7 on 7 Updates with NWG-Page tonight

Posted by Andy Durham on June 28, 2011 at 11:01 am under High School | 25 Comments to Read

Page vs. Northwest Guilford tonight and this one will be at NWG if our inside info is correct and if we are off the mark, then we will stand corrected….The two teams have lined up meetings with each other over the next couple of weeks and the first is set for Northwest this evening, the Pirates facing the Vikings in this passing contest….

The action will later move to Page for game two and we just need an exact game time for when they start to take to the air out at NWG, near the airport(PTI)……If one of our loyal readers has the game time, please send it our way today and we will pass this news along the lines…….No offensive or defensive lines involved today, but their time is coming soon…..

Ragsdale returns to the 7 on 7 on Wednesday and this week should be taking the Tigers to West Forsyth to face the Titans…..Ragsdale will be on the road, the next several Wednesdays for Summer 7 on 7 workouts….On-going construction, over at the Ragsdale campus, will not allow them(the Tigers) to do much work at home this summer, until the practices commence for real, on July 30……

  • HS Football said,

    This will be one to the better 7on7’s of the summer and both teams look really good on paper! They should both compete for Piedmont, and Metro Conference championships this season. Players to look out for………..



  • Andy said,

    So we are talking at NWG at 7pm?

    We need the lock on that time and location……

  • HS Football said,

    Page @ NW Guilford 6pm

  • Joe Barile said,

    I think 7 is a tad late on the start time. I’m thinking more around 6pm.

    Just talked to a Page coach, he says the schedule says 6pm start time!

    Players to watch out for, for Page:

    James Summers (QB)
    Jordan Putnam (QB)
    Orlando Hatfield (WR)
    Brian Spain Jr (WR)
    3-4 other receivers that make plays as well, Carter Greene, Tevin Morrison, TJ Little, Jacquel Derr.
    Ed Britt (DB)
    Savon Wall / Gael Castelo (DB)
    Blake Hickman (LB)
    Shaun Workinger (LB)
    Christian Cranford (LB)

    All of these guys are key players for Page.

    Drew Rogers is a key player for Page, but its a 7on7, he won’t be running the ball, although he does catch a few.

  • Tigers Fan said,

    NW Guilford will have one of the best RB/WR in the area this year in Jr Reid Baxter. I saw this kid play last year when Ragsdale went to NW and he’s the real deal. Not a Viking fan and I must say I’m excited to see what this kid will do in his Jr year.

  • One Sided Tonight said,

    I know this is just a 7 on 7 but this will be a big WAKE-UP call for NWG. They haven’t practiced nearly as much as Page and only had two 7 o 7’s so far and starting QB and receivers were not present for one of them. I expect Page to put on a show tonight and NW will have to pick themselves up after this one. NW fans will be dissappointed but it is still early in pre-season. The QB at northwest is one of the areas best but if receives arn’t running proper routes, look for a long evening for NW. Page has already won a bunch of 7 on 7’s and this will be one more tonight.

  • What? said,

    One Sided tonight,

    What are you talking about? I thought teams used 7 on 7’s for practice……..

  • Page Fan said,

    Sounds like people are expecting a championship game tonight. However, from my perspective Coach G don’t throw all his marbles out on the table when doing these 7 on 7’s, and I can’t imagine the NWG coach doing it either. Coach G rotates a ton of players in these “practices”. The only time I haven’t seen a lot of rotating was during the Holt Brother’s tournament and that was only because there was a 15 player limit.

    Expect to see a lot of Jordan Putnam too. Jordan has thrown in all 7 on 7’s this year including the Holt Brother’s tournament. Of course the kids are going to compete, but it sounds like a lot of build up for just a passing practice. I’m sure there will be great plays all over the field by a lot of different players, so I’m sure it will be more of a fun “practice” to watch. IMO Coach G definitely don’t go into these 7 on 7’s to win them. I believe he is more worried about the work that these guys put in. I’m quite sure the NWG probably has the same approach, especially since NWG is a more run oriented team.

    One Sided sounds like he may be just trying to stir the pot a bit. It will be fun to watch though.

  • lol said,

    I heard start time is 4:00pm. It will probably be on the practice field and will be treated as a practice with no referees. I may be wrong though.

