One more high school football score from last Friday night

Posted by Andy Durham on September 12, 2011 at 1:13 pm under High School | 3 Comments to Read

Fayetteville Christian 40
High Point Christian Academy 16

*****HPCA’s QB Quentin Chavis was 13 for 34 133 yds and 1 TD in the loss to Fayetteville Christian, but another solid job, by the Cougars quarterback Quentin Chavis……*****

  • james said,

    how is that a solid job? he threw 34 times and didnt even have 150 yards passing? His passing percentage was only 38%…thats not very solid at all

  • Andy said,

    From what I’m hearing against that tough Fayetteville Christian defense, those are still some pretty good numbers…..The 150 yards got my attention and the % was down, but that is often the case against a defense that is dropping back 5 and rushing 6 men…Philip Rivers saw quite a bit of this in his first year with the Chargers and then he learned to scramble a little bit and bide his time as he set to throw and he and the other young QB’s learned not to throw the ball off of that back foot…..Steve McNair was the only high school or college QB that I saw that could stand and throw like that…..

  • seriously? said,

    I agree the kid is a solid enough quarterback and has a good arm. But “that tough Fayetteville Christian defense” was pretty funny. Has Fayetteville Christian gotten a bunch of new players since last year?