The Sporting News has views and possible clues into the UNC Football Investigation(Football and Reading are fundamental, read this and have a Fun 4th)

Posted by Andy Durham on June 30, 2011 at 1:00 pm under College | 8 Comments to Read

I’m no Howard Hughes, but when it comes time to choose and pay my annual dues, I usually save my money for a pair of new shoes and just find all the clues into the World of College Sports, at The Sporting News and so we don’t lose any new views, here is what the TSN is saying in a nutshell and if you choose to read all on this warm summer day with college football practice just about 5 weeks away, please do CLICK HERE……

Here in the TSN sampler in that nutshell…….UNC FOOTBALL INVESTIGATION with the headliner, Coach Butch Davis…….

In legalese, it’s called plausible deniability. And what was once a lifeboat in the storm of NCAA investigations now has become a battered dinghy in the middle of the mess.

*****Have they done any logrolls at football practices in recent years…..They used to call it a logroll, or monkeyroll, or the three-man roll……I always preferred the three-man roll, as opposed to the monkey-roll…….We were already looked upon in a bad light, since we were considered the “Dumb Jocks”, and to make us out to be monkeys rolling, that is pouring salt on to our banana split…….*****

Football and Reading are fundamental and have a Fun 4th………

  • smh said,

    Another writer who doesn’t bother to look at facts, only at comparing the number of violations. USC stonewalled the NCAA for several years and their AD, Mike Garrett, taunted the NCAA in a press conference saying they were just jealous because they had not gone to USC. OSU had a head coach who blatantly covered up knowledge of players taking illegal benefits and signed a statement saying he didn’t know anything about it. OSU then played those players in the Sugar Bowl.
    Carolina said to the NCAA, “Come on in. Let us drop trou for you.” They also suspended everyone they could find who may or may not have done something improper.
    If the NCAA, after a year long investigation, felt that Butch Davis was guilty of something, they would have said so in the Notice of Allegations. He wasn’t even mentioned.
    Carolina is going to get penalties, obviously, but the writers from elsewhere who haven’t bothered to follow the facts of this case and are only commenting from seeing the number of alleged violations in the NOA, are going to be very surprised in the end.
    This is an embarrassing mess to all Carolina alums and fans, but it will be over soon and life will not end.

  • smh said,

    Edited to add: Life will not end. . . . . except for that group of truly obsessed State fans who appear to spend all day, every day on Packpride and StateFansNation coming up with new conspiracy theories about Carolina, the Board of Governors, John Swofford, Bill Friday, referees, the media, and on and on and on. Some of them are even so sad that they are going through every call on John Blake’s cellphone record trying to find new violations and conspiracies. Like the NCAA hasn’t already done that. I really don’t know what these folks will do when this is over this fall.

  • Bruce Mitchell said,

    Who told Andy Durham he was Dr. Suess?

  • Carolina is corrupt said,

    My name says it all.
    UNC has been cheating for years in multiple sports and were so arrogant that they thought the NCAA would NEVER investigate them.If this happened 15 years ago before the advent of social media this scandal would have never seen the light of day.They claim a rogue assistant coach, a rogue tutor hell how about a rogue university that is more concerned with athletic success than both integrity and academic success.
    Example ; Julius Peppers admitted he NEVER WENT TO CLAS AT ALL DURING HIS LAST 3 SEMESTERS.

  • smh said,

    Pathological issues it would appear.

  • smh said,

    Mr. Carolina is corrupt,I Let’s play matching scholar athletes. I’ll match yours with Chris Washburn and Charles “I reckon I must be amphibious” Shackleford. See how it works?

  • Andy said,

    The Children’s Summer Reading Program has to start somewhere……

  • Carolina is Still corrupt said,

    I see you like history. OK I will play.
    Can you name the 1st D1 basketball coach to recruit Chris Washburn?
    Answer: Dean Smith

    We should learn history in order to avoid repeating the mistakes made previously.
    Looks like the NC State athletic program has learned from past mistakes.
    Perhaps the UNC program will also, IF THE RIGHT TUTOR HELPS THEM ENOUGH.