  • Andy said,

    Are we all pretty much in agreement that this one will start at around 6pm at NWG…..From what we are seeing and hearing, the fans can’t hardly wait for this one to get rolling……

  • NWG Fan said,

    One sided is really trying to stir the pot…… If you have ever been to a NW Guilford 7 on 7 you will see that Coach Woodruff rotates a lot of kids as well. I think at times he has even had a few JV players on the field. Tonight’s 7 on 7 will be nothing more than a passing and coverage practice. Don’t go trying to make more than it is.


    The start time is at 6pm on the NW practice field

  • Joe Barile said,

    Thunderstorms are forecasted from 5 to around 8 or 9 pm. I hope they stay away!

  • Football Spectator said,

    I would really be surprised to see JV kids playing in a 7 on 7 unless the Varsity team is weak. Most teams bring their key offense and defense players to these events.

  • Page Observer said,

    I agree with Joe on the QBs for Page. Summers is the starter but Putnam is very strong. With Putnam in play I’ve seen Summers do some great jobs on the field for the offense as a receiver. These two together can surely give Page a lot of options this year. Looking forward to seeing how far Page will go in 2011.

  • Not a Measuring Stick said,

    Guys, settle down this is merely a practice for both teams and nothing more than a passing contest. With no real defense LB or Linemen this kinda thing means nothing. both Coaches will use a lot of guys and rotate plenty of players. I will say this if this was a real game Page would be a heavy favorite
    they have talent all over the field and know how to use their weapons and they have plenty. they are tough on D and very physical. NW would have stood a better chance in a game with Page last year. NW has plenty of speed and talent at the skilled position, but will struggle on D this year.

  • Joe Barile said,

    Any work on a cancellation? It’s supposed to be storming from 6-9pm…

  • Joe Barile said,


  • Joe Barile said,

    Started storming after each team had 2 offensive series, and it was called.

  • Football Fan said,

    Joe – how did they look from your viewpoint?

  • Ghilliard said,

    Northwest might not even win thier confrence this year,Southwest guilford will be a decent football team as we saw at grimsley 7 on 7 they have too many offensive weapons and thier defensive led by 3 D1 plyers in Herbert Bridges,Brandon Banks,and Braxton Daye.
    But also theyseemed to have a whole new coaching staff i tronry coach mebane will be the ofeensive guy and he has knowledge in running the triple option even though trinty was not all that succesful watch out for this team they might be cinderrals

  • Joe Barile said,

    Football Fan –

    Page had some miscues on defense, really it was just one guy that kept getting beat, but after the first series they (Page) really started getting their hands on balls and making plays.

    Page’s offense was finding the open man on wheel routes and what not. Summers and Putnam were finding the open man and the NW defense was looking a bit lost out there for a while. One of the NW coaches was yelling and getting pretty mad, and rightfully so, they looked out of sync. Orlando Hatfield looked to be on another level, from my vantage point. Bryan Spain looked good too. Jordan Putnam ran 4-5 plays before it started lightning, and he found Summers a couple times.

    Of course Baxter will be a problem for a lot of teams this year, he is fun to watch. Both teams have one similar type player, Dalton Dillion and Shaun Workinger. Both are in the 235lb area, and play FB… Workinger at MLB too.

  • Football Fan said,

    Joe – Thanks – was planning to go around 7 but the rain started and 7 on 7 cancelled. Thanks for your insight! Sounds like Page has some good weapons in their arsenol this year as does NW. Will be interesting to see a full 7 on 7 next week at Page.

  • HAHA!!! said,


    So you’re trying to say SW Guilford is going to win the Piedmont. Please SW might just finish last in the conference. Oh and didn’t yall’s D1 linebacker get in a fight with a coach last year? Doesn’t sound like a very discipline team to me. I’m thinking this is going to be a 3 team race for the Piedmont 4A but I could be wrong……..Go Tigers!!!!

    1.Ragsdale/ NW / East Forsyth
    3.HP Central
    6.SW Guilford

  • badcow said,

    HAHA!!! Couple things. One, I will give you a friendly reminder about your comments later on in the season around November. And two, you said something in your comment that you need to re-read. You said those special words people tend to forget, which is “last year.”

  • Pager said,

    SW Guilford will be hosted by Page tomorrow for a 7 on 7. We will see what kind of athletes SWG has tomorrow evening.