Hot article on Thuc Phan(Page HS) in today’s N&R

Posted by Andy Durham on July 20, 2011 at 9:04 pm under College, High School | 10 Comments to Read

This on Thuc Phan, the pint-sized runningback from Coach Kevin Gillespie’s Page Pirates, who will line up in the backfield tonight for the West All-Stars, and then Thuc will head on up to Deerfield Academy to play football in the fall…..Thuc is hoping to earn a college scholarship at a large school, after his work is complete at Deerfield…..A fine young man with a solid football background and for his size, very strong and very fast as you would expect……

CLICK HERE to read all on our cities “Little Big Man”, Thuc Phan and he is one of the finest young men that you will ever meet…..

  • HS Football said,

    Good Luck Thuc!!!

  • Page Fan said,

    Thuc a good player and an EVEN BETTER KID…I wish nothing but the best for him, and he deserves to play somewhere…

    Peronsally, Im so sick of these college recruiters who snub their noses to great players because of their size…I can understand the size factor for many positions but for runningback???…Seriously, why does the RB have to be 6’1” and 230lbs to be considered…If you are looking to hand the ball to a kid 30 times a game then I can understand the size being a factor, but todays game has been geared to spreading the ball around so much that if a RB is good then he should get a shot…Thuc’s shortness may be a factor, but look at the kids stature for goodness sakes…He has mammoth thighs and calves…He is a warrior in the weight room and is strong as hell…So, its not like he has a little fragile body either…He runs like a 4.4 in the 40, so he is quick and fast…He has the heart of lion, so what more do you want from a kid…I will guarantee if a college gave him a chance that they would sell tickets just because of him…He is exciting and the fans loved him…Everytime that kid got the ball it was like the stands seem to get louder…

    Thuc was a leader in the classroom and on the field…He definitely deserves a shot, and I know Campbell gave him one, but if the kid dont see a fit then its best for both parties to look somewhere else…Sorry for my frustration, but Warrick Dunn got a shot…Where is DUKE???…Where is WAKE FOREST???…I’ve seen their RB’s and Thuc could challenge them if not be better…

  • Football said,

    Thuc should go to North Carolina A&T.

  • Just saying!!! said,

    @Page Fan,

    No disrespect but if you had to recruit a kid to play for your team and your job depended on it…..You could get a player with the same skill set that can still run a 4.4 and is 6″1 225. Wouldn’t you want him over another kid who is 5 “5 and weighs 150. The safe investment would be in the bigger kid.

  • To just saying said,

    Just saying,

    I know you dont mean disrespect, and I understand what you are saying, but in all honestly these schools (with the exception of NC State) that Thuc wanted to go to they aren’t gonna get these type of RB’s, yet they continue to over look talented kids over a mere 4″…I could understand it if we were talking WR, QB, OL / DL, but at RB you dont need that unless a kid is going to get 30 carries a game, and I believe Thuc could handle that too, because he is no wimp and is not fragile…

    Can you tell me how many kids on Duke’s roster is 6’1” and 225 that can run a 4.4 in the 40???..Can you tell me how many on WF roster???..I can…Duke has not one player over 5-10 and not one of those guys have ran over 1,000 yards in a season…Actually, Duke had 1,300 yards rushing collectively…Wake Forest was little better at 2,200 yards collectively but one guy had close to 800 yards and that kid was 5-10 and 205 lbs…

    Thuc can help on special teams as a return man too…Thuc can play some in the slot and can catch the ball…He can be put in many different positions to help a team, instead you have Duke and WF thinking they gonna get the next Adrian Peterson…All he needs is a chance…I don’t know how much you know of him, but if he is given a chance then he could be special…

    Things happen for a reason, and I believe that whole heartedly, so if he ends up going to the prep school, then I would bet you’ll hear of him in another year or two playing somewhere good…

  • smh said,

    I remember the day Thuc showed up for practice at Lewis Center. He was actually bigger than most players then, but he just hasn’t grown since then, other than adding about 20 pounds. He was a man among boys at Lewis. I’ve never seen a player completely dominate that level of football the way he did. It has been fun to watch him over the years, and I wish him all the best.
    This is probably a great move for him. Deerfield is a top academic school and he will get another year of exposure to schools in another part of the country.

  • Thuc Tops said,

    Thuc is the top small back to ever some out of Page. He is the best I’ve seen an extremely hard worker on and off the field too. To me he is better than most of the big backs that have come out of Page in the past 15-20 years. Thuc is the best I’ve seen so what difference does it make what size you are? Heart and effort are hard to measure and he is real big in those areas.

  • Lonnie said,

    Thuc should walk on at A&T and display his skills.

  • Joe Barile said,

    Thuc Tops,

    I agree with you that Thuc was good while he was at Page. But Remene Alston (c/o 2006, was at Oregon for 5 years), 5’8 185 4.3 forty, was the best RB to come out of Page in the past 10-15 years. Thuc is up there though. Drew Rogers will be up there too.

  • Does Size Matter said,

    It depends on who you are and who you now if size matters or not.
    Scarfone went to ECU on a scholarship to play DB at a D1 school he is 5’9 and 170 soaking wet.