Eastern on Sunday…..Thanks for your support of the community, Torry and Terrence…..

    Coach Teague still has the Eagles flying high up in Danville after a Championship run in Reidsville……

  • To OBC said,

    Davie? lol.. Page has stomped them 2 years in a row and will do so again this year.

  • Andy said,

    Both Page and Dudley will see their games elevated when they add in their running games……Page will have Drew Rogers as a key runner and their QB James Summers can really move the ball on the ground…..Dudley will be able to showcase McCorkle this season and their QB Adrian Slade might surprise a few fans with his his feet too and so might Richard Hayes……

    We saw High Point Central on Saturday and the Justin Johnson kid at QB will do a good job for the Bison and so will Woody Cornwell…..Johnson might be the better runner and the kid is an athlete…..

    Grimsley may look to use DJ Reader as a fullback in some packages this season and even at Tight End, DJ might get a few looks there too…..Make sense, he has great hands from his baseball background…….

    Looking to be a very competitive season and should be seeing Page at NWG on Tuesday and NWG has Matt Pawlowski, Reid Baxter and Dalton Dillon that can move the ball…….

  • 7 on 7 said,

    Page @ NW Guilford should be a good one!

  • Smithh Fan said,

    Smith did not finish the season like they started which was red hot!! I hope you guys don’t end up coaching one day because you would have unreal expectations. There is no reason whatsoever that Smith should have lost to Southern Alamance on paper, however; classic case of kids being over confident, what puzzles me is how can you say that Page was a letdown against Smith but Smith wasn’t a letdown against S.Alamance. Try this on for size, Smith played 12 games and on 10 of those contests they were the better team including shuttin Page down to 2 offense scores one of which came off of a Smith turnover on the 6 yrd line, Smith owned Page in ever phase of the game that night. When Smith played S.Alamance, we got outplayed in the second half, it happens! just know this Smith will be a competitive ball club year in an out for the same reasons Page, Dudley,NWest and the other ball clubs in the triad. 1 Good players 2. Good Coaches, I would be surprised if Smith didn’t repeat as champions! And learn I stress Learn how to get out of the big games. S.Alamamance was a chance at a perfect season and the kids got tight!! Good Job Southern, beware Page you are crowing yourself champions way, way too early. Dudlely is reloaded, Western is Strong, S.East is always a play away from winning every game they play, Grimsley has vastly improved. You are the favorite because you have the most experience, but are you sure you have the best athlete man for man at every position? Dudley almost beat you last year and you were losing to S.Alamce by 2 touchdowns….just let it play out on the field and don’t take the Golden Eagles too lightly. You just might have to leave this site too!

  • Eaglez said,

    All yall haters better take notice! Smith is going to be huge up front again this year with kids that are ready to crush anyone that gets in their way and we got the athletes in place to make plays. Everyone keeps saying Smith was one and done! Take note we will win the Metro again this year!!!!!


  • Vince JJ Evers said,

    Smith is going to kick some Metro hiney again this season.

  • To All Smith Fans said,

    Smith Fans,

    Please do not CHOKE on this while you read it, but I have heard that the CHOKING syndrome can sometimes be hereditary amongst the Eagle clan.

    Look, I am smart enough to at least understand why people are favoring Page. I don’t even like Page, but I do at least know a little something about football here in my arm chair. I don’t even have a dog in the fight, but I like Guilford County football and only because I live in the area. I watched the majority of the Page games last year, because I thought they had the talent to go all the way last year. I can honestly give my assessment or opinion, which ever you want to call it, that Page played their worst game against Smith. Now, I’ll give credit where credit is due and Smith outplayed Page; however, I saw quite of few games where Smith looked bad but was able to somehow pull out the win. With that though, I’d rather win ugly anytime that lose pretty. Page IMO looked good the entire season with the exception of the Smith game, their meltdown against Ragsdale in the last 4 minutes of the game, and one quarter against Butler. I will go on record and say that Smith’s team last year couldn’t hold Butler’s jock, and Page gave them a very good game in which I think the score was a little misleading.

    BTW, when you Eagle fans sit on this website and say that the Eagles are going to surprise people because of how good they are going to be, then I really wouldn’t call it a surprise. As far as I am concerned, I have not heard or seen anyone write who will be the metro champs; instead, what I have seen and heard is that people are favoring Page with their 16 returning starters along with a few other all-conference players from some other schools who have transferred in. Of course this is information that I’m receiving came from some Page insiders, so who knows for sure exactly, but I don’t have any reasons to doubt them.

    Good luck though on the season, because I’ll surely be at the Smith-Page and Smith-Dudley game to see if those Smith kids can live up to those lofty expectations that you and others are putting on them.

  • Mike said,


    Vegas Mike-out

  • Ol Bawl Coach Jr. said,

    My Picks:

    1. Page – Definitely the most talented team in the Metro.
    2. Dudley – One more year for Davis, then to SC?
    3. Grimsley/Smith – Could be either one. Grimsley has focused on what they can do to make Grimsley better. This will PAY DIVIDENDS!!!
    4. Grimsley/Smith
    5. Southern Alamance – May have the most talented player in the conference.
    6. Western Guilford – Causey…Football or Baseball???

  • Walter Hines said,

    Page – Summers and Co. will be hard to stop, add in a very strong defense and the Pirates are favorites.
    Dudley – A lot of talent, but lacking that one pure athlete, a la Ricky Lewis or Amerson.
    Smith – Smith will have a decent team, but you can’t tell me that they will be better then last year.. no way jose. You can’t lose 15-17+ starters and go off with out a hitch.
    Southern Alamance – they will have a decent team and will surprise some people.
    Western Guilford – Even with the Stadnik Bros, Western will struggle. It doesn’t sound right, but…
    Southeast Guilford – Not sure what they have coming back..
    Grimsley – Even though they are picked last, they are rebuilding and could upset some of the middle teams.

  • ross said,

    My Prediction: A stronger Metro 4a from top to bottom.The middle of the pack teams should be trying hard to crack the top tier. Everybody wants to be the top dog, and it will be an exciting year,

  • witness said,

    i agree with walter hines on some things… especially about smith. you cant tell me that a high school that loses 15-20 starters that played mostly the entire game from the year before wont have any struggles to replace them. i dont care who the back ups are… they were back ups for a reason…. im not saying that they wont be good… but i just dont see them being the team they were last year!! i truly believe the conference comes down to Page Vs. Dudley… EVERYONE knows what page has this season…. Walter hines was right about dudley not having that ONE pure athlete like ricky lewis and david amerson… (those type of athletes are very very rare… and dont come around very often) but they have tons of pretty darn good athletes.. They got another Reynolds (brandon) thats even more athletic than his first cousin Jeremy (Texas Tech)… plenty of speed with mccorkle who ran a 4.46 in the national underclassman combine a few weeks ago… chauncey carter (half brother of james summers) can also fly…… if they can stay healthy unlike last year they can really do some damage this year….. they got some huge nasty hogs up i know their two best lineman are their two tackles.. one is 6’6 285 the other is 6’3 315.. they are pretty big up front this year…. People might be sleeping on dudley this preseason due to some of their struggles during their 9-4 season last year… but with the talent and coaching they have i can see them ending up as a top 10 team in the state along with the Page Pirates!! the metro championship comes down to these two teams in my opinion.

  • backtoback said,

    Page will win the Metro this year and will be back to back Metro 4A Champs!