Grasshoppers Championship Run – Game #2

Posted by Don Moore on September 13, 2011 at 4:18 pm under Professional | Read the First Comment

If you can’t make the game tonight (Tickets starting at $6), use the Grasshoppers Link above to watch the Game on the Internet for free (you might wish you attended the game as we are doing this free and cheap – so quality isn’t always the best.)

You can catch the Audio (same as the Video Feed; but with the WPET commercials) at WPET AM radio website (Google it.)

Cheer on the Hoppers!

  • catherine said,

    Hey Don couldn’t seem to get the feed on Monday nights game but it looks like it was available tonight. Wasn’t home to watch though. As I told Andy Durham he paints a pretty good word picture so we just enjoyed his description of what was going on. We are so used to it that while we were in Greensboro I missed listening to him while we were at the games. But loved every minute of it anyway!! Hope that the Hoppers can pull it together on Thursday and Friday and if necessary on Saturday–we will be following along. I think they have what it takes to handle the SandGnats just as they have so many other teams.

    Thanks for all of your support of the Hoppers.