The thought of the new college Mega-Conferences is really starting to worry some schools, while others are ready to jump

Posted by Andy Durham on August 17, 2011 at 1:37 am under College | 8 Comments to Read

Texas A&M to the Southeastern Conference, Texas to PAC 12, TCU to the Big East, Syracuse to the ACC, West Virginia to the Big 12 or even the Big 10 and what about the Little Six?????

These proposed Mega-Conferences are really starting to worry some people and thoughts of this are not new….No need to be scared…..

I was proposing these type of moves back in 1984, when I was writing for the Greensboro Sports Page, a sports weekly, that pretty much covered the Triad…..

My articles were on ACC expansion and this was back in 1984 and even at that time, I was calling for Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech, the return of South Carolina and the addition of West Virginia to the ACC…..

Now with 12 members, if the ACC could add West Virginia, Georgia, Florida and Syracuse that would give the league a good mix and it would make the ACC a 16-team Mega-Conference……I would be more than happy to substitute South Carolina for one of the above teams, if one of them said they didn’t want to go with “The Best”……

It is time the Atlantic Coast Conference stopped standing around and watching all the other powerhouse conferences swoop in and steal all the good teams, that should belong to us…..

It would make a great connection to have Florida as a like team for Florida State and Miami…..West Virginia would be a perfect fit for Virginia Tech, Virginia and Syracuse…..Georgia would seal a good deal for Georgia Tech, Florida, FSU and Miami….If South Carolina came back, they would fit right in with Clemson, North Carolina, N.C. State, Virginia Tech and others…..Syracuse would match up nicely with West Virginia, Boston College, Maryland, Virginia Tech and Virginia……

Let’s stop talking and spend some money and go get these teams that I am talking about, or as many of them as possible……

We can do it and it will work….It is time for the ACC to become a Mega-Conference and for them to stop being kicked to the curb, every time the SEC says that they want to expand and they will steal our ACC teams and dare us to stop them…..

Stop them now and kick their SEC butts……Got get Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, West Virginia and or Syracuse…..This is the ACC and it is time to stand up and be the boss of the best conference in the United States…..

Greensboro is home of the ACC and if you ask me, “this land(Conference) is your land, this land(Conference) is my land, from the New York Mountains, to the Florida lowlands, from the good ole’ Wake Forest to Gulf of Mexico waters, the ACC was made for you and me”…….

“The ACC was made for you and me”!!!!!

The ACC was made for you and me brother……..

from Newberry Associated Press):

When it’s all said and done, we’ll have what everyone projected a year ago: A college football world comprised of the very wealthy haves (SEC, ACC, Pac-Something and Big Ten-In-Name-Only) and the begging-on-the-street-corner have-nots (everyone else in Division I).

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  • JD Higgins said,

    ACC=All Cup CAke Conference the SEC rules in Football and they are almost there in basketball, they rule in baseball why would anyone want to join the ACC?, The SEC rules and that is why everyone wants to join, can you see Wake Forest in the SEC what a joke that would be, as always no one wants to leave the SEC because they are the best, SEC has won the last 5 football championships and the last 2 baseball crowns..

  • Be Realistic said,

    The ACC is a football joke and with Miami, Georgia Tech and UNC about to face severe(if not death) penalties for cheating, it would be a bad move for the SEC…..All of the SEC boards are talking about Texas A&M and ECU joining the SEC to make a 14 team conference. That would help the SEC’s North Carolina TV market and further stick a knife into the ACC schools by making it even more attractive for North Carolina athletes to go to the SEC and be seen on TV. The ACC has lost its lustre(thank goodness) and now they can only sit back and enjoy the free gifts from their boosters.

  • Andy said,

    If I can get some support among our group here, I think we can lead this conference to great heights. Do we need a new commissoner? Should it be me? How many of you are with me on this?

  • Be Realistic said,

    The ACC will definitely be getting a new commissioner soon so you could be in line for the job. Swoffie will have to retire because he will not be willing to punish his Tar Heels more than the NCAA levies. All of the school Athletic Directors will remember when he pushed as the UNC AD to more severely punish Clemson and he got his way. He will retire rather than issue additional penalties against his beloved UNC. Look for this announcment prior to the NCAA issuing penalties in October against the Heels.

  • ECU should be a lock said,

    per “Be Realistic” the SEC is looking at ECU per the message boards.. I have not been reading any message boards but my thoughts during this entire process has been that ECU is a nature fit for either the SEC or Big East. The Big East would be a terrible conference to join because they are so disjointed, mismatched leagues in different sports and their football history is light years from even the ACC. The Big East will eventually lose any of it’s “real” football schools once the ACC or Big Ten ask which will leave ECU standing by itself in the future. The SEC on the other hand would give ECU the balance that they desire and the big stage that they can finally recruit against. Kids going to the ECU do not want to track thru snow for every basketball game during the winter or push thru mega cities every week just to run track or play tennis within the confence. ECU kids are generally southern kids that would prefer to go to cities like a Chapel Hill, Boone, Augusta, etc… where the cities enbrace the culture of the school, the community means something, the roads are actually not shut down with car traffic and the weather is reasonable. ECU can deliver NC from the mountains to the coast for the SEC and this will kill (or least hurt severely) schools like UNC when it comes to football, and track & field. It will also start damaging other schools in other sports such as basketball and baseball. ECU will become a bigger deal from the coast to the mountain simply because they could deliver a completely different message and opportunity than any other school within 200-300 miles. All of these other rumors about schools such as FSU leaving are just a smoke screen for schools such as ECU to get their ducks in a row.

  • Another Thought on SEC Expansion said,

    Before people start bashing on ECU for wanting to join the SEC, take a look on youtube at the video that ECU posted yesterday. It is called “ECU Undaunted” and really makes a point for ECU joining the SEC. Notice the reference to the Dallas/Ft.Worth television market.(ie Texas A&M). These folks at ECU have their act together and are making some good points that the SEC has noticed.

  • ECU Alumnus said,

    The Undaunted video is also being distributed to all Alumni and is on the ECU Website. The AD, Terry Holland is a savy and extremely well-respected administrator with deep NCAA ties. If anyone can get it done, he can. I would welcome ECU joining the SEC with open arms. The ACC has always held a “holier than thou” mentality and it would be fair-turnaround to watch them squirm as regional recruits flock to the SEC.

  • George Terry said,

    If the SEC is soooo dominant over the ACC, how do you explain FSU’s beatdown of SEC’s Eastern Division champion last year? Even 6-7 Clemson took the SEC/Nat’l Champion Auburn to OT and should’ve won that game! The SEC is clearly better, but the disparity is way overrated.