Week # 4 – Live HS Football Scores

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Update #15 – 10:38 PM

Page (4-0) – 35
Ragsdale (3-1) – 14

Final (thanks to Brian Hall from News2 Sports)
Northern Guilford (2-1) – 21
Northwest Guilford (3-1) – 14
*****The Brian’s went back and corrected the score on Friday Football Fever….That was just a test to see if you were watching….Or least that is what they used to tell us in the old days of radio….*****

Grimsley (1-3) – 6
High Point Central (2-2) – 14

Northeast Guilford (4-0) – 35
Smith (0-3) – 14

Durham Hillside (3-1) – 15
Dudley (0-4) – 14

Western Guilford (0-4) – 12
Eastern Guilford (2-2) – 31

Southeast Guilford (3-1) – 34
Thomasville (1-3) – 26

Final (thanks to Brian Hall from News2 Sports) – 2 OT
Southwest Guilford (1-2) – 42
Rockingham County (2-1) – 41

East Davidson (1-3) – 0
Southern Guilford (2-1) – 35

0 Qtr
Fayetteville Christian –
High Point Christian (1-2) –

High Point Andrews

From Coach Turk
Eastern Randolph – 14
Asheboro – 7

SAL Northern Divion Championship – Game 2 of 3
Hoppers Win Game 2 (no 3rd game necessary)
Greensboro Grasshoppers – 2
Hickory Crawdads – 0

Grasshoppers play in the South Atlantic League Championship Game #1 and #2 in Greensboro against the Southern Division winner.

  • Coach Turk said,

    Eastern Randolph 7
    Asheboro 0

  • Coach Turk said,

    Eastern Randolph 14
    Asheboro )

  • Coach Turk said,

    Southeast Guilford 13
    Thomasville 6

  • coach stanley said,

    HPC – 14. Grimsley – 6. End of the 3rd

  • coach stanley said,

    Final. HPc 14. Grimsley 6

  • Todd said,

    34-26 southeast up with 1:41 to go at Thomasville

  • Todd said,

    Make that a final. SE over Thomasville

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    Hillside 15 Dudley 14 (Game winning FG with 14sec left for HIllside)

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    Southern Guilford 35
    East Davidson 0

    NW Guilford 21
    N. Guilford 14

    SW Guilford 42
    Rockingham Co. 41 (Final In 2 OT)

  • Coach Turk said,

    Eastern Randolph 14
    Asheboro 7

  • NIGHTHAWK! said,

    Northern. 21. – Northwest. 14

  • Confused said,

    Conflicting info on NW vs Northern…Who won??

  • Nighthawk said,

    Brian Hall from News2 Sports needs to go back and look at the highlights! TJ Logan ran all over the Vikings! The best team won this game no doubt.

  • mark said,

    so Northern did win? Every other channel or website has both teams winning.

    Page D played lights out in second half against Ragsdale tonight. Game was closer than the score indicates but there was no doubt that Page was the better team tonight. Both teams had tons of turnovers but Ragsdale’s hurt more.

  • Andy said,

    The score we had coming in from Chris Jones had Northern winning 21-14……I think that is the only game I lost all night and looks Northern is now on a run….You are probably right, time to take NG……Two wins in a-row after opening loss to Page….Can anyone in Guilford County beat Page this year???

    I think as they make adjustments, Page can play even better than they did tonight…..Page defense very quick……

    Still wonder who will give Page the closest game this year? Not sure if any of the Metro teams can challenge them, but we shall see…..SEG may be putting themelves in line to be the #2 Metro team this year….But we shall have to wait and see….

  • Brian said,

    Page out scored the tigers 22-0 in the second half. Not that close

  • matt said,

    Norther won 21-14

    Western guilford…wow.

  • Andy said,

    Page is rolling along like Smith was last year…..Wonder who will be their toughest foe…….Summers is making plays to Hatfield like Simms was making to Ebron last year….Throw it and go get it….I was very impressed with Ragsdale’s Brandon Walker in the first half…..That kid can play and Spain, Morrison, and Derr came up big for Page and Rogers is a load……

    The road gets more interesting from here on out…..

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    The Pirates knew that Ragsdale was going to be a test. Everyone knows going into tonight’s game, both teams were 3-0 but Ragsdale did have a slight edge because they had beaten Page last year in a come from behind outstanding performance..

    However–Page was HUNGRY tonight!
    In all sincerity, I cannot take ANYTHING from the Ragsdale Tigers because they came out with both guns smoking! Page’s defense started off a little shaky but once they settled down???????? It was a wrap! The plays on the field (with the exception of so many penalties) made the game seems a lot closer than the score indicated. To quote Drew Rogers (after the game) “At halftime, we looked at the score as we were even.” This game reminded me SO MUCH of the Page/Southern Alamance game last year.

