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1. KK Rouse: Sr: Dudley: a good guard with a nice jump shot that needs to become
more consistent. Has the upper strength to get to the basket and should spend more
time at the free throw line versus on the perimeter. If she can get to the free
throw line at least 125 times this year and convert at least 70% of her foul shots,
she could easily average at least 14 points per game. She could over take Conference
front runner Player of the year Parish Kea (Page) if she averages in that area along
with rebounds, assists, steals, blocks and Dudley continues its dominance
in Conference play.

2. Makia Rouse: Soph: Dudley: a solid performer who can get the job done. Great
upside. Right now playing in the shadows of Pages Parrish Kea but has the same skill
set and is better defensively. Over time her development could prove to grade out
better even though she may not get the same publicity.

3. Eboni Goins: Sr:Dudley: one of the most explosive and strongest guards returning.
Has the ability to dominate a game and should show flashes of it this coming season.
Should average in double figures. May emerge and become the Area’s Player of the

4. Sylvia Bass: Jr:Southern Guilford: very athletic and should come into her own
this season with added responsibilities. Must learn how to lead a team and become
more accountable. No longer a freshmen with promise after transferring from Page.
This is the season to put it all together.

5. Bittany Clency: Sr: Western Guilford: Has put up very impressive numbers in the
scoring column. Now is the time to win. Should be the front runner for player of the
year at least in conference play, but unless Western Guilford win at least 20 games,
it will not happen. Should battle Parish Kea for scoring honors in the city. The
only draw back will be can either lead their respective teams to 20 win seasons?

6. Amanda Cofer: Jr: Northern Guilford: A solid player whom has shown flashes at
times of greatness. Has the height and skill set to be even better. Needs to
develope more of an inside game versus relying on standing out on the perimeter when
the waters get deep. Does not need to fill her sister shoes in All State and Elon
University signee Amanda Cofer’s;She just need to continue to wear hers a little bit

7. Erica Olerich: Jr: Eastern Guilford: Played pretty decent basketball this year
for the over acheiving Lady Wildcats. Will be counted on heavily to help lead a
still young Eastern’s team. Must learn to take care of the ball better and use her
skill set to become more effective. She is the best returning rebounder and shot
blocker from the guard position. A position that was carried very well over the
years by the departure of All State & Player of the year Miranda Jenkins whom signed
with Stony Brook University up in Long Island, New York. If Eastern can come close
to what they did this past season and Olerich averages in the 16 point range, she
would become a solid candidate for at least First or Second Team All Area.

8. Alyssa Munson : Sr: Northwest: She did an outstanding job for Northwest this past
season. Averaged in double figures and was solid in other areas as well. She could
be the silent keeper who could emerge and overtake all the earlier projected Player
of the year candidates. NWG had a great year and have been consistent winners. It is
no reason to think that they would start losing now. If for some reason Southwest
Guilford falters and Zena Lovette or Jessica Pone do not have the year that everyone
is antcipating, look for NWG to win 20 games or more again and for Munson numbers
to vastly improve and she could become the front runner at the end.

  • who made this list said,

    Did you make this Andy or what ? What about players at schools like Southwest and Greensday Day ? Why does this site always seem to avoid the girls programs in High Point (ie Southwest, Andrews and HP Central) and the private schools such as Greensboro Day.

  • Get it right said,

    Sylvia is a Senior and Michelle Williams graduated. “Who Made this list”….I agree with you but you will see he did state public school so that’s why Greensboro Day was excluded. But what about players Andrews like, Cherish McArthur (Sr), Imani Watkins (So) and October Campbell (So). Then at Southeast Guilford you have Junior Kenya Hailey and High Point Central has Brianna Grier who will be a Sophomore. I just think you can’t limit to only schools whoever wrote this article has seen. There are plenty of sleepers out there but because either they don’t play for certain AAU teams or you don’t go to their games does not mean they are not out there. Thanks for the information though.

  • Andy said,

    One of our key girls basketball contributors sent this our way and they always send us thought-provoking material….

  • Johnny D said,

    Who made this list:

    I was reading this and I did see where many girls were mentioned from the schools you just mentioned. I believe that the article mentioned 8 more. That would be an extension of something previously mention. For instance: I did see where Zena Lovette and Jessica Pone from Southwest were mentioned as some of the top front runners in an article a few weeks ago. As well as Ronata Rogers from Greensboro Day School. Is it perhaps that many folks look to react before they actually get a clear understanding of what is actuallybeing said?

  • Here is an idea said,

    Here is an idea that maybe Andy can put together. Andy could you put together a list of “players” to watch out for this coming basketball season. Ask the different coaches locally to email you their “top” returning players and their expected “new comers” (transfers or rising 9th or 10th graders). Also, ask some of the local AAU coaches to contribute their thoughts on the same pool of players. You compile the information and just print a basis summary for each team. Put a list out for all the counties public and private schools which may even include surrounding out of county schools of interest such as Bishop, Westchester, East Forsyth or Reidsville. This could be a great program to revise as the basketball season nears in October/November where you could post separate articles on each school: prior years season recap, expectations for the coming season, player profiles, conference, past titles in conference or state playoffs or tournaments won such as holiday or travel events.

  • Are you Serious!!??!! said,

    Whoever is using the tag (Get it right) you cant be serious. Of all the players that you mentioned the only one deserving of being on this watch list is Kenya Hailey from Southeast Guilford, thats about it. There were some names that were left off of this list but nobody from HP Andrews is gonna qualify. You must be a be a parent or be a member of the HP Andrews booster club or something!!! I just saw them play in a summer game and they probably couldn’t finish first in most middle school divisions!!

  • The Real Deal said,

    The list should go something like this:

    Cedrica Gibson (ORMA)
    Paris Kea (Page)
    Zena Lovette (SW Guilford)
    Jessica Pone (SW Guilford)
    Eboni Goins (Dudley)
    KK Rouse (Dudley)
    Quon Greer (Smith)
    Brittany Clency (Western Guilford)
    Ronata Rogers (GDS)
    Kenya Hailey (SE Guilford)
    Christina King (ORMA)
    Alyssa Munson (NW Guilford)
    Imani Atkinson (Page)
    Breanna Garris (Smith)
    Amanda Coffer (Norhtern Guilford)
    Erica Olerich (Eastern Guilford)
    Makayla Rouse (Dudley)
    Kayla Johnson (Page)
    Natalie Harper (NW Guilford)
    Autumn Carter (Rockingham)
    Alexus Robinson (Northern Guilford)

  • Thero said,

    This list is pretty acurate including the five that were mentioned previously.

  • swg said,

    No offense, but what has Parish Kea actually done to deserve these early projections that has not already been done by players before her and present whom did not get such early promotions?

    go ZENA and JESSICA

  • All Knowing said,

    You have got to be kidding Paris Kea is a monster!!! She is young and she scores, defends, rebounds and gets her team involved with ease. A couple months ago I saw her in an AAU game at the sportsplex lead a team with Imani Atkinson from Page and a bunch of other girls that I didnt really know(who were pretty good not great) against another Phoenix team that had Zena Lovette (SWG), Jessica Pone (SWG), Amanda Cofer (NG), Quon Greer (Smith), and some other girls who were really good, and they beat the crap out of them and She absolutely punished them by herself!!! She is the real deal!!!

  • Coach said,

    How did she so against Cedrica’s team?