A rainy night at Northwest Guilford for the 7 on 7’s

Posted by Andy Durham on June 28, 2011 at 8:41 pm under High School | 4 Comments to Read

I was coming out of Western Guilford and hit Northwest Guilford at around 6:30/6:45pm and about the time I hit the street, down by the fieldhouse, the bottom was ready to fall out……

A big time thunderstorm came rolling through the NWG campus and from what we are hearing, the Page Pirates and the Northwest Guilford Vikings were able to get in about two offensive series each, and that was about it…….

I did get a chance to say hello to Coach Joe Woodruff, as he was leading his men into the fieldhouse, to get them out of the storm and out of harm’s way and he was in a fast moving mode and there was not much time for small talk…..

Had the chance to speak briefly with Coach Doak, the former Southeast Guilford and Eastern Guilford assistant football coach and Coach Doak said he was proud to be a part of the Northwest Guilford Viking coaching staff……

Coach Doak was one of the assistant football coaches at SEG and he was also the head JV Baseball coach and he was an assistant football coach at Eastern and he was the head track and field coach at Eastern Guilford……Before coming to SEG and EG, Coach Doak was on the coaching staff at Lexington High School……

We need to get some details in here on how things went tonight and there may not be much to report, since the teams only had the opportunity to get in two offensive series…..

They plan on meeting again next week at Page and we will have to get the time and date on that one for you…..

Thanks to everyone, that weighed in today with your comments on the 7 on 7 for this evening and now we need to turn our attentions to the next Big 7 on 7, that should be headed our way, on Wednesday…….

Good to keep this topic of discussion going here in the summer and we ought to really be warmed up, by the time the season gets started…….

How did it go and how long did it go tonight and where do we go next, tomorrow nigiht???

  • 7on7 @NW said,

    We were there at the start. Both teams looked really good. Northwest went on offense first. Matt Pawlowski went 8-9 on the first series with his only incompletion coming off a drop that went through the receiver’s hands. The Baxter kid and a new kid I haven’t seen caught some big passes. Page went on offense next and completed about as many passes. The Summers kid was sharp hitting passes to Hatfield. The Page offense looked very good you could tell they have had a good summer so far.

    The next series had NW’s 2nd QB, I think he’s a transfer from Texas. He looked pretty good, not as good as Matt but he has great vision and will only get better. He looked really good last week against Southeast, I’m interested to see how good he gets.

    Page played their back up the second series and completed passes to Summers as a receiver.

    You could tell both teams were taking this one seriously I saw the Page coaches make their team do down-ups after the first series, and the NW coaches were getting on their kids especially on defense. I wish the lightning wouldn’t have hit because it was great to watch. Both teams looked sharp and it would be a great game to watch. Maybe a playoff date in November?

  • Brian said,

    The up downs that the Page players had to do, had more to do with them walking on and off the field and not with the play on the field.

  • Richmond County Raiders said,

    Been on this site a few times to read up on NW Guilford before they came down to play us the past few seaons. I figure I would come back to see what Grimsley is all about, and I do not find much written about them. Had a 7 on 7 last night and they were down. Had some great looking kids, and to be quite honest won the 7 on 7 (if you can win these things). They put the ball in the endzone more than anybody, kids swarmed to the ball, ran good routes. The Reader kids dad went to Richmond, and he is a beast. The two recievers in the first group are as good as we have seen this summer. Our kids were on their heals. Biggest tight end weve seen. Could not believe the qb was only gonna be a soph. Coaches coached their tails off, and were positive with the kids. Asked their head coach their record last year and he told me…1-10. I was shocked. I asked what they were doing different, and he said that the kids have focused solely on what will make Grimsley better. Not sure how well, but looks like it is payin off…Just had to give props where props are due. Not sure what a Whirlie is, but good job.

  • You mean.... said,

    RC Raider (I mean… Grimsley Whirlie)

    I have the sneaking suspicion that you are a Grimsley fan is disguise.. you said, “The two recievers in the first group are as good as we have seen this summer… Biggest tight end weve seen.”

    It was the first 7 on 7 for Richmond this summer and you’re making it sound like they have had numerous 7on7’s so far.. Of course they would have been the best Richmond’s “seen” this summer because at the time they were the ONLY receivers that Richmond has seen this summer.