Michael McAdoo says he, his former teammates and even former assistant coach John Blake were all done wrong/mistreated by North Carolina and the NCAA

Posted by Andy Durham on September 9, 2011 at 11:09 am under College | 2 Comments to Read

from www.wralsportsfan.com:

Asked Wednesday about his lawsuit, Michael McAdoo said, “I feel I was done wrong. I should go on with this.”(Not drop the lawsuit as the university has requested.)

McAdoo also said North Carolina mistreated former defensive coordinator John Blake.

“I feel like he was done wrong as well. What he went through, I just feel like he was done wrong,” he said. “We were all done wrong in this process.”

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  • Dick Crum said,

    “done wrong?”

    McAdoo plagiarized a paper. And they let him back in school.

    Blake was working for an agent while employed as asst. head coach. Was also paid 75K to walk away.

    Butch was paid millions to walk away. Yet he comes back in luxury box and gets game ball. Where was the tutor?

    But the university and NCAA did them wrong. Yeah right.

  • crackride board monkey said,

    UNC wants this to go away quickly so they can go back to sweeping anything negative under the rug. That has been a good plan for them the past 70 years or so. SOCIAL MEDIA & the internet has disrupted the “Carolina Way”. I hope that the lawsuit continues and many of the people done wrong according to McAdoo will get their chance in court to explain the whole “Carolina Way” experience. Much can be exposed from this that UNC does not want exposed.