This word came in tonight and I had heard it earlier today in regards to the NCHSAA Football Playoffs

Posted by Andy Durham on August 31, 2011 at 9:29 pm under High School | 12 Comments to Read

The Southwest Guilford football team will not be able to particapate in the 2011-2012 NCHSAA playoffs due to the 5 suspenions and ejections they had in the Southwest Guilford-Eastern Guilford game……..

This will cause them to be ineligible for playoff play regardless of their record.

keep your head up SWG Cowboys…..

*****This word came in tonight and as we mentioned above, we had heard and received this news earlier this afternoon…..*****

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    This is a prime example of teaching (or assisting the parents) in helping these boys become young men. In a lot of cases, you have young men who exhibit the type of above mentioned behavior without a hint of retribution for it, therefore no remorse. Then, they grow up to either believe it’s OK and acceptable or they feel as if they’re “above the rules.” (In this case) just as we’re teaching them how to run up and down a football field, shoot a basketball through a hoop and knock a baseball out of the park, we should be teaching (and or re-emphasizing) RESPECT for yourselves and OTHERS, and how to deal with situations with tact and decorum. Remember the old saying….”It takes a village…..”
    On another hand, my Christmas wish is to even remotely have it cross my mind that my son is disrespectful to ANY adult, whether it be a coach, teacher…HECK..the mailman! I won’t have NO PROBLEM with…..well, I better stop here for this may be used against me in a court of law!!!

    In fact…I should wake him up outta a sound sleep with one upside the head….JUST AS A REMINDER!!!!

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    I feel bad for the other players who have worked so hard only to have a shot at continuing after the regular season taken away because of the acts of other team members.
    Question–If the young men were re-instated, why then should the entire team be punished? Was it because of the actual ejections? OK…OK…(please help me to understand) does being re-instated nullify the suspensions? I’m just curious……..

  • noone said,

    Braxton Daye faces 3 game suspension,and Brandon Banks faces 2 game…not sure about others but there are 3 of them including thier starting nose guard,and offensive guard and thier middle linebacker

  • Yuuuuup said,

    My question is how did the Coaches and Refs let it come to this?? I mean for it to result in ejections, it didn’t just happen out of the blue, things and events lead up to this which is where the majority of this is on the shoulders of the Coaching staff of both teams and Officiating crew. Sure the kids need to represent themselves as student athletes but we are talking about a violent game between young men. Someone has to be in charge?!?

  • why said,

    3 questions,

    Why is the team ineligible for the playoffs? Although I don’t think they would have made it anyway. Why do 5 ejections make a team ineligible?

    It was reported here that they had been reinstated. What changed?

  • cowboysupporter said,

    This is the worst decision the NCHSAA has ever made……….I have a feeling this is SWG being a target of past “spirited” conduct. Plus some of the staff at the NCHSAA thinks there crap doesn’t stink, but yet I do know it “drips” with pompousness. Hey, ladies and gentlemen of the association, it ain’t about you!

  • Andy said,

    The word I got was the players were never reinstated and the word I also got was if you get three or more ejections for fighting in a season, as a team, you are done for the year…..Three or more ejections for fighting and you are DONE on the spot…..No playoffs……The word I got from an official that was at the game and was part of the game was that SWG got 6 ejecitons for fighting and Eastern got 2 ejections for fighting…..

    One more ejection for fighting and Eastern is DONE for the season….No playoffs and they know that…….On the ruling Southwest is DONE and nothing can be done to change it…..

    The kids have rules that the NCHSAA has laid out and you have to go by them….You get kicked out or ejected from a game for fighting and you have to sit out the next game….You have three or more players ejected for fighting in a season and your team is DONE….No Playoffs…….

  • Just sayin said,


    Give us your side of the story……Were you at the game? How many punches were thrown? Did people leave the sideline and try to jump in? If so that’s an automatic ejection just like in the NBA when a player leaves the bench during a fight. Does anyone have film of the fight taking place?

