Coples cleared, NCAA seeks satisfaction and gets it with explantaion

Posted by Andy Durham on June 29, 2011 at 10:13 am under College | 7 Comments to Read

Chapel Hill, N.C. — Quinton Coples, a defensive end for the University of North Carolina, did nothing wrong in attending a party after the NFL draft, the NCAA has decided.

According to all parties involved, the matter is closed and you can read all on this from when you CLICK HERE.

  • Did This Get PackPrides Approval said,

    Andy – Since I havn`t seen an official clearence from the pack nation this can`t be validated.

    It`s got to be an embarrassment the lengths and extremes that most pack fans have been through to convince anyone that would listen that unc was and is corrupt. “Just go on PackPride and take a look, they hate unc more than they like themselves.”

    The biggest dissapointment must be that the ncaa will not levee the LOIC on the university like they did the ncsu programs back in the late 80`s.

    This horse has been dead a long time but most state fans have nothing else to do but convince themselves its still a relevant issue. “I guess fishing and working in the fields with the tractor must be slow due to the heat and the drought.”

  • Yogi said,

    The COI meets with UNC in late October.
    If much more is exposed about UNC or if they lie to the COI then LOIC is still on the table.
    Also, even if nothing else happens then PROBATION WILL OCCUR and if UNC commits any violations while on probation then they become a REPEAT OFFENDER. At that point in time they will welcome being like Southern Call rather than like SMU.With the character of players that Butch recruits it will be very hard for many of them to refrain from violating NCAA rules. REMEMBER I SAY”IT AIN’T OVER ‘TILL ITS OVER”!

  • Chuckie "The Chest" Amato said,

    Be careful throwing those stones my fellow brothern. I didn`t exactly recruit a bunch of saints myself.

    Considering Charles Shackleford admitted receiving over 60,000 dollars back in the 80`s you should know what the LOIC label feels like.

    Heck thats more than all 7 of the NC players combined. We sure know a corrupt progarm when see one don`t we!

    Yogi go put out those fires!

  • yogi said,

    What happened in the 80’s is true to an extent. The NCAA only punished NC State for the shoe and ticket sales. The Shackleford issue was not part of the NCAA investigation and for whatever reason was not persued by the NCAA at a later date. Also keep in mind this thread posted by Andy is about events in 2010 and 2011 concerning UNC football and its NCAA issues. I would have to say that 9 NCAA infractions is greater than 2. NC State has had 5 in its entire athletic history and UNC has 9 just for this “Review”. If LOIC is not dropped on UNC this time then I doubt if the NCAA EVER uses it again.FAILURE TO MONITOR is just as bad a label to have as LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL. It still means that the school’s compliance department is either negligent or is condoning cheating. Either way I would much rather be in NC State’s position NOW than UNC’s.I know for a fact that NC State is very thorough with compliance issues. I know a former coach(not football) that said they(coaches)attended compliance meetings monthly.This has gone on there for at least 15 years.I am sure it prevented what went on there in the 80’s from happening again and what is going on currently at UNC from happening in the 1st place.If the fact that (SO FAR) UNC has never had the LOIC label and NC State did have it 20+ years ago is what makes you think that the UNC athletic program still has the “Carolina Way”of purity then let us all know when you wake up from your dream.

  • In the Know said,

    Something new is coming out in 3-7 days about this scandal.
    You heard it here.

  • smh said,

    I’ll be sure to mark my calendar.

  • smh said,

    In the Know,
    Actually, I heard it on PackPride from a loonie who heard it from another loonie on StateFansNation.
    Nice try.