Greensboro Colt Baseball Update from Wednesday(NWG comeback over NEG. plus a dog named Oreo) and one game Tonight

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Greensboro Colt Baseball Tonight will have:
Jamestown vs. Dudley for the Regular Season Title at 8pm……..

Last night it was:
Page over High Point Central in a forfeit, when HP Central did not have enough players and then when HPC tried to pick up few players from Page’s extras to field a team, so they could still have a game, the umpires didn’t want to call the game……

Northwest Guilford 7
Northeast Guilford 5
(Jaylin Davis had a no-hitter going for Northeast Guilford through 6 innings and NEG made the pitching change….)

*****Huge comeback win by Northwest Guilford, as the NWG Vikings were down 5-0 almost the entire game and they still trailed 5-0, going to the top of the 7th inning, and then NWG made their comeback, picking up 7 runs in the top of the frame, to go on and win the game 7-5…..NEG made some pitching changes and then all of the sudden, NWG started that crazy rally……Once the snowball started rolling downhill on a warm night, there was no stopping Northwest and NEG had lost all of their momentum and therefore, they lost the game too, in the end…..

You have to give a lot of credit to NWG for battling back like they did and for most of the game the NWG fans didn’t really have much to yell or cheer about, they just sort of said, “come on guys, keep trying”…..

Then the Vikings had that big breakthrough inning in the top of the 7th frame, posting those 7 big runs…….

Before that NWG rally, the Viking fans were more interested in a small black puppy named Oreo……How I was able to remember that dog’s name? Don’t ask me how, it just came back to me this morning(The how is all about the bow, as in bow wow)……And let me tell you, the NWG fans just continued to keep coming back to Oreo last night…..The dog was having her picture made and it was being posted on the internet…….This dog was more popular in the NWG circles, than Snookie is up on the Jersey Shore……There were parents and children that were trying to adopt this dog on the spot last night, and the biological background of this canine was more of a topic than where the Northwest cleanup hitter had been hitting/hiding, before he got hot in the 7th inning….

Oreo is the dog of choice at Stoner-White Stadium and Donnie Stowe needs to set up a side table/dog house and give Oreo a chance to sign Pawtographs during the 4th inning stretch/scratch………This dog has captivated an audience of would be pet owners from the Northwest sector of our city and the communities out the near the Cardinal will never be the same if Oreo leaves her neck of the woods in the Cardinal area/neighborhood and say goes to Hollywood, Dollywood or Doggywood…..

I’m telling you, the Dog Days of Summer are here, as long as Oreo is awake and this dog has a tendency to snore, beginning at 9pm on a Wednesday…….

The game can always change on a dime and last night it did, and by the time the celebrating was all over, some fans were saying that Northwest was dogging it early in the game and that the Vikings should have been able to flea the scene with a win in five, instead of having to get the 7 runs in the 7th, to make them a winner on Wednesday……They say many times a team’s bark is bigger than their bite and last night NWG took a bite out of time, with their comeback victory over the NEG Colt club…..

You might say that this has been a ruff season, but after what I saw last night, I’ll be dog gone if I’m ever going to miss any games again, when Oreo is on the pound, I mean mound……….Coaches say you need to stand up there and dig in, and that is what this pup Oreo will do………

Our apologies for not mentioning more of the players names, but that dog stole the show last night, at Stoner-White……

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