Follow the Flock(of Blockers)

Posted by Andy Durham on August 10, 2011 at 5:13 am under High School | Comments are off for this article

Follow the Flock of blockers…..They teach sheep dogs to keep the sheep in a tight knit group/pack/flock and if the sheep stay together, the sheep dogs can keep them safe from predators…..

The same system should apply to football….The blockers should stay in a pack/flock/group and let the runningbacks fall in behind them and just let the flock of blockers lead the back up the field and when you as the back reach a jumping off place, make a real run for it……(To the End Zone)

Follow those blockers as far they can take you….Let Brock(one of the leaders of the flock) Stadnik, Clayton Stadnik and say a DJ Reader, or a Charlie Jones get together and form a group/flock and they can block with more power and direction……(Once they separate, they lose power and the gaps in the flock allow the enemy to slip in and steal/tackle….The openings give the opposition room to put an end to the flock…Stay together and form a bond….)

If you were to get four guys(Stadniks, Reader, Jones) that big leading the charge up the field, you have to able to get somewhere…..Send them outside toward the edge or the crease and then fall in behind them and let them carry you as a runner, up the field…..

After watching a few practices this year/Summer, I would be a little leary about running inside to a large pile, just let my four main blockers form a convoy and take me on up the field, as I fall in behind them….Two yards and brick wall/cloud of dust are hard to run through, but if you get in behind that convoy, you can get outside and get on down the highway/field…..

The big linemen have to be able to get outside and if they have been training properly this Summer, they will…..Load up the flock and take the RB for a spin around the block/get on down to pay window in the end zone….You may notice, most of my plays/schemes are built around the running game and since there is too much risk involved with the interception if I put the ball in the air, I’ll keep it on the ground and dare you to stop me……

Use the flock and make them block, block, block……Who is tough enough to stand up and take the ball down the field/road??? We will know tomorrow when the rubber meets the road in the scrimmages….

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