High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Things are starting to heat up around here!

Posted by Andy Durham on September 10, 2011 at 10:58 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

Teams that are really starting to assert themselves include Page, Northern and Northeast Guilford….You have to throw a bone in the direction of Southeast Guilford too….The Falcons have already exceeded many fans’ expectations…..Southwest Guilford has bounced back nicely and now we will have to see how Northwest and Ragsdale bounce back, after last night’s losses…..Ragsdale at WS Parkland next Friday night and Glenn at NWG, as both hit conference play…..

Last night, it was almost like a Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons tune…..”Oh what a night, early September back in 20-one-one….Lord the fans were having so much fun, got to love it, this Football Fever, Oh What A Night”……

Five interceptions in the Page-Ragsdale game and here they are from my recollection…..Duncan Sparks had both of the picks for the Tigers and that second one was low and along the ground and Duncan is a baseball player and he’ll take it…For Page with the picks; Savon Wall(our ole’ buddy from CiCi’s Pizza), Blake Hickman and Ed Britt and Ed took home the Page Pick Six……

That leads me to one major impression coming out of that Page-Ragsdale game and there were several on the Watch List, but the impression that still sticks out with me, is that the Page Pirate Defense, is just starting to scratch the surface….Many of these defensive kids are not household names yet and we are just getting to know them….Everyone had heard of James Summers, Drew Rogers and Orlando Hatfield going in, but now we need to be well aware of Blake Hickman, Ed Britt, Shaun Workinger, Savon Wall, Christian Cranford, Jacob Green, Mr. Brooks and others…..Guys like Hickman and Britt are probably among the best in the state at what they do and we need to keep an eye on these guys and that entire Page Pirate Defense….Very quick and with the turnovers on both sides of the ball last night, those were real momentum changers…..Herndon was a leader for Rasdale….I like his game and his attitude……He can take his Ragsdale team down the road and into the playoffs….I mentioned Brandon Walker last night and I love what that kid is doing….Also enjoyed seeing Xavier Jones for the first time and that Ragsdale defense played quality football in the first half and then they got worn down in the second half……Again, we need to keep an eye on that Page Defense….Those kids may just be beginning to scratch the surface…..(Also watch out for the Page receivers Spain, Morrison and Derr.)

For Northern Guilford last night it sounds like it was, “look at Logan run”……TJ Logan with 205 yards on 20 carries and two TD’s….Long run touchdowns at that, with bursts of 20 and 26 yards to paydirt…..Wonder who stood out for NG on defense? Nighthawks end up with 257 yards rushing…..Nighthawks at home next week versus Burlington Williams…

On the rewind or maybe on the rebound, this sticks out to me…..In the Eastern Guilford-Western Guilford game, EG with 324 yards rushing and WG with 343 passing….That is a big offensive swing/shift…..QB Heath Justice with a big night for the EG Wildcats and (K) Tyler Hunt hit all four PAT’s and a field goal from 30 yards out…..

I told you yesterday to watch out for that RB Malik Mosley at Southern Guilford and he and his QB Jamie Cunningham, both had big games last night for the Storm…..Mosley with 171 yards and 3 TD’s and Cunningham with 2 TD passes…….It may just be me, but it looks like Southern Guilford has changed kickers….Wasn’t the Brandon kid kicking and now I see EJ Coleman? The Storm are getting warm again….

Northeast Guilford went back to old style offense and the Rams ran the triple-option last night and it was working to near-perfection in the NEG win over Smith…..NEG had 280 yards rushing and QB Kyle Martin and RB Jacob McCann were the leaders and that’s what you’re looking for……The man, McCann, had three more TD’s for the Rams and that should give him right at 10-11 touchdowns on the season and Reid Baxter, of NWG, stills leads in that category with 13 on the year in the county…..Martin had one TD and a TD pass for NEG and his TD came at a key time in the contest….

A few closers for today on The Rewind with the Dudley Panthers really battling back and playing very hard in that one-point loss to Durham Hillside…..15-14 was the finish, Hornets, but Panther coach Steven Davis was very proud of his Dudley defense, for they way they stood up last night….

High Point Central tops Grimsley and Justin Johnson hits Art/Lashuarn Monk for a TD and Zerrick Baker cashes in for the Bison……Grimsley gained 189 yards on the ground and I wonder how got all of those yards????? David Reader Sr. said NG would top NWG and that TJ Logan would run outside on the Vikings and those were his words on Thursday night and he was right……

As Stephen A. Smith of FOX Sports Radio and ESPN used to say about himself, “Who is this guy”?????? Stephen A., a graduate of WSSU(Winston-Salem State University)…..We say that in regards today to Stephen A. RAY Bridges of SWG……Southwest Guilford’s Ray Bridges…..”Who is this guy”????? Bridges last night in SWG’s win over Rockinghan County(42-41 Shootout they are calling it) and Stephen A. RAY had a 93-yard kickoff return…..A 60-yard pass reception from QB DeMario Smith…..And a 51-yard run for a touchdown……Looks like Stephen A. RAY is on his way, or he has found his way today……….

And that’s another REWIND for today………

*****We got NO Numbers on the Southeast Guilford-Thomasville game….Can you send us some? Falcons ran up 34 points and played well….Maybe time for the Thomasville Times newspaper…..*****

  • Leon Deogar said,

    Yes,Raymond Bridges had about 250 total yards,and 3 touchdowns this kid is something serious..but lets see how they fair out this week against ragsdale

  • regap said,

    Andy mentioned:
    Ed Britt
    Blake Hickman
    Shaun Workinger
    Savon Wall
    Christian Cranford
    Jacob Green
    DeAnthony (Debo) Brooks

    Some more names that need to be mentioned that are starters and contributors on Page’s defense.
    Grant Brewer
    Eric Kelly
    Kysung Young
    Gael Castelo
    Will Henry
    Carter Stanley
    Evan Roer
    Jonathon Lynch
    Chris Hamerick

    Also when needed, Summers (FS), Rogers (LB), and Hatfield (DB) can play defense as well.

    Overall great depth with size and speed, when a starter needs a play or two to get a rest, there isn’t much drop off in talent or experience.

  • Andy said,

    Yes, I heard Grant Brewer’s name coming up last night and I do remember Will Henry from last year…..Have Carter Stanley and keep wanting to call Debo, Debrano and we will begin to learn all those names cause those kids will be busy and working hard this year…..Keep us up to date on these young men….

  • just in said,

    Just in the kid from SW had over 285 in total yards..ray bridges “who is this guy”?