Evaluation Period Ended:Time to close the Deal

Posted by Andy Durham on August 2, 2011 at 12:48 am under College, High School | 12 Comments to Read

Special to Greensborosports.com:

The Summer Evaluation Basketball period ended as of July 31 as far as respective
colleges go for potential prospects. Coaches have been very busy since the Spring in
sizing up on what student-athletes that they would like to pursue into their
programs. Some players were fortunate to have verbaled early before the hectic July
events took place from around the country; Normally those are the schools top
choices or it is the players top choice among several. Coaches are now back at their
offices looking at their charts from top to bottom to formaulate a game plan as to
whom they are going to offer if they have not already. In Basketball terms, it is
called a “Depth Chart”. On that depth chart based on need they will have probably no
more than three players for that certain position. Keep in mind this is from a list
from all across the country. If by chance they cannot get the player that they want
early on, then the next player moves up if they have not
commited already. Top priority players are being set up for official visits which
simply means “paid for by the university”. Normally if you are a Top recruit for
their program and a visit is planned and one attends, that player is treated like
royalty. One gets to sleep in the nicest of hotels and gets to eat the best of
foods. A player gets 48 hours to be on that campus and the school wants to solidy
their offer. Schools do not invite potential student-athletes that they are
offering to participate in Fall events that are seniors for an evaluation. If it
does happens, it is normally because that student-athlete was not one of their top
choices and they want to keep that student-athlete in the mix just in case
something else falls through. If a student-athlete is fortunate to get an offer and
a visit and it offers the education, environment and locality that one likes, then
making a decision should not be hard. Most would agree that by making an
informed decision before your senior season starts can take a lot of pressure off
the student-athlete as well as their parents.

Understnding how offers work are also extremely important:

1.D1 offers means that student-athlete has qualified academically and everything is
paid for such as books, room & board, tutors meals etc…
2.D11 offers means that schools can put some packages together through financial
aide to accomodate and fulfill a scholarship for the athlete or that student athlete
did not qualify academically according to the DI guidelines for admission.
3.D111 offers mean that packages can be put together through financial aide in the
form of scholarships but they do not offer scholarships
4.Juco mean that many times a player could be but not etch in stone academically
inelgible as far as the criterion that is demanded by the NCAA rules committee.

So now is the time if you are a senior to be, to find out from prospective coaches
as to exactly where do you stand in the process if you have not already. Do not run
around blind in to thinking that it is going to just happen because some highschool
coach or AAU coach told you so. You must be proactive so that you can also do your
process of elimination. You have worked hard and if you believe that you can play at
the next level irregardless of what that level is and you have the academics,
production and character to go along with it, then it should happen versus wishful
thinking. Good luck this month and do not waste time.

  • IntheKnow said,

    You are not correct concerning D1 offers…they MAY pay for everything provided it is a full ride (could be athletic/academic/combo of both), however, many D1 schools do not offer “full rides” to many players in certain sports (baseball is a prime example). The player may still get a free education based on a variety of factors such as financial aid, academics, athletics, etc. –but many times D1 programs try to spread athletic money in as many directions as possible. Please do not assume if you get “offered” from a D1 school that it is an automatic full ride. It may or may not be —

  • Stevie said,

    Are there any offers out there for our boys and girls basketball?

  • Andy said,

    Among the offers on the table or close to the table include, Paris Kea(Page) Wake Forest and others……Montay Brandon(Wesleyan) Georgia Tech…..Reggie Dillard(Dudley) had heard from Wake, but not much lately, but schools like College of Charleston, Wofford, Applachian, Elon and others are very interested….Aaron Scales(High Point Christian) has already committed to Missouri…….Jonathan Frye(Northern Guilford) was at Tulane and have heard talk over the summer that he will end up at UNC Wilmington with Buzz Peterson…..No concrete word yet on Theo Pinson(Wesleyan), but he is sure to be getting a load of offers……Frank Eaves at Page has been getting offers, but I’m sure he would love to play for his dad at N.C. A&T……We have some good girls players out there but not sure how many, other than Kea, will be getting DI major offers…….

  • Fan said,

    Cedric a Gibson has been offered by St. Johns

  • Andy said,

    Just found that out today about Gibson from now Thomasville Prep, with Delaney Rudd, headed to St. Johns and her teammate at Thomasville Prep, Christina King, has been offered by the Florida Gators………..Thomasville Prep, with Delaney Rudd in charge, will be a factor this Fall and Winter…..

  • Shelly said,

    Do a player get Big Time offers by playing for Lady Phoenix? I heard that this organization gets just about every one into Division 1 schools. We are looking for an organization for our daughter to play for next summer since we just moved here from Atlanta. Our there any other organizations around here that are also good programs that get girls into college?

  • Constance said,

    I noticed that if you are a tall girl player you will probably get a scholarship offer even if you are not really that good.

  • Page Pirate said,

    Frankie Eaves has demonstrated all the skills and productivity to warrant those offers from major schools. He has a very keen knowlege of the game and was by far one of the better players in his conference last year as well as in the city.

  • BALLER said,

    I do not get it. How can only Paris a rising sophomore that played AAU basketball be the only one other than Cedrica which we already knew about before the summer and the King girl whom is also a rising sophomore be the only ones from this area with deals on the table? Do Southwest Guilford have some players in Zena Lovett and Jessica Pone that won the State Championship and I believe played AAU Basketball have some offers? What about Allysa Munson and Harper from Northwest Guilford? What about Dudley’s Rouse , Goins, Rouse, Davis? Does Southeast Guilford have a player name Hailey that is tall and a good player? Has Clency from Western Guilford verbaled yet? What about Cofer from Northern Guilford? Seem like Elon would be automatic since her sister goes there even if she said no. What about the kid from Greensboro Day name Ronata Rogers? Come on local schools, Elon, UNCG, Highpoint, North Carolina A&T, Winston Salem State, Greensboro College, Guilford College were are the offers? What is the holdup? These kids have invested a lot of time and parents money into AAU events and have listen to coaches that are now seniors and with the economy the way it is, whats next?

    I surely hope it is not “Give us our next wave of kids”

  • AAU Coach said,

    Some kids that are seniors are still attending college basketball camps in August. What purpose would that serve unless its free and they are offering?

  • Elon said,

    We just got a commitment from a young lady that plays the wing from Raleigh Wakefield and plays for the AAU Team the Wake Forest Wizards. She is 5’9.

  • fs said,

    What is this new THomasville prep?