    All in all, it was (IMO) all that it was hyped up to be!

    Great game, Ragsdale Tigers. Ya had my blood pressure up for a minute, there!
    OUTSTANDING Game, Pirates! You must’ve read my fb posts to each one of you early this morning!

  • gsofan said,

    There should be no question that the best back in the area is TJ Logan. Northern won every area of the game tonight and really should have won by more if it hadn’t hurt itself on a few drives. NW kept its predictable offense. Give Roscoe credit for playing to win with the 2-pt conversion to go ahead 15-14. Great game.

  • se? said,

    Southeast keeps managing to pull out wins. I dont know how they will fair when then get into tougher 4A competition.

  • Dave said,

    As I stated last week, WFMY2 is weak! Brian can’t even get one of the most important games in the state right.

  • I'm Shocked said,

    So today i went to the rockingham game to see how they were because my nephew played for them..and i saw this ray bridges kid play today i heard alot about him over the summer but this kid is the real deal he fumbled a kickoff retuurn and still took it back and no one on rockinhams team could tackle him

  • witness said,

    dudley started looking back like the old dudley panthers tonight FINALLY!!!! they played a great game tonight and gave the effort that the panther nation has been looking forward to all season. they did a great job tonight against defending 4a state champion durham hillside who everyone picked to beat them by atleast 20 points.. that dudley defense looked like it was starting to come around. those young panther pups grew up tonight and played football . their young but talented. alot of those sophomores that start on defense finally showed their capability tonight. those young pups have and excellent class and will be trouble in the future. dudley’s defense looked to be rejuvenated by the return of sophomore stud linebacker Chris Register who played a great game in his first game of the season after suffering from a stress fracture in the summer. he brought some of that physicality back to the middle of the defense. he is going to be a very good one. already standing a 6’4 and over 200 pounds.. he may still hit another growth spurt with his dad standing at 6’8 . tonight was a heartbreaker for the panthers who played their hearts out against a very very good hillside squad. but if tonight showed anything is that the panthers are on the right track and will just fine going into conference next week. after the non conference schedule they have played they certainly are battled tested headed into conference play.coach stephen davis applauded his team after the game and thanked them for finally coming to play dudley football on a friday night. he was very pleased by their effort tonight/ look for them to make a run in conference. DUDLEY HAS PLENTY OF TALENT. they are slowly but surely putting it together.

  • ??? said,

    If this raymond bridges kid doesn’t get player of the week this week thats wrong 200 total yards 3 total touchdowns,all over the field on defense kick return..and everything this kid is something serios

  • TheDynamicUno said,

    Now hold up wait. I’m most certainly not taking anything away from the Nighthawks BUT to say they controlled all aspects of the game is a bit of a stretch. It took 3 Nighthawk fake punts (one of which should have been called back) to get the ball into scoring distance. NWG did take the lead in the game but seemed to have a 1 step forward 2 step back approach. Mental mistakes caused the Vikings to lose this game.

  • A fan said,

    Dynamic, Does it make you feel better to lose mentally??? Football is a mental and physical game. You need both aspects to win and both are equally important. We could pick that game apart and find calls that went both ways but from what I saw it was a well played game on both sides and the better team won. Simple as that.

  • Tiger Fan said,

    Props to Page Defense as they were the game winners against our Tigers. Page’s offense turned the ball over at least four times and had a hard time moving the ball except for a few big passes. Haven’t had many people get to our QB this year – so have to give it to the Page Defense on this one. Both teams played hard. Great game to watch even though it wasn’t the outcome we wanted.

  • Nighthawk said,

    I’m with A fan, Northerns defense shut down the NW passing game and didn’t give up many big plays in the running game.
    Talk about mental mistake, Northern probably had 150 yards in penalties and one took a score off the board.

  • KIR said,

    Props to the Pirates! Great win.

    Northern is as tough as anybody. As long as TJ in the game, they have a chance.

  • Andy said,

    Any idea what the attendance was at the two big games last night?

    Page at Ragsdale?
    Northwest Guilford at Northern Guilford?

  • Damon said,

    SEG is doing more than just managing to pull out wins. They are winning football games the only way a Fritz coached team wins football games…by running the ball. The formula hasn’t changed much. The 55 yarder my brother scored on was on 4 and 5, right up the middle. He also had another long run on 4 and 9. However, these plays are more successful because of Will Greene at QB and the SEG offensive line. Will Greene went up top 1st play of the game for a long TD pass. SEG has the confidence in Will to throw the ball, but run will always be the main course. Jamal had 3 rushing TDs and over 150yds rushing. He also had another long catch and run out of the backfield (Something I hadn’t seen at SEG).

