Middle School Football gets rolling/started today

Posted by Andy Durham on September 13, 2011 at 10:50 am under Amateur | 8 Comments to Read

Today marks the official beginning of the middle school football season.

Great games for fans to go support their respective teams and watch the future phenoms in our area.

Games usually begin/ kick off at 5:30pm…..

  • GOWHIRLIES said,

    The Football Family from Grimsley wishes the Kiser Tigers and all of those Future Whirlies a BIG CONGRATULATIONS for their win over Kernodle tonight.

    Great job to all the boys, Coach Whitehart, Coach Lewis, and others…


  • ron said,

    Big game at Page tomorrow. 5:30pm kickoff. Aycock vs Guilford Middle.

  • HS Football said,

    Does anyone have the scores from the middle school games?

  • jms said,

    Jackson 28 Hairston 22

  • Basehitter said,

    Northern 22 NE 14 GREAT GAME… Down to the wire. Northern held NE for 3 downs at the goal to win.

  • Bigned said,

    Holmes Middle up in Eden should get some coverage. Scrimmaged Northern Guilford, Harris And Lincoln this past weekend and went toe to toe with them so come on up to Rockingham County and watch the Mustangs.

  • Andy said,

    Maybe we can get a matchup iwth the Holmes Middle School Mustangs versus the Mendenhall Mustangs

  • Who? said,

    Did Mendenhall win yesterday?