Wilson and Wisconsin-UNLV will be bigger tonight than Wake Forest at Syracuse, even locally a much bigger draw

Posted by Andy Durham on September 1, 2011 at 11:10 am under College | 2 Comments to Read

The BIG ONE tonight, is not Wake Forest at Syracuse, to open up the 2011 college football season…..Tanner Price might be your favorite player, but you are in the minority, how many of you out there even know who Tanner Price is?

But surely you know who Russell Wilson is……He’s the former All-ACC quarterback from N.C. State and I didn’t have to tell you that. You already knew it and by now you know that he is now the starting QB for the Wisconsin Badgers and he will be on National TV tonight, as his Badgers get set to face UNLV on ESPN and Wake meets Syracuse on ESPN 3…..

Tanner Price by the way, is the quarterback for the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest and no disrespect meant toward Price, but the attention tonight will be on Russell Wilson and that attention will remain, as long as Wisconsin keeps on winning this season…..You win with Wilson and you might get your hide tanned, with Tanner…..Just a thought, or maybe a way to phrase and put a Pricetag on the post……

Wilson will be the key tonight on TV and you know you will watch some. or part, or all of this game….The curiosity will be killing you….How will the kid that left the Wolfpack do on his own with Wisconsin, after N.C. State told him that they were going with Mike Glennon at QB, this season?????

You will be watching and tell me you won’t…..Russell Wilson will always be a favorite player to those who followed his game, while he was in Raleigh…..When Mary Tyler Moore left out for Minneapolis, many wondered how she would make it on her own and with the help of Lou Grant, Ted Knight, Murray and others, she did make it on her….Look all around and you can make it, you can take the chance why don’t you take it….You’re gonna make it on your own…..

Russell Wilson you’re gonna make it too and Tanner Price? With Price or Priceless, Wake Forest has their work cut out for them this season and beyond…..

from Luke DeCock at the Charlotte Observer on Russell Wilson….

Russell Wilson’s first game in a Wisconsin uniform is not merely some tune-up against a cannon-fodder foe; it’s the nationally televised opening game of the college football season on ESPN at 8 p.m. Before N.C. State even plays a game, Wilson will already be crashing the national radar.

If Wilson’s departure from N.C. State was a divorce, for many State fans, tonight’s game is going to be like running into your ex out on the town with a new love interest for the first time – uncomfortable, and impossible to ignore.

CLICK HERE to read all from Luke DeCock….

  • ad4deacs said,

    Really Andy? After catching a little JV football action I plan on listening to the Wake game. Wiscousin UNLV nah I’ll pass.

  • Andy said,

    I’m going to try and hit the JV Game for a few minutes too….We will all be multi-taskng this evening….I’ll be glued to the ESPN Radio to hear how Wilson does and before the JV game, all eyes on will be on Wisconsin and Wilson, but I only have two eyes or four if you count the contact lenses…..

    A true die-hard Deac Fan above(ad4deacs), but the Deacs seem to be real weak since Riley Skinner graduated, at least I hope he graduated and I hope that for all the college students….I don’t see Wake pulling this thing out any time soon….It looks the same over on the basketball court….Jim Grobe has been an excellent football coach, but not sure if the good times haven’t passed him and the program by…..Optimism is good, but in reality, who does Wake have on that roster that is going to be bringing them out of this Wake Forest Funk?????

    All eyes and ears on Wilson tonight and if I hear Wake is in it, I will have to go check them out on the radio too……..

    Best of luck to our teams, but don’t mark off any days on your holiday calendar for the Big Four this year when it comes to bowls….They will probably be hoisting the flag for Big Four ACC Basketball and Wake has some real work to do there too…..It is just one of those cycles and Wake is Weak…..