High Football Saturday morning rewind with Page at Ragsdale right around the corner for next Friday night and destination Jamestown is just a few days away

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Things that jump out off of the field and grab you, after last night’s games and coming at you after the final whistle blew last night…..

The Page-Ragsdale games have been very big the past two years, but this season’s game, this coming Friday night in Jamestown, is going to be HUGE/Extra Large……James Summers, Drew Rogers and Orlando Hatfield are a three-pronged offensive attack, that can be tough to tame, but Ragsdale has beaten Page, in Jamestown and at Marion Kirby Stadium, every year in recent memory……Will this year be different? Can’t wait to find out and what you did last night means nothing now, this coming Friday night will be the determiner…..I saw Summers and Rogers for the first time ever three years ago this Monday night, in a JV game on Labor Day Monday 2008, with Page battling Northeast at Page, and was very impressed and continued to be so since that night…..Can they do it and beat Ragsdale this year? Last chance this Friday night in Jamestown(at least for the regular season)…..Ragdale is going to have a lot of say in this, they are the home team, they have beaten Page in the past and not many people are giving Ragsdale a chance this year…..You can use that scenario to your advantage, but we will only know next Friday night at around 10pm, what the outcome will be…..Get there early, parking will be a challenge, with the Ragsdale High School construction project under way…..Looking forward to a great game……

What about that little back Reid Baxter out at Northwest Guilford??? The kid has become like a Toney Baker(Ragsdale HS) or an Anthony Saunders(Western Guilford), when it comes to scoring touchdowns…..The two previously mentioned young men, Baker and Saunders, scored nearly 200 TD’s for their careers between them and Baxter is off to red-hot scoring run to start this season….For Reid “Speed” Baxter, 4 TD’s versus Smitih, 4 TD’s versus Western Guilford and then 3 more TD’s last night against Grimsley, in the Vikings’ victory….Grimsley behind DJ Reader, DeShawn Jones and Jake Simpson gave NWG all they wanted early, but just like in the JV game on Thursday night at Grimsley, in the end, NWG stepped up and won with experience and I’m sure the NWG coaches challenged the Viking players and then the NWG Vikings stood up and prevailed….That experience and all those days with the NWG JV’s, the Oak Ridge Colts, Kernodle Middle School football and other developmental programs pays off in the end and it did last night and on Thursday evening for NWG….

Guess what’s going on next Friday night, over off of Spencer-Dixon Road????? There’s going to be a little meeting called Northwest Guilford vs. Northern Guilford and this one going in, should be almost as good as Page at Ragsdale, if not better….Here is your setup and we know it well by now…Last year, Northern won at NWG in a tight one, which I think finished at 15-14, when NG got a second chance on a PAT conversion attempt and when they did, they went for two and won the game and NG had to come back on NWG to get the win…..NG, even though they lost Maurice Harris, Rocco Scarfone, Alan Hart and others, Northern is still very good….Pound for pound and he will put a pounding on you, Daniel Downing may be the best football player in the county again this year…Watching him play last night at Dudley, in the Nighthawks win over the Panthers, you saw what Downing can do….The only concern I have for him is, he is such a punishing runner, he exposes his body to so many hits, it worries me that he may take pop, or numerous pops/hits one week and he will go down/Downing and be on the shelf and not be there for his Nighthawks…..If he wasn’t playing QB, this kid could be your fullback, that is for sure…..TJ Logan gives Northern multiple weapons and Jon McBeth is back as a beast and Ryan Johnson has taken over that NG D’line….NWG has Matt Pawlowski, Dalton Dillon and Anthony Harding coming at Mark Mitchell, Johnson, McBeth, and Tre Purcell and with Reid Baxter averaging right at 4 TD’s a game for NWG, this ought to be off the charts, when they open the gates at Northern next Friday night…..We should have two of the biggest single-night gates(attendance marks) in the history of Guilford County with Page at Ragsdale and Northwest Guilford at Northern next Friday night….

What more can we/he say????? Southeast Guilford is one of the surprise teams in Guilford County this year……SEG over Southern last night 34-31 and now the Falcons, even without top back Mike Fields, who rushed for over 2,000 yards last season and Marques Haynesworth, the Falcons other top back, even without those two kids, SEG is (2-1) on the early season….Jamal Petty scored 2 TD’s for SEG last night and the Falcons picked up 266 yards on the ground…..Malik Mosley had a whopping 225 yards rushing for Southern….Southern rushed for a team total of 262 yards and the Storm’s Jamie Cunningham passed for 216 yards….The difference? SEG took advantage of SG turnovers and the Falcons won the game…..

At least three TD passed by Ragsdale’s Garrison Herndon last night, in the Tigers’ 49-21 win over Western Guilford and we don’t have all the access to all the numbers on this one, maybe Mike Ellis can send us more from over at the desk, of the Jamestown News….Herndon may have thrown for more than three TD’s last night and you can bet that Ragsdale will test the Page secondary this coming Friday, when the Pirates meet the Tigers, at Kenneth T. Miller Stadium….

Quite a battle at Northeast last night, with the Rams and the Eastern Guilford Wildcats….NEG with success on the ground won out and I see where the EG QB Heath Justice was able to throw for right at 100 yards against the NEG defense, but the Ram defense was very tough against the Wildcat run….Jacob McCann was his usual stong self for NEG……Would love to hear more about this one….

