Friday night HS Football games coming up this week….

Posted by Andy Durham on August 15, 2011 at 9:31 pm under High School | 16 Comments to Read

For Friday August 19, 2011:

Northwest Guilford at Smith
Ragsdale at Grimsley
Northeast Guilford at Western
Southern Guilford at Eastern Guilford
Southwest Guilford at Southeast Guilford
High Point Central vs. High Point Andrews at Simeon Stadium
Page at Davie County
Dudley at Southern Durham
Northern Guilford(Open)

Early leans:
High Point Central
*****That is a ton of road wins, but that is how it looks early on….*****

  • HS Football said,

    Week 1 picks

    Northwest Guilford at Smith———NW
    Ragsdale at Grimsley——–Ragsdale
    Northeast Guilford at Western———Western
    Southern Guilford at Eastern Guilford———Southern
    Southwest Guilford at Southeast Guilford———-SW
    High Point Central vs. High Point Andrews at Simeon Stadium———Andrews
    Page at Davie County———-Page
    Dudley at Southern Durham———-Dudley

    What is the game of the week? And are you going to be broadcasting it on the Radio this Friday?

  • Andy said,

    Friday’s game is Northwest Guilford at Smith and we will have updates on the other games……Plus scores at the site throughout the night…..

  • HS Football said,


    Will you broadcast it on the radio? What channel again?

  • Week 1 said,

    Smith, Ragsdale,Dudley,Page,Western,HPA,SW & Southern all will open the season with a Win this Friday Night

  • SW doing it big said,

    ayyyyyyy my dudes from sw doing in big this year we about to beat southeast 3rd time in a row lol they mad??????

  • Andy said,

    Radio for Friday night on AM 950…. Scoring Updates here on the site like last year, all night long…..

  • carolina blue said,

    I don’t think Dudley’s offense will do anything against a pretty big and athletic Southern team. One of these teams will have to find a way to score.

  • Andy said,

    Smith was able to move the ball on Southern Durham back on Saturday……

  • ron said,

    Here are my picks.
    HP Central

    I promise that i’m at least 95% correct.

  • Eaglez said,

    Smith wins Big Friday!!!!

  • PantherPowerHouse said,


    Not sure why you dont think we will not be able to move the rock against Southern Durham , we’re BIG and ATHLETIC and running a new offensive scheme this year, not sure how you got your synopsis , at the Smith-Southern Durham scrimmage number 8 was getting the edge alot….our up-back looks like a little MARK INGRAM and our three scat-backs are a beast, our wideouts are MUCH IMPROVED!!…Reynolds is a flat out burner that catches everything that comes near him, and the defense are knocking heads, Im loving our LB’s and DL…. So well will see friday, but form what I heard Southern Durham is suppose to be this years Hillside or “08” Dudley , Im pretty sure the coaches at Dudley have their synopsis as well when they seen Southern scrimmage against Smith….

  • WHOA WHOA said,


    First off, good luck with Southern Durham.

    Second, I haven’t seen Dudley yet this year, but make no mistake about Southern Durham, because they are NOOOOOO ’08 Dudley team or last years Hillside team. I saw them at the scrimmage and I was not impressed at all. Do they have big kids, YES. Do they have some good looking athletes, YES. So with that information, I will still not be shocked or awed if Dudley wins this Friday night. In fact, I would be more shocked or awed if Dudley loses this Friday night, because I would believe that Dudley is better than Smith and Smith caused Southern Durham to struggle in the scrimmage.

    Either way, you still got to put it all out on Friday night. We will know in 4 more days.

  • PantherPowerHouse said,


    Your RIGHT!!! You got to strap it up and play, no more scrimmages I just dont no one to be mislead, as far as how a team looks in their uniforms, size doesnt mean anything if you dont have those hogs that dont have additude…you can have all the athletes in the world, that cant catch a lick…now its FOOTBALL TIME BABY no soft contact….full speed balls to the wall….GAMES ARE WON IN THE TRENCHES, Dudley stands behind that

  • GSO Fan said,

    I think Senior High might surprise some folks Friday night. I’m not saying a win over Ragsdale, but a strong showing that might leave a few folks scratching their heads.

  • EAheelfan53 said,

    Here is some video of Dudley and EA from their scrimmage this past Friday night.

  • TWA said,

    my man jamarii miliken bou to go in he gonna get like 10 pics man he a beast