North Carolina Tar Heels are saying they had to give Coach Butch Davis the game ball after Saturday’s win:In many ways this is still his team

Posted by Andy Durham on September 6, 2011 at 10:08 am under College | 8 Comments to Read

Heels’ quarterback Bryn Renner on the game ball from Saturday’s victory over James Madison, going to former Tar Heel football coach Butch Davis…….


“I thought it was perfectly appropriate. Coach Davis has done a great job with this team of the years he was the coach. We won’t forget all he did for this program and what he did for us. I don’t think it was strange at all. I think we wanted to play for him,” quarterback Bryn Renner said.

“We’re gonna carry the whole season that we’re gonna play for Coach Davis and I know Coach Withers feels the same way. It’s gonna be the same way every game so I hope we can give him all the game balls we can.”

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  • IC Poster said,

    Coach Withers by doing this just lost his chance to be the permanent Head Coach.
    Not smart,Coach.

  • Be Real said,

    Like he had a chance from the start be real this is Chapel Hill.

  • KIR said,

    “Like he had a chance from the start be real this is Chapel Hill.”

    You speak truth. Unless he does too well. Most bigs(rams)will tell you they don’t want him to get too many wins and get a head job like Torbush or Bunting. that is a nightmare scenario for them.

  • smh said,

    The first three comments to this story are all incorrect.

  • notjimmelvin said,

    didn’t there used to be smart people in chapel hill?

  • Corporal Agarn said,

    African Americans are not hired as head coached at Carolina.

  • Crackride Board Monkey said,

    Explain to us smh why the first 3 comments are incorrect.
    The first and second ones seem to contradict each other. How can BOTH of them be incorrect?

  • you are all wrong said,

    You are all wrong for the most part. Withers could easily get the job if a few line items fall into place. #1 – just win, #2 – high level recruits are buying into his style, words, and approach to the game, #3 – don’t bring up Butch Davis going forward, and #4 – reinstate the “Carolina Way” and make the general population feel proud of their UNC support.

    How can this be done:
    #1 – he must become the top “cheerleader” to the fans, players, potential players and backers immediately,
    #2 – he must find ways to get himself in front of the backers and media as much as possible and become the face of Carolina football & all that it should be,
    #3 – on his radio show, interviews and other public events (such as games) he must act the part and show clear leadership and not just caring out what Butch had already put into place,
    and finally #4 – he must become the “greatest” motivational speakers at Carolina in years. when the camera’s are on he needs to become a star (or great actor) because if he wins over the “public” (which has no clue about who can do the job but they do pay the bills in the end) and wins on the field – it is all within his reach to stay.

    All of this will create the fan support which in turn will create the media support. Neither the News & Observer or any other local paper, tv or radio station will continue to bash a coach that is energizing the community, saying all of the right things and making everyone beleive that it is all coming together (refer to the Duke football coach if you do not beleive this point). A PR firm would have charged you and the coach about $40,000 for this information but I gave it to you for free.