Very solid show last night at Shane’s(Rib Shack)

Posted by Andy Durham on September 2, 2011 at 12:14 pm under High School | 4 Comments to Read

Outstanding work by the young men that made the show last night at Shane’s….The Rib Shack was alive with the sound of football talk and our guests from Eastern Guilford, Tyler Hunt, Heath Justice and Joey Loosemore did a super job during the question and answer/interview segments…..

Shane’s loaded everyone up on that great Rib Shack food and our visitors received the first-ever, brand new “T” Shirts, courtesy of Lucky Dog Pawprints……

Tyler, Heath and Joey, three very unique individuals that work hard to help their Eastern Guilford team…..You can click on the link from last night’s show to go back and watch the Football in Foucs program and enjoy the young men’s very open and informative answers, to the questions of the week…..You will like, just CLICK ON the link at the top of the home page and enjoy……

Good job by Tyler Hunt, Heath Justice and Joey Loosemore and these young men are fine representatives of Eastern Guilford High School and the Wildcat Nation…….

  • Wildcatter said,

    Eastern Guilford will win that game tonight over Northeast . I heard Steve Troxler was quarterbacking Northeast in the game and he’s too old.

  • GSOfballFAN said,

    Not sure taking Eastern here is a very wise pick…..NE easily one of the best teams in the area

  • RamPower said,

    Northeast Guilford Rams will win that game tonight. Always have always will. Ram for life. NC A&T will win by 56 tomorrow. Ricky Lewis 2 td from the Wildcat formation and not the Eastern Wildcat formation but the AggiePride Wildcat formation.

  • Cat Stevens said,

    I will take Eastern. Cats ready to pull a big upset.