Greensboro Green advances to Colt World Series with win over Northern Ohio as Kimber and Swim stop NO

Posted by Andy Durham on August 1, 2011 at 8:37 pm under Amateur | 6 Comments to Read

Greensboro Green advances to Colt World Series in Lafayette, Indiana…..

N. Ohio 3
New Hampshire 2 (eliminated)

Greensboro Green 7
Northern Ohio 2

WP – Corey Kimber 5 innings, Adam Swim 2 innings

*****Congratulations to the Greensboro Green team on their return trip to the Colt World Series…..*****

Green Team

Corey Kimber

Nino Marrero

Mitch Carstens

Ryan Hackett

Matt Horkey

Caelan Canady

Michael Matthews

Jaylin Davis

DJ Reader

Tyler Mericka

Trevor Gay

Jordan Brown

Jordan Rousseau

Adam Swim

KJ McAllister

Chris Corbett

Zach McLean

Adam Gunn

  • Good Job Boys said,

    Good job Greensboro Green. This makes the 18th time that Greensboro has sent a team to the Colt World Series, a PONY record.

    Last year’s team did extremely well by making the championship game before losing in a close contest to Puerto Rico. Good Luck to this year’s team.

  • No Competition said,

    Congrats to the young men on winning and going to the Colt World Series, but why are Kimber, Davis, and Reader playing against lower level competition. These kids are a year away from college and have a chance of playing DI baseball. You only get better by playing top notch competition. That is why you will not see alot of top notch DI player come out of Greensboro. Yes, there are a few but not as many as it could be.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    This team should not be called the Greensboro Colt league all-stars, it should be called the representatives of Greensboro Colt league—-some of these players played in the Palomino regional or zone (whatever it was)—can you play in two different Pony tournaments?

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Since it was Babe Ruth it doesn’t matter. There is no affiliation with Pony.

  • Andy said,

    The talent level at Lafayette, Indiana will be outstanding….There have been some very good teams to go through there over the years and this year will be no different….

    Good luck to the Greensboro Green team….With Corey Kimber, Matt Horkey, Adam Swim, and Jaylin Davis, plus others, that is a very good pitching staff….

  • Good Job Boys said,

    In response to No Competition, the boys are playing for several reasons. First, it is a huge honor to represent your hometown in a national competition and wear that green jersey. Secondly, the Colt World Series is a big deal. The city of Lafayette, IN takes it very seriously and provides tremendous support. The tourney makes the front page of the newspapers every day, there is television coverage and it is not uncommon for several thousand local fans to attend a single game. It will probably be the largest crowds that many of these kids will ever play in front of. Plus, it exposes our players to international competition.

    It will be a tremendous experience. I hope the boys enjoy themselves, have a lot of fun and bring back the gold.