    The goal at SEG is to improve each week. This year, the defense is a work in progress. They’ll have to play better on that side of the ball to compete with Page, Dudley, etc. They were coached up on the sidelines last night. I’m not sure what was said, but #12 gained no more yds and the play drastically improved from that moment on. Good job Falcons!

  • TheDynamicUno said,

    Losing doesn’t feel good period. Again I gave props to Northern as they have some great Coaches and athletic kids. I mean it takes confidence and a little bit of crazy to fake punt on 4th and long from your own 12. But as you defend your squad I’ll do the same and IMO trickery doesn’t quite translate into “total dominance”.

  • John said,

    Holy crap! Did that just happen? Did Page end the losing streak on the road at Ragsdale, and run them out of the stadium in the second half? Did the Page defense hold Ragsgale to 37 yards rushing on 19 attempts for a yards-per-carry average of 1.9 yards?

    Yes they did.

    At the Page/Central game last Friday I was at the concession stand when the Page team came out to take the field. As the players walked down the bleachers, I saw no player joshing around or talking trash or anything. They were all business. Total game face.

    I think this Page team might be for real.

    GSO Fan said “There should be no question that the best back in the area is TJ Logan” Logan is a fine player but there’s not a running back in the state I would take over Drew Rogers.

    Thus far in the non-conference portion of their schedule, Page has played two teams that made it to the state finals; Davie and Northern (the defending state champ). They’ve played one team that is always a tough game on any schedule (High Point Central) and a team with a great coach who has beaten Page four years in a row (Ragsdale). None of these teams have come within two touchdowns of the Pirates.

    Congratulations to Coach Gillespie for a huge road win in a tough atmosphere. Congrats to James Summers who overcame an injured left hand and four turnovers. And big kudos to the Page defense for another outstanding effort.

  • Panther Nation said,

    Panther Nation is ready to make some noise. Our Dudley crew is ready to run the table in the conference. Playing Hillside is as good as it gets. Page do not think you all are going to come in here and run things. No way! No way! PANTHER PRIDE! We should be ranked higher than 10th on Greensborosports and certainly the New-Records must be trippin to not have us ranked!

  • John said,

    Um….Dudley is 0-4. They are lucky to be ranked at all.

  • Damon said,

    Panther Pride….you have to be joking! I’m not sure what you put in your morning coffee, but it can’t be legal. I like Dudley as much as the next guy, but no 0-4 team should be ranked in the News n Record poll. The only reason Andy has Dudley ranked high is out of respect for Coach Davis and the program. Dudley played well against Durham Hillside, but it’s still a loss.

  • taunting said,

    John, they saved their trash talking for the field. A 3 yard gain was enough to continually jump in someone’s face. How many teams get called for taunting on an extra point? There are teams with character, and then there are teams with characters. An athletic bunch no doubt but very beatable come playoff time. Talented enough to make a deep playoff run. But the character of a few may hold them back.

  • Joe Barile said,

    @ John:

    None of those teams came within 3 touchdowns.. which is bigger..

  • Joe Barile said,

    @ taunting:

    So does Ragsdale. They’re not all perfect angels. #10 (DB) got blocked out by Page’s #7 got frustrated and basically threw a punch at him late in the game. #7 backed off and didn’t retaliate before the ref saw it though. Probably would have been ejected.

  • Damon said,

    I think we can all agree that sportsmanship has been on the decline in this country for years. I’m sure there was taunting on both sides of the ball. The better team won. Good luck to both teams moving forward. Looks to be plenty of talent in Guilford County with Page leading the way.

  • To Panther Nation said,

    To Panther Nation,

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then and loses that nut come winter…

  • Brian said,

    I saw the backup QB played for Grimsley last night. How bad was his concussion against NW last week? The NW folks said it was pretty bad.

  • Brian said,

    I meant how bad was the starter’s concussion last week.

  • Yuuuuup said,

    @Brian first I’ll just come right out and say Grimsley’s starting QB is an athlete and he was continually looking to make a play with that being said, it wasn’t one..(well it was)…but it was several shots all of which were CLEAN HITS but the last one was a huge shot by two NW defenders. I’m glad the kid is ok because he laid motionless for a few minutes stood up staggered around and fell right on his face again. Not sure I can tell you how bad the concussion was only that he took several hard hits during the course of the game.

  • Ftball fan said,

    I can say that the grimsley qb took 2 hard hits from NW defenders. Heard he had a pretty bad concussion…. Hope he doing well. Heard NW took out 3 grimsley players that night. Both
    teams played a good game.