Need some details on SWG over Ledford 39-20 and how about those Red Raiders over at High Point Andrews with that (3-0) record after last night’s 41-21 win over the mighty Thomasville Bulldogs?????

Very proud of Burlington Williams Bulldogs and their 18-14 victory over Graham, in a game that honored their quarterback Harry Cohen, who passed way last Monday afternoon, at the UNC Childrens Hospital….Goodspeed to the Cohen family and to the Bulldogs community……

  • mark said,

    Two TD passes for Herndon and one rushing TD for him. Eleazer had a TD and the Ragsdale D kept the offense off the field by scoring three times themselves. Grimes and Diaz each ran back INTs for touchdowns and a reserve whose name escapes me ran back a fumble for a TD. In all seven different players scored TDs for Ragsdale.

  • Damon said,

    Jamal Petty had 4 TDs last night. He had 3 rushing and 1 receiving. The winning TD was a fumble recovery for a TD by a LB. I’m not sure of the kid’s name, but the opportunity was created by the kid who blew up the center. My step dad said it brought back memories of the Ragsdale playoff game a few years ago. SEG had the ball on goal line with a chance to get back in the game and the center never got the ball to QB.

  • Damon said,

    TJ Williams was the kid. However, I got his name from the News and record……and they’re stats can’t be trusted.

  • ??? said,

    SWG dominated Ledford…down 20-6 at halftime sw made change herbert bridges made a 65 yard pick which put the game at 18-20
    and the other bridges (ray) dominted on both sides of the ball he had a force fumble and he found the endzone twice he is a athlete let me tell you and full back larry edwards ran the ball and if it is true that he is only a junior then some teams are in trouble next year they had trouble taking him down he is a 5’7 175 fulll back but plays much bigger…he keeps his feet moving and will break arm tackles but the final score was 39-20 and it was heard that the cowboys had 7 starters out of the game…but this team is back on its feet

  • Damon said,


    I’m not an English teacher or the grammar police, but it’s tough to follow your post when you don’t use punctuation. I think your were trying to use bullet statements, but you created one long run on sentence.

    From what I’ve read on this site and in the newspaper, SWG overcame a lot this week to get the victory. Congratulations to those kids who played! I haven’t seen the video and I wasn’t at last weekend’s SWG, but what happened was truly disappointing. I read a few comments questioning the officials for letting it get to a boiling point. It seems that we are so quick to blame officials instead of taking responsibility for our own personal behavior and actions. Officials do have a responsibility to control the game, but there is only so much the guys with the whistles can do. They can’t see or hear everything. PLAYERS, coaches, and PARENTS are bear the greater burden of responsibility than the guy with the zebra shirt and whistle. So, while they are being coached up…Make sure they are being parented up!

  • yeeahh sw's back said,

    Yeah SWG won they would have demolished ledford if they had all thier starters…and let me point this out
    Brandon Banks and Braxton Daye were not playing….and the Starting middle linebackers #52 was not playing,and #32 was getting limited playing time but he is a force,as i’ve heard he was banged up. Also Big nose guard was not playing #77,so you tell me how good is SWG yes it took them one game to get focused which was SEG they should’ve won at eastern,but we will see

  • Mike said,

    Ragsdale’s Garrison Herndon went 6 for 12 for 151 yards last night with two TD’s. First score of the night was a 7 yard pass to Erik Romer. Later, Herndon found Anthony Stewart behind the defense for a 59 yard TD pass. Herndon also had a 1 yard sneak for a TD.
    Big story was the Tiger defense who came up with four tunrovers and converted three of them to TD’s. Linebacker Trey Grimes stepped in front of the receiver and returned the interception 57 yds to put the Tigers up 28 – 0. Cornerback Sharif Diaz also intercepted and went 45 yards for the score. The last defensive score was on a strip of the Hornet running back by reserve linebacker Jarrett Holland who went the other way for a 30 yard TD.

    Marquez Eleazer picked up 67 yards on 13 carries, all of the yardage coming in the first half and Xavier Jones had 59 yards all in the first half. Ragsdale rushed 31 times for 212 yards as thely racked up 363 yards in total offense with 282 of it coming in the first half as they went into the locker room leading 42 – 7.
    Nice win, but the big one is coming up as the Page Pirates travel to Jamestown. See you on Friday night Andy.

  • footballfan said,

    Will you please post Mike’s articles from JAMESTOWN NEWS for full and accurate coverage of Ragsdale football? Not much is covered in N and R and HPE…would love to have each week’s articles posted for all to read. Thanks Mike for covering Ragsdale

  • Andy said,

    Will do and I’ll try and get it up here each Tuesday or Wednesday….

  • mark said,

    Article usually comes out late Tuesday. Here’s the link from the Dudley game. Mike does a great job covering Ragsdale sports for the Jamestown News.


    I wish I could get that photographer to come home from college every week to take pictures too

  • mark said,

    well it doesn’t link direct to the article. Just click on the Sports News link on the side to go to the sports stories. Grimsley game write up is in there too

  • footballfan said,

    Thank you for posting