Things UNC missed during it’s own investigation of the Tar Heel football program

Posted by Andy Durham on August 8, 2011 at 3:39 am under College | Read the First Comment

The on-going discussion of the investigation of the UNC Football Program continues and for today we look at many of the things North Carolina missed as they were looking into the problems that were facing their football prgram…

Ken Tysiac with the Charlotte Observer and the News ans Observer has today’ look at what was missed during the Tar Heel self-evaluation……

Thirteen months after NCAA investigators first visited the University of North Carolina campus, the school is in turmoil.

The investigation into impermissible benefits and academic misconduct has led to allegations of nine major NCAA violations plus revelations that fewer than a dozen players incurred hundreds of parking tickets as well as a failure by the school’s honor court to identify plagiarism in a football player’s term paper.

UNC officials missed some opportunities to catch some of these problems, and now are dealing with a fractured campus community.

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  • Crackride Board Monkey said,

    How about somebody getting Butch Davis’216 phone records?
    How about digging some about that Swahilli course taken by so many UNC athletes?
    How about looking into why Greg Little has parking tickets for 5 cars and 9 liscence tags?
    How about phone records for the entire football coaching staff?
    How about email records from Butch?
    What about looking into papers written by UNC players other than Michael McAdoo?
    What about checking into how much Butch Davis paid Jennifer Wiley to tutor Drew Davis?