  • sad said,

    I spoke with 2 SWG players the next morning after the situation. Both were on the field when it happened. They said a SWG player hit an opposing coach/adult. I find this hard to believe. they also said they felt Banks was trying to break it up. The guard got ejected after throwing a good block but ref felt he taunted the kid afterwards. There was film on the situation and the film doesn’t lie.

    I realize fighting should not be tolerated however football is a rough game. Tempers flare. I’ve seen some vicious taunting over the years. Sometimes it’s tough for these kids to turn away from it, especially in the heat of the battle. I definitely do not condone the fighting however I think it is unfair to punish the whole team over the behavior of a few. I realize what the rules say. Just think it is a little harsh.

    I am not condoning what happened and i wasn’t there however several EG players talk a lot. I watched a 7 on 7 they were in and they taunted during a summer 7 on 7. Some of the parents were complaining at a 7 on 7 because their kid did not get the ball. I thought if they are complaining at the coach at a 7 on 7 what will it be like during the season? That attitude comes through in the kids. EG has a very good coach but that is a tough situation he is in. They had some athletic kids but many seemed more interested in themselves than the team. That attitude can lead to cancer once the season starts. And I did see this behavior with my own eyes.

  • vincemcmahon said,

    this rule unfairly punishes players who do not participate in such behavior. perhaps they should revise the rule where if you get tossed for fighting, in additon to the regular season suspension, the player(s) miss one play-off game as well. get ejected twice for fighting in regular season, you are done from all high school sports for one year. then when a team reaches a certain number of fighting ejections the head coach gets suspended for a game or two. coaches, although trying to get their players as fired up as they can be, need to promote an atmosphere were such behavior is not tolerated. although they cannot control everything that happens on the field, at some point they have to be held accountable for the actions of their players. if it means not having as competitive a team, so be it. and yes, it usually starts with trash talk. do not allow it or at least try and control it, even in practice, and you might eliminate some of this crap. but is SW’s case, several good hard-working players will not get a chance to participate in the playoffs because of couple of idiots. some will say “that’s life” but if you are one of the guys who works hard and follows the rules then you are getting dumped on for nothing that you did.

  • Handle It said,

    There were issues last year involving some of these same players. Coaches should have handled them last year. Now the same thing is happening all over
    again this year. When you don’t put these guys in their place and let let know who is the the boss this is what you get. The people who are
    complaining about other players having to suffer for a few idiots, football is a team sport and yes the whole team has to pay the price.
    No matter how good a athlete thinks he is as a coach you have to have control of your players, even if it means cutting them from the team.
    Live and Learn sometimes the Hard Way.

  • F Ervin Jr said,

    Underdogs Unite: HAD IT RIGHT (This is a prime example of teaching (or assisting the parents) in helping these boys become young men). This was not “spirited” conduct . That was a Fight. Spirited conduct is when you play your butt off win or loss and you shack the other teams hand.. That is Spirited conduct . I can not believe that some would even try to put the blame on the Coaches and Refs ? It’s not their fault!! Your coach teaches you to play the game and follow the rules and the Refs enforce the Rules. I don’t think that SWG Coach had them start a fight. Football is a rough game and violent game Tempers do flare but that is no, no reason to start Fighting . THE YOUNG MEN SHOULD UNDERSTAND THIS! IF YOU WONT TO FIGHT GO PLAY HOCKEY! Football is a game of (NOW HEAR THIS) (CONTROLLED VIOLENCE’S AND IF YOU CAN NOT TAKE TRASH TALKING IN HIGH SCHOOL AND KEEP YOUR HEAD. THEN YOU WILL, AND I DO SAY WILL NEVER MAKE IT IN COLLEGE/ PRO’S IF YOUR LUCK ..
    Now if I were the SWG coach one I would let the Hot Heads know this:” YOU HAVE NO MORE ROOM FOR ERROR ARE YOUR GONE. WE HAVE NO ROOM FOR SELFISH PLAYERS THIS IS A TEAM (MY TEAM)!!