News on Northern Guilford over Northwestern in South Carolina scrimmage on Saturday night, with Logan running strong

Posted by Andy Durham on August 15, 2011 at 8:49 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

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from South Carolina on Saturday night:

Northern Guilford defeated the defending 4A South Carolina State champs Northwestern, SC 23-13, in the Grouchos scrimmage at Dist Three Stadium.

.Scrimmage was setup for three 12 minute qtrs. Kickoffs and punts
were live….

.NG created 4-5 turnovers…..

.Logan, Mitchell, Downing, Johnston, Coltrane with good nights-Hoke
booted a 31 yrd FG…..

.Logan scored three TD’s (this kid can run)…..

.Nighthawk “D” swarmed to the ball and put good pressure on Northwestern QB……

.NG Still has some work to do but a lot of positives in this one….

.Thunderstorm delayed the game 1hr after the first qtr, but resumed
play after weather cleared…..

Good report on the Nighthawks and they will open this week and the kickoff their regular season at Page on August 26……

  • Beat Down said,

    Get Ready for a Beat Down on Aug. 26.
    Page will destroy NG. Pirates have to much talent and strength.

  • Scrimmage said,

    Any reason Northern never participates in any of the Jamborees and scrimmages
    in this area?

  • Say What??? said,

    For real Beat Down???

    Who can’t get passed the 1st and 2nd round of the playoffs??? Who has a ring??? Until then, we own Page even though we haven’t played them. They’ll come in scared like everyone else.

  • NE said,

    Who had players living across the street from the school last year. Still recruiting? You can’t win without recruiting out of the area. Who is taking Dance this year on the football team??? GIVE ME A BREAK, That is why you get no respect and you know as well as I Northern should give the trophy back just like the basketball team did. Who is renting houses across from the school this year?? I guess we will all be suprised when we say, who is that kid?

  • Andy said,

    Northern Guilford has paid their dues…..These kids with the team now are in the right spots, on and off the field…..Anything that may have happened at Northern in the past, they are not responsible for…..There are transfer players scattered all over the county even this year, and that’s the way it is and it will always be that way…..Kids and families are still transferring because they want to be at a certain school and if they can get it approved, they will move…..It is not the coaches that are in the middle of all this, they have practices and workouts to worry about…..The moves are finalized downtown and that is where any beef you have should be taken…..Downtown is spot where they will call the shot, not in some coaches’ offices…..

    Northern paid their dues and if you were in their shoes you probably would have done the same thing….There are some real good kids out there and we need to back them, just like we do for all the kids in our county athletic programs……Daniel Downing, TJ Logan and Mark Mitchell will be mentioned among the top players in the state this season and good luck Northern on good year in 2011 and the same to all of our schools…..

    Should be a lot of fun and most of the coaches, players and parents and fans can hardly wait to Friday to get started……

    Let’s Roll……..

  • NG Fan said,

    There was no mention of NG beating the SC 4 A State Champs in a scrimmage Saturday night in the Greensboro News and Record from Jason Wolf. In my opinion is this guy is so bias against anything Northern Guilford does in sports.

  • msapp said,

    Beat Down says: You must have some pixie dust in your eyes son. Dem Pirates should be focused on game 1 vs Davie Co….

    Scrimmage says: NG prefers to travel outside county lines….they are treated better there….

    NE Says: Coach P chose to drop NG from your schedule…now you don’t get another chance….0-2 against dem Nighthawks…hows that goin for ya? Good Luck vs WG

    NG Fan: Wolf may not have known NG was in Rock Hill. My guess he doesn’t know where they are this Friday either.

  • notamsppfan said,

    Wolf doesn’t know which county NG is in much less where they are playing. NG is open this weekend.

  • Andy said,

    Heard yesterday that Jon McBeth is playing for Northern this year. I have always felt that if McBeth played football he could really help this team and back in the day when he was playing he was on par with some of the best around…..Good to see Jon back out there and he will help the team…..

  • msapp said,

    Notamsppfa – NG is open this weekend? I know Wolf doesnt know where NG is playing and it appears you don’t either.I pretty certain they play in SC this Friday. Any details out there?

  • Haters said,

    NG program is on the up and up and all the hating which is only jealousy should stop.
    These boys have worked hard to get where they are and should be congratulated for their efforts.