Let’s go back to the Page Pirates Midnight Madness Practice with WFMY NEWS 2 Sports’ Brian Hall checking in with the Pirates, Coach Gillespie and James Summers

Posted by Andy Durham on July 31, 2011 at 2:16 am under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Brian Hall was there to take in it all last night, at the Page Pirates’ Midnight Madness football practice and the WFMY NEWS 2 videographer caught the feel of the fans, as the Pirate Nation celebrated the return of the official football season for 2011 and Brian also went deep and broke off into one-on-one coverage, with Pirate head coach Kevin Gillespie and the highly-regarded Page QB, James Summers….

CLICK HERE to see and hear all with Brian Hall, from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports……

  • bro! said,

    Page is so awesome theres no doubt they are going undefeated and they are going to get that ring!!!! just watch!!!

  • Mike said,

    You heard it hear first, 3rd rd final:
    Butler 27
    Page 24
    Richmond Co state champs

  • Page Fan said,

    Do other school’s principals support their athletic programs? My son and I never see Ms. Foley (Page’s Principal) at any Page Football events. It is a shame that the principal can’t support her student athletes. Rather sad if you ask me. I would really love to know of schools who have a principal who cares. I did see Rusty Lee out there last night, but I did not see the principal.

  • Think about it said,

    I think that news 2 and greensboro sports think that page is the only team that has practice that all you see and hear.

  • regap said,

    @ Think about it

    Page is the only school in the county to do the midnight practice.. So, they got the coverage, which is why you saw and heard it.

  • G Man said,

    News and Record had a quote from Coach Gillespie Saturday. “We can be a really good football team and lose every game on our schedule”. I agree with your coach!

  • carolinablue said,

    Page will go undefeated with a little help from the refs, but when the playoffs start that all changes quickly. Just wait and see !!!!!!!

  • Football Fan said,

    Caroina Blue – you discredit the hard working refs that work these Guilford County Games. All teams get a favorable call from time to time – not intentional but due to refs being human. The Page JV went TWO years undefeated and I assure you it wasn’t due to refs calls. a lot of these kids will be joining the already talented upperclassmen on the field this year. Give me a break.