Hitting Zone hosting Main Event at Guilford College this weekend with Kernersville Bulldogs and Proehlific Park on hand and in the house

Posted by Andy Durham on July 1, 2011 at 10:00 am under Amateur, College, High School | 3 Comments to Read

The Hitting Zone 16 and under will be holding a event at Guilford College Friday,
Saturday, and Sunday.
The Game Schedules are:

3:00 Kernersville Bulldogs vs. Chatham County Legion
5:00 Hitting Zone vs. Chatham County Legion

11:00 Kernersville Bulldogs vs. Proehlific Park
1:30 Kernersville Bulldogs vs. Hitting Zone
4:00 Hitting Zone vs. Proehlific Park

11:00 Martinsville vs. Hitting Zone
1:30 Martinsville vs. Proehlific Park

$5.00 admission charge and concession will be on site. Please come and support local

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  • Robert said,

    Saw some good baseball today. Chatham Legion beat the Kernersville Bulldogs the first game and the Hitting Zone beat Chatham Legiion the second game 9-2. Guilford Coleege field was in great shape.

  • Alumni said,

    Great shape??? How many errors were there in the game b/c of the field being so bumby and dry??

  • Tom said,

    Their record might not show it but proehlific park stood out better than any team that I watched. Pretty solid pitching staff and their whole line-up can hit.