Pam Valvano remembers Lorenzo Charles

Posted by Andy Durham on June 28, 2011 at 12:22 pm under College | Comments are off for this article

“Lorenzo was this big bear of a guy, but he was the kindest soul you would ever be able to find,” Pam said. “He was one of those kind of people you knew you would never forget.”

CLICK HERE to read all from today’s Charlotte Observer and from Caulton Tudor of the News and Observer in the Charlotte Observer on-line……

Bigger in death than he was in life, that now begins to apply to Lorenzo Charles, the former N.C. State basketball player, that died on Monday…..He was a very big man in life, but now with his passing/death, Charles will be remembered as a young man that changed the direct course of a basketball and in turn, he made what many now consider, True College Basketball History and thus Lorenzo Charles has become in many ways, like his old college coach Jim Valvano, a “College Basketball Legend